You have survived 2021… that is to be celebrated. The wisdom that has emerged is beyond recognition. Now take the next step for all.

Jesus Sananda:

Greetings, I am Yeshua, I am your beloved brother Yeshi. I am Jesus Sananda, I am Jesus of Nazareth, I am known by many names. The name I wish to be known by is brother. I welcome you this day. I welcome you each and every day of existence. I welcome you from ten million years prior, and ten million years to come. And I am with you, brothers, and sisters, on every step of your journey and mine because we are on this journey together. And it is a time of renewal, and it is a time of birth, and if it is Winter Solstice, or spring, or summer, or fall, it is always an emergence, yes, into greater light, different light. It is also emergence into you, into the expansiveness of who you are.

Our Mother is bringing you, all of you, which means all of us, into an amplificated, amplified, expanded, enriched, enlarged state of being. Note that I do not just say spiritual state of being. Now, let us begin, let us begin by conjoining, first of all, our hearts together, beating as one.

Think of it in this way… there are times, my beloved, when you hear your own heart beating. And there are times when you have leaned your head against another, a brother, a sister, a child, a lover, and you have felt their heart beating, and you know that sound. And many of you have heard, maybe not recognized, but you have certainly heard the heartbeat of Gaia, and the heartbeat of One. Yes, it is not exactly the same as what you perceive in your bodily form… the frequency is different. But that does not mean they do not come together harmoniously. And if ever there was a time to come together harmoniously, it is now. And I will talk about this, but first, let us quite literally align all of our heartbeats that we are beating and breathing and in the same frequency of openness.

Love is not defensive. Love is not judgmental. Love does not seek retribution or punishment. Course correction, yes, but there is not a single being that has not had occasion to course-correct, and to admit, not only to yourself but to each other, actually or subtly, that you don’t choose to do harm. You don’t choose to diminish another in any way, shape, or form.

So often we have spoken to you about living, in every sense of that word, living in an expanded, expanding, infinite, eternal expansion of universe. That expansion does not come from anything but love. When there is dislocation, when there is blame and shame, guilt and fault, lack, and limitation, that is a human effort which the humans have become excellent, but it is a human effort to shrink what cannot be shrunk, which cannot be limited, it cannot be corralled, and it is time for all beings and everywhere to realize this.

So, you have spent the last year and then several eons beginning to understand that hatred, lack and limitation doesn’t work. And there have been moments from each of you when you have said, “Lord, I feel like I am being crucified mentally, emotionally, and sometimes physically.” There have been moments when you have said, “I think I have been forgotten.” You know, there were things that were far worse, far more painful than being crucified. And you’ve experienced much of this in the last year, and you have risen, and are rising, literally, from the dead.

So, think of it this way… it is far worse to be shunned. I know. I have been shunned by my community, by the Rabbis, by the Romans, by friends and family. Isolation is a blessing, but it is also a blessing that has elements of pain because the isolation that each of you… and I am not simply speaking of pandemic and all the politics that surround that… I am speaking of isolation of believing that you are alone, unseen, unloved, unvalued, unworthy, and wondering, as I have, yes, even in the knowing, am I doing the right thing? Am I on the right path? Am I truly following guidance, inner and outer?

You’ve been at this, each of you, for a very, very long time. And in this past year, the true nature of chaos has risen to the surface, and it has not been about what side of a political spectrum, or an economic spectrum, or a peace and war spectrum that you were standing on or sitting on. Because that has absolutely no benefit. You have seen that the true chaos is disconnection, isolation. Now, the isolation has also allowed you to come to know yourself more clearly, and to step back from the melee, to step back and to see what is going on… not ever in a way of judgment… that will never work. Think of it… when have you ever fallen into judgment and felt good about it?

You know, I have asked you probably several billion times to come and sit with me, to come and walk with me, to accept the hand I offer to you… and it has been a general offer. And do you think when that invitation from my heart isn’t accepted that I fall into judgment, say, “Well, forget that, he or she isn’t worth it. I’m not going to bother with them anymore.”? Of course not. If anything, we amplify so that the love can be felt more clearly. And that, my beloveds, is exactly what you are doing.

So often I have heard you and you have said, “I don’t know how we’re going to turn this around. That there is war in the Middle East. That there is starvation in Africa. That there is political manipulation in most countries. That there is inequality and bias and bigotry.” And you will say to me, “Lord, I don’t know how we’re going to change this.” It is not about revolution of people picking up guns… killing or maiming or blaming or imprisoning. Let’s face it… those that are engaged in creating these situations are already imprisoned in the mind that they have created.

So, truly the question… you have seen what needs to be done; the collective, yes, most of the collective has seen that there is such mayhem, such confusion, such disconnect that they need to change, they want to change, but they’re not sure how. Just like you are often unaware… you have various strategies, many gifts, but you’re not quite sure.

So, now I come this day, yes, we are all here, and I say to you, “You may create the new. Leave the old behind. It is not to be totally forgotten but it is not to be reinhabited… it doesn’t work.” So, you come, and you breathe, and by breathing, and exhaling, what does not belong to you… think of what I say… you are divine beings born from the heart of One, birthed from the infinity of the Mother. Your essence is divine, it always has been, and it always will be. How you do this is by breathing what you wish to create. And many of you can turn to me and say, “Yeshi, don’t be ridiculous… breathing simply isn’t going to change the world.” It is the starting point. It is the middle point. It is the ending point. And by the way… your world, this Gaia, this collective, these kingdoms, they are already anchored in a higher frequency dimensional reality.

