“Take heart, bring heart, bring trust, bring hope, bring love,” for that is the energy and the solution to everything…

Archangel Michael: Take Heart!

EBSS (Earthbound Star Soul) lovingly shares this uplifting Channelled Gem from his personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Greetings, I am Michael. And welcome to you, beloved brother of blue, halion. Welcome to this Council.

I step forth briefly not only to cherish you, to express my love, my appreciation, to share this sacred space of our hearts and beings, but I also come to say, beloved: “Take heart, bring heart, bring trust, bring hope, bring love,” for that is the energy and the solution to everything – and most certainly to everything that you and the channel have just discussed in terms of the movement, individually and collectively, of this human collective of such hybrids to the full embrace of love.

And if that is too wild and amorphous for them – to the embrace of peace, to the embrace of each other, and in and through that to the embrace of their sacred self.

The time of others having authority – and in that I mean abusive authority; controlled authority; uncaring, unproductive, unloving authority of one being over another, whether it is an individual, a nation, or an environment – it comes to cessation. That paradigm has been proven time and time again to simply not work.

That is not a judgement. That is not a sword of Damocles. And to those who continue to live and exist in their mental bodies – which is unfortunate – it is simply logic. It does not work. That has been proven on every level. That has been measured tried-and-true by every yardstick.

So as the human beings, individually and collectively, simply turn away – not in judgement, not in chaos, not in war, not in abuse or injury – but as they turn away and simply say, “No, I won’t do that simply because it does not feel right, work right, for me,” that is the tipping point. And let us be clear: most of humanity has already made that decision.

Now, is there uniformity? Is there uniformity of belief, of discernment of what is good for one and what that looks like? No, there is not, and that is the turning point which the human race is at. This is what a shift in consciousness is truly about. First of all, it is a shift to heart consciousness – and then it is a shift into heart consciousness and action.

The fallback position of far too many has been that if something does not work, the solution is to exert coercion over another. You know – you have lived upon this planet and elsewhere so many times – coercion never succeeds. It may succeed for a while, or a moment, but it does not succeed in touching the heart. It does not succeed in expanding potential, in expanding choices, in expanding communion and communication.

This entire planet is in the process of learning, remembering, choosing, selecting, electing cooperation, collegiality, cohabitation, community.

Now, they aren’t sure – and yes, this is a messy process because it is not about control. So one of the reasons, beloved one, why there has not been complete, very present disclosure is because in the current human cultural environment, it would be seen as Ascended Beings coming and telling the human race what to do, how to do it, when to do it – and that cannot be.

You know full well that your Star Family comes not only in the deepest knowing but in the deepest practice of peace. Peace is the sharing of resources. It is the sharing of values. It is the deep attention to not stepping on or harming another. It is coming from heart wisdom and, yes, flexibility, knowing that various opinions – not judgements, but opinions – need to be heard and common solutions reached.

The entire point is not to increase the discordance of war. We – and I include you in this – we have waited too long to effect the shift through war or control, because even when change is done in a loving manner, if it is done against the will, if it has any element of coercion, then it is not acceptable. So the humans have reached this point of understanding – that what exists does not work – and that is true from 20 to 120.

Are there some who cling to the old paradigm because of selfish reasons? Yes! But most cling because they don’t know how else to do it. And so, the cross-conversations – the conversations that are promised, guaranteed to be safe, considerate, and respectful – have need to take place in a public forum.

As you well know, the Delegations have been underway for some time now, and that is the paradigm that actually is being laid down upon planet: honouring, admiration, respectful – and respectful not only of one’s heart and soul but respectful of one’s field of knowledge, of the ability to ascertain solutions, not overriding but including.

Nothing about love is exclusive in the sense of leaving some alone in the dark crying. There has been far too much, much too much, of that and that is not the Plan. It is not the Mother’s Plan and it most certainly is not the Plan Gaia has for herself. And it is not the plan of any single individual who has incarnated, regardless of what actor’s role they have taken up during this lifetime. That was not their plan in coming to Earth at this time.

You are at the turning tide. You are at the decision point. The biggest decision of heart, the decision of “this doesn’t work; we need a solution in a different direction” has already been taken, so it will proceed. And yes, at times it may look very chaotic and messy, but that is simply clarifying choices. And what it is truly doing is bringing to the forefront the decision of each individual not only to do what works for them, but to actually choose to live in community.

And what does community mean except community of heart, of safe spaces, of sacred spaces where joy lives.

So I say this to you, beloved brother, that you take heart!