We beg you, implore you, plead with you, to come to that deep acceptance, the understanding, in every sphere, dimension, and reality, timeline… you are the love.


Greetings, I am Gabrielle. I am Archangel Gabrielle. Yes, some of you prefer to call me Gabriel, and some of you prefer to call me Gabby, and it does not matter one iota for I am here to embrace you.

I am spokes-being for this Council of Love. I am Lily of Love, Trumpet of Truth, Messenger of One, and I come this day in that capacity. Yes, always Archangel of Joy but always Lily of Love. Each of you, like this Council, beloved, are fueled by love. It is the fuel of the universe, the multiverse, it is the Essence of One, and it is the essence of all. There is no existence without the love. Oh, there may be momentary experiences, yes, even momentary experiences that last decades or eons but it is not sustainable, it does not anchor without love.

If you have a car, whether it is gasoline or electric, it needs to be charged, fueled… so do you and we fuel you every day. And your receptacle for that transmission, that place, that reservoir, yes, it enters in and through your heart, but sweet angels of light, it goes to every cell, every micro portion, every fiber of your being. There are times when you say to me, “Well, Gabrielle, I do not feel it.” But that is because you are not taking a moment to feel it. And if you feel that your reservoirs are running low, then it is necessary, it makes sense to take the time to simply allow the refueling.

In this basic understanding, you come to realize the truth, yes as trumpet of truth, you realize the truth that you are love. What you think of as this structure, this wondrous structure that you and we have designed prior to your incarnation, what do you think was the substance, the material, the energy that we used to create you? No, it is not mere biology. In fact, the incarnation is a massive undertaking, and agreement of the unseen and the seen. But the energy that we use to compose you from zero to one hundred, to a thousand, is love. So yes, we ask to refuel you, but we also beg you, implore you, plead with you, to come to that deep acceptance, the understanding, in every sphere, dimension, and reality, timeline… you are the love. And you recognize it in the external reality wherever you are because you are recognizing yourself.

Unity consciousness, which is the norm of the Mother’s New Time, is simply love recognizing love, and the delightful array of expressions. It cannot be that some are love, and some aren’t, that X is love but Y is excluded… that is not, that is simply not how it works.

You have many stories, in every tradition, of the lost soul, the lost lamb, the individual, or the group, or the civilization that takes a scenic detour when things have gone awry, or should I say when things have gone away, away from the love. And we and you have always reached out, extended your heart, your hands, your being to touch, to connect, to rebalance, and to bring that energy back into the unity of family, into the unity of love because all are family, all are united.

And yes, there have been those that have dedicated and volunteered to show when things have gone awry… consciously and not, it matters not. You embrace them and you bring them back into the unity of love. It can never be about exclusion; it can never be about judgment, or pain, or punishment. Such a concept is absurd. It is not in alignment with divinity or your divinity.

And yes, I have heard you say, “But Gabrielle, they have erred, they have hurt, they have maimed, they have killed.” What a tragic situation. And so, you embrace, and you assist in rising above. You do not go in the name of peace to fight a war, to engage in an old pattern that merely perpetuates and continues that conflict. You rise above it, and you bring everybody with you.

Yes, that is what Gaia is doing in her infinite beauty. She is cleansing, she is soothing, and she is demonstrating. She does not expel people from the planet. She does not change some rules of gravity and throw them into deep space. All, all, regardless, are welcome… and she nurtures, and she teaches, and she serves because GiAnna is love. This bright angel of pink, exhibiting in greens and blues, she is your example, she is your teacher, she is your Mother showing you how to proceed. So, transmute as Gaia does and send her your gratitude in the full acknowledgment, acceptance that you are love, you are nothing but love, and anything else is a miscomprehension.

This is not arrogant, this is humility, this is you saying, “I am the Mother, and the Mother is me.” That she is within you as you are within her… as we all are in her infinite, expansive, eternal being. Celebrate this, celebrate the divinity within your sacred self, and in each other as you are powered by heart and fueled by love.

My beloveds, go with my love and go in joy. Farewell.