Come with me and travel on the waves and sail beyond the horizon where your ‘new’ lies…

Greetings, I am the Magdalena. I have been known by many names and certainly many descriptions. And my beloved brothers and sisters, I know what it is to walk this Earth, to walk this Earth plane, to inhabit a third dimension, no, not of violence and of abuse… although I have experienced that as well… but the joy of being in form. I am a lover of beauty in all its forms, the most complex galaxy, universe, and the simplest molecule. Everything is energy.

But I do not come this day to talk to you about the beauty of a single nanoparticle… oh yes, I have kept up. I come to speak to you, yes, like Michael, somewhat about courage and bravery, fortitude, audacity, and tenacity. These can be very good qualities to hold because, sweet angels, you, like I, you never quit. Oh, there are times when the Mother has beckoned to us when we have been depleted by soul exhaustion, and she places us on sabbatical and says, “Now rest!” … and we do for about ten minutes, and then we continue on.

In my life as partner, wife, and mother with Yeshua, even before we encountered one another, I knew my path, and I knew what lay ahead. And there was certainly no hiding this in our conversations, my beloved and I… but we chose to live, not to focus on dying, for what is that but a passage. Even knowing that mentally, emotionally, spiritually, let me tell you… even when you know, even when it is certain… and is it not certain for all beings in this realm that you are occupying?… it was never easy.

And when you are living a life of sacred partnership, when you are literally a happy family, yes, even after we lost Samuel, you never quite believe that what you know is to come will, in fact, be, because you think, you pray, you hope there is a change in plan… heaven certainly has changed plans often enough. And you do this, not because you are naive or in denial, you do this because this is how you live in the fullness of grace, embracing the love… past, present, and future… but it is all in the moment.

And so, when what I thought was the worst came to happen, there was still an element of shock and disbelief, and added to that was the need to move. That is why I am speaking to you today because in my way this was my journey, the next chapter beyond the horizon. There were many not only now that wish to decry me but wish to kill me and Sarah. And so, we traveled, we sailed, and we left behind the home that we knew, the familiar, and the cherished, and basically took very little. It did not matter where we went, we were in community.

Now, prior to my phase, my chapter, as wife, and mother, and partner, I was Essene, and I had been trained, I was channel, and keeper of ritual and sacred ceremony. That did not disappear, and certainly I used it in my work and joy with Yeshua and our circle.

When I traveled to France, what you think of as France, I traveled beyond the horizon to a new life, a new culture, a new way of being. Some said that I removed myself, that I went into isolation, into the literal and etheric cave. That was not the whole story… I was trained, and my abilities were what in your culture might be called paranormal. I would go to my sacred place, not to retreat but to work, not just with my community, not just with the current collective, I was working for the future.

That is why I stayed; to prepare the way, to implant, transmit, and anchor… just like you are doing for your future wing-maker selves. I was sending to you, sweet ones, I was beckoning to you, I was speaking to your heart and soul. And yes, in the most simplistic way saying, “Let us do this. Let us finish what was promised and prophesized so long ago.”

And so, now I come, and I join you again, and I beckon you again to come with me, not into the cave but to travel on the waves and to sail beyond the horizon where your ‘new’ lies, and where you create what has been promised, and what you are promised, and what I have promised so long ago.

I am with you; I am with you as you have been with me so long ago… for this I thank you. That is not why I love you… I love you because of your being of who you are. I always have, and I always will. So, take my tender blessings, and take my outrageous glee… let us adventure together once again.

Go with my love, and go, sweet angel, in peace. Farewell.