You know, dearest hearts, very often the strongest nurturing, the biggest gift is simply saying, “I love you. I care. And I am here with you.”

Greetings, I AM Mary, I AM Mare’, Universal Mother, Mother of hope, Mother of love, Mother of change, Mother of consistency, Mother of you. And I welcome you this and every day, and I come to speak of many things. But sweet angels of light, I come to gently remind you, yet again, of who you are. Oh, you are many things, and you go by many titles… earth-keeper; star being; pathfinder; way-shower. You are my inspiration, you are my gift, you are my love, in form, on this planet, sacred Gi’Anna, and you have come, not only in the fulfillment of My Promise but of your promise. But you have also come as my nurturer, my caretaker, my tender of this beautiful planet.

And you say to me, “Well, Mother, why would an archangel need tending to?” When any being wanders into the places of shadows, or darkness… and no, I am not talking about the grayelsha. I am talking about the places of darkness that have been or were born from the old false grids of cruelty, of control, of false egoic beliefs, such mayhem that has occurred on this planet as a free will action, choice. There is a tendency sometimes on the part of human collective to assign such darkness to unseen forces and to deny the personal level of responsibility. That is ancient history, and you move, quite literally, I have beckoned you, but you have arrived in my new time.

So, in this anticipate, expect, accept that your role as Nova Gaians expands. Your capacity to dream, to exist, to create is expanded and expanding. It is miraculous in my sense of the word. So then, I remind you, perhaps, of an element of your mission and purpose and your promise that perhaps in the melee and the mayhem has gotten forgotten or set aside. And even for those of you who have tended religiously, sacredly, in a holy manner to Gaia, I remind you… this expands. Because part of the promise that I have made to Gaia, and that you have made to Gaia is to take care of her, to love her, to defend and nurture her.

When you have a friend, a loved one that comes home from the brutality, suffering of war, or you have a friend or sister who has been terribly abused, or you have a brother who has been beaten and injured, you do not turn to them and say, “Oh, you are angel-in-form, take care of it.” Of course not. You are the heart, my heart, your heart of compassion. So, you embrace, and you bring your attention, not only to the beaming of healing, you bring your love, you bring your caring, you bring your careful kindness, your careful discernment. As participant-observer, you see what is required and you take care of it. That is your agreement with Gaia, Gi’Anna, and this is expanding as the elementals, the devas, species that you thought had become extinct reemerge. But they reemerge in the trust and hopefulness of reengagement with you. So yes, you tread gently and softly with the sweetness of who you are, and who I am.

You know, dearest hearts, very often the strongest nurturing, the biggest gift is simply saying, “I love you. I care. And I am here with you.” Declare this to Gaia. Declare this to one another. Declare this to your star family who are very busy on Earth… the delegations are well underway at my behest.

What you are doing is you are anchoring the new patterning of who you are, the gentlest, strongest angels-in-form. And for this I thank you, we all thank you, and we all are with you always. Expect the miracles. Allow them to become part of your new normal.

Go with my love, and go, sweet angels, in peace. Farewell.