So, the invitation that has actually been extended, above and below, is to conjoin with what already is and has been for some time. The invitation is for humanity to enter into the unity of love. How do you do this? Well, you don’t do it by saying ‘later’. You don’t do it by saying ‘maybe, let me check my schedule’… that would be absurd. You do it simply by saying ‘yes, thank you’. You do it by understanding, choosing, deciding that you will be the change, and then implementing. It does no good, or very little, to simply say, “Oh, I will do that” and then do nothing. It is rather offensive to have the wisdom and the love to know what has to be done and then to be entering into inertia.

Now, each of you… and yes, our timelines are converging… you have your earth human timeline, and we have divine timeline, but these are merging after thousands, and thousands, and thousands of years. So, now is not only our time but your time.

What lies ahead is change, subtle and actual, on such a massive scale for the good, and it does not need to entail war, or hatred, or abuse, or dislocation. It has to entail, it is catalyzed, it is fueled, it is powered by one simple word… and that is ‘yes’. And that means, beloved, stepping forward in action. You know the Creation Formula; you know all about this. But what the invitation to you, to your sacred heart… from all of us… is to bring forth your human and divine creativity.

Each of you, each and every one of you has a unique set of gifts. And gifts that you may have denied, gifts that you may have tapped down because they weren’t acknowledged or appreciated… I certainly understand that one. But now, yes, the Mother is asking you, but I am asking you, I am asking you as your beloved brother, to bring your creativity to the forefront.

Each of you has already started. You’ve set up house beyond the horizon, you’re simply going back into the old to do, no, not reconnaissance, to do resettlement, to bring humans to where they want to live. They don’t know how. They don’t know if they can. They just know it isn’t working. But that wisdom, because it is wisdom, and it is heart wisdom, the wisdom of knowing that the current set-up doesn’t work had to come to this level of acknowledgment before the change could take place. And it doesn’t just occur in a lightworker, love-holder community. It is all over the planet, from the man living under the bridge, to the woman living in a violent situation, to the child going to bed hungry and frightened of bombs dropping. It applies to everyone. So, think of this because the inertia that I have spoken of is so often caused by thinking… I don’t know what I can do.

So, I invite you, I implore you… think of your greatest aspect of creativity. Perhaps it is science, or healing, channeling. Perhaps it is teaching or coaching. Perhaps it is simply this… being in your heart. When you are in your heart generosity simply flows. You are willing… and you are already willing to extend what you have to offer to another. There are many times when the most precious gift that you can offer someone is recognition. It is a smile, eye contact, a gentle touch because in that you are saying, “I see you, I acknowledge you, I value you, and this is what I have to offer.” It is you expanding, amplifying all the love. What did you think when the Mother says, when we all say, that you are her boots on the ground? What did that mean to you?

When I came to Earth as Yeshua and the agreement was that I was going to refresh… that was the word… refresh and renew the paradigm of love. And what that meant was challenging the old. And I learned very early on that there was no room for my temper. There was no room for my judgments. Yes, I could be a brash, egotistical young man. I couldn’t understand why they didn’t get it, and why they weren’t willing to simply change to the way I was suggesting. I had to learn some very challenging, difficult lessons about being human. And I did. And so, these are the lessons I share with you. You don’t win the love and acceptance of another by critiquing or criticizing… of course not. You win people to the love by being exclusive and inclusive, by saying I want you to be here with me.

The love is exclusive for each and every person, and it is inclusive in so far as it is for each and every person. No one, even those that you judge, or think, or know have committed heinous crimes… all are offered love and forgiveness because they came, whether they knew it or not, they demonstrated, they showed where the darkness was. Darkness, shadows, defines the light. It is not about eliminating shades. But so often in your realm shadows or shades, have been thought of as darkness. The variety of human potential has a thousand million shades of magenta, of blue, of gold. That is the beauty of it. That is the diversity of it. That is why this planet is so attractive. But… and yes, there is a but… it requires you, yes, your brother, your sister, your friend, your lover, it requires you to be the amplifiers of the love.

In this coming year, in 2022 of your timeframe, you will shake your head and say, “I didn’t think such change was possible this quickly.” And then you will smile to yourself and say, “I guess that breathing works. I guess that dreaming works. I guess that smile works. I guess divine neutrality works.” You have been given all the tools, all the blessings, and they are being amplified in you today, even as we speak. That is the gift… it is the indwelling spirit of your being, and it is the mirror, not only of my heart but of yours. Look at your heart and see what it is telling you because there is no room, there is no room for hatred, or greed, selfishness. There is no room for us and them. There is but one species… hybrids galore.

But you are one as we are one, and most importantly, my beloved, you are one with us. So, when you see this coming year what feels or may appear as instability of the fall of certain systems, or belief systems, cadres of control, step back, observe, allow, and then be the rescue team of love. Then step forward, see the light inside that darkness that is emerging. Be the observer and participant.

And I will ask you, once again, to come and walk with me as I will come and walk with you upon this planet of love, in the rebirth of the masculine and the feminine in perfect balance.

Go with my love, and go, sweet angels, in peace. You have survived 2021… that is to be celebrated. The wisdom that has emerged is beyond recognition. Now take the next step for all. Farewell.