You can imagine my surprise when, as I was working on this week’s COL newsletter — on my Merry Christmas to you — that Yeshua jumped in and asked that his original Christmas message hallmarking the beginning of this millennium be included. Yeshi is reminding us what this 21st century is all about Love. The Divine Plan hasn’t changed despite wars, pandemics, politics or perspectives – it’s time to release fear and expectations and truly to step forward as Nova Gaians, birthed and created by and for Love. xxxx Linda

Jesus Sananda’s Christmas Message of 2000

Welcome, I am Jesus Sananda.  This channel called this “My Christmas Message.”  I call it a discussion and a celebration of what has been accomplished in the year of Gabrielle. This millennium belongs to Love.  I claim it as my own, and I do so in the name of my Mother and Father and each of you and every energy collective, individual, and unique throughout the universe.

My friends, you are not alone.  But it is time for this human race to remember it. You are my messengers.  We have chosen you as our partners and you have chosen us.  I ask of you, each of you, to place yourselves beyond expectations and simply receive. This does not mean that there are not many, many matters of a physical nature that are not attended to each and every single day.

When I walked the earth, I lived with family for a long time, and I learned my father’s trade. But I did not work very hard. For I had my spiritual work to do and this was understood. I did not wake up even as I traveled from town to town wondering if I would have a meal that day. I was beyond expectations. For I knew as a human being that I would be provided for.

This is what I ask of you, to let go of your expectations and fear.  To let go of believing you will be in need. You are loved wholly and completely more fully than you love yourself, yes, each and every one of you. And my job now and forever is to change that. I look at each of you and I know and feel more love, more acceptance. Let me be your mirror. Let me reflect this back to you and look in this mirror and see not only my face but yours.

The anchoring of love upon Earth and the ripple effect throughout the planet is not done, it is not complete until this has occurred, until there is an honoring of your own sweet self. You are honored so. Allow this time of miracles, this millennium, to proceed with thanksgiving to each of you and in the hearts of everyone upon the Earth.  You are entering a new time.

Many of you have asked about financial matters, which have been a recurring theme since the time of Abraham. This will be a time of prosperity, not only in this circle but throughout your land. It will be a time of prosperity that has never been known upon your Earth, not even in Atlantis. You are entering the time of creation and this is what is leading to this prosperity. You are being gifted new technology, new thoughts, new ways of understanding. It is expansion in every form, not just in spiritual form but right down to your toes, right down to your feet, right down to the soil of Mother Earth and the heart of the planet.

Be intelligent and follow your heart. Prudence, fortitude, and gratitude are the virtues that have been gifted to you through the heart of God. Practice them.  Practice your partnership in every form, but first with yourself.

Understand what I say, this does not mean a continuation of business as usual. It means an absolute change, a shift in everything you do in the ways of relating, and does not simply mean personal relationships. Although family is ultimately the most important. But it means in business. You cannot be kind and charitable within the walls of your home and go out and slit the throat of your competitor. And you cannot allow this to occur on your planet. It is not a matter of saying, “This is not my business.”  It is.  No, it does not mean being confrontational. What it means, is using the gifts at your disposal. You have been given the warehouse of heaven to call upon.  Use it.  It is yours.

Change yourself, use your energy, and change the world. Now how do I define energy?  I define it as love, and I do not mean romantic love, although that is another gift.  I define it as a feeling, the knowing and the behavior within you that communicates to all that you are of the vibration of One. How do you show it?  You show it in your countenance. You show it in your eyes. You show it in your smile. You show it in your gentle touch. You show it in your embrace.  You show it in your silence. Often the largest gift you can give another is to keep quiet. Do not try and figure out what you need or what you need to do, figure out what your partners need. Take care of that first and the rest will follow.

I am honored to be part of this circle. When I called you from the four corners of the Universe to help me with this town, this City of Light of Sedona, I was honored as you said yes. You, who were willing to take the chance to try again, were hesitant but nevertheless, we attempt victory, the victory of love in this millennium and for all times.

Thank you.