This millennium belongs to Love.  I claim it as my own, and I do so in the name of my Mother and Father and each of you and every energy collective, individual, and unique throughout the universe. My friends, you are not alone.  But it is time for this human race to remember it. You are my messengers.  We have chosen you as our partners and you have chosen us.  I ask of you, each of you, to place yourselves beyond expectations and simply receive.

Allow this time of miracles, this millennium to proceed with thanksgiving to each of you and in the hearts of everyone upon the earth.  You are entering a new time.  This will be a time of prosperity, not only in this circle but throughout your land. It will be a time of prosperity that has never been known upon your Earth, not even in Atlantis.

Be intelligent and follow your heart. Prudence, fortitude, and gratitude are the virtues that have been gifted to you through the heart of God. Practice them.  Practice your partnership in every form, but first with yourself.

Jesus Sananda’s Request ~ His 2000 Christmas Message!