I give you my joy, I give you, not only the golden elixir, or my bubbles, I give you my golden heart… that we will always be united in heart and united in joy.


Greetings, I AM Gabrielle, Lily of Love, Trumpet of Truth, Messenger of One. Welcome. I welcome you as spokes-being for this entire Council…yes, Council of Love, but perhaps today we can call it Council of Joy. Not only is joy your birthright, part of your infinite, eternal, physical, dimensional, interdimensional, multidimensional self, it is what helps you, assists you as pathfinders, as wayshowers, to truly undertake the work of the Mother/Father/One.

Child, not from a sense of responsibility… responsibility, child, is a good thing, but it cannot be drudgery, it cannot be burden, it is you choosing to respond if and as you choose. And you choose to proceed because it gives you joy because it is a communication, an action, an interaction of love.

Too many of you, far too often, with the best of intentions, say to me, “Well, I really didn’t want to do it, but I felt I had to… I have a responsibility.” And it is like carrying a hundred pounds of cement, and it does not contribute to your glowing embers of joy, and it does not communicate your joy. Joy can be the quietest smile, and the deepest knowing of unity, connectedness, and balance. But it cannot be kept alive without some of my bubbles, without some of the effervescence that, quite literally, fills you and then exposes to the atmosphere all your golden bubbles. Joy is intended to be shared, it is intended to be communicated from one heart to another, from one being, from one group, from one collective to another.

I come this day to remind you… long ago, when you were born and even before that, as we had conversations about how you would be born, where, with whom, what was in alignment with your soul design, we infused you with joy, we reawakened that sense of joy. And you said, “I am going to go because this, yes, is in service to the Mother but it also looks like fun… finally fun!”

And for those of you who have come into families or situations that were not kind and loving, the reason why it was so oppressive is because you knew, as infant, in utero, that it was intended to be joyful. And that is the innocence and the joy of the infants, and the small toddlers, and the young ones.

Have you never noticed, with the children in dire poverty, in war-torn situations, where they will find the joy with one another, with the precious gift of a stick to write or draw in the sand, the dirt? Joy is not the result of luxury or financial abundance… oh, yes, security helps child, I do not deny that… but joy is part of you. So, when you have arrived as infant, you have anticipated, and you have shared, and you have brought, and you have communicated incredible joy, even in difficult circumstance.

So, now you have passed through the portal, and yes, you are Nova Gaians on Nova Earth in the Mother’s New Time. And part of you saying, “Wait… this is foreign territory, it is not familiar, and I am uncertain.” Dearest heart, I come, and I awaken your joy. It is the joy of discovery, it is the joy of expansion, it is the joy of adventure, and it is the joy of finally being where you need to be. Do not, I beg you, do not deny your joy. Allow it to grow. There is no such thing as lack and limitation in joy, the same way there is no lack or limitation in love, or in peace, or in compassion for your sweet self.

So, this day, again, I give unto you, brothers and sisters of my heart, I give you my joy, I give you, not only the golden elixir, or my bubbles, I give you my golden heart… that we will always be united in heart and united in joy.

I am with you, and I am proud to be with you. You are so loved. Farewell.