Birthing Can Be A Rather Messy Affair!

Belle’Anna ~ Being the Surrogate and the Midwife of the Many, particularly the New Children

An inspiring gem lovingly shared by Elle from her personal reading with Linda Dillon. Belle’Anna is Elle’s beloved Guardian Angel.

Greetings, I am Belle’Anna.

Elle: Hello, my love!

Belle’Anna: Welcome, sweet one! Welcome to this Council, to this circle, to this time of joy, of celebration! And yes, even in the transition, even in the passing away of the old, of the shedding of the snakeskin, of the emergence from the chrysalis to the butterfly, this is what you have waited for – and it is what so many above, below, and in-between have waited for.

As you know, birthing can be a rather messy affair! [Chuckling] But there is not one being in, out of form, or in-between that would say, “Let’s not birth!” There is a time for birthing. This is the season quite literally of spring, of the coming of rebirth. It does not matter what hemisphere you live in. This is the season of rebirth – and yes, it does mean letting go of the old, letting go of what does not serve.

Some houses are a little more messy than others; some houses require more clean-up of debris than others. It matters not. The windows and the doors are already flung open and the winds of change, the sweet breezes of fresh air, and new beginnings are moving throughout the houses – the essence, the housing of the body and the housing of the soul, the housing of the memories, the housing of a thousand million lives – so that each person can join with those that are already through that process and truly emerge.

In birthing… we use the physical example, whether it is in the animal kingdom, the plant kingdom, or the human kingdom… in some birthing, there is more ‘struggle’, shall we say, than in others. There are times when the flower finds itself buried under snow or underneath a rock or very difficult soil, but it does not give up. It finds an alternate pathway and pushes its fragrant head through the soil, and it does not think of this really as ‘struggle’. The tree does not stand there with no leaves saying, “Now I must really work at bringing forth the new leaves.” There is a rhythm.

So even where, in human reality, the birthing of the new being tends to be a little more engaged or involved, shall we say, it matters not because when the new emerges, it is just appreciated that much more. And those who choose the path of ease, the Mother that births within an hour, it is not that she loves and cherishes her precious new baby any less. All pathways are sacred. Some need to be tended to more than others. It matters not. The outcome of birth of the new – and the tending to the infant, and then the baby, and then the child – is the same.

It is the birth of love that the Mother is bringing to the planet, and it is assuming absolutely every single form. Even to us, beloved, this is amazing! And there have been moments when we will turn to the Mother and say, “Well, how can this be? How will this be?” having infinite faith that it will be! We sometimes pose the question so that we will be more in attendance, and sometimes just to hear and connect, for that is our joy.

So it is underway. Now, in this, sweet Elle, you have been acting as… can we use the terms “surrogate” and “midwife”… for many. And that is what you are doing in your lengthy sleeping! No, I do not mean that you are birthing the babies. You are birthing the New and, in many ways, you are holding quite literally the collective – and particularly the new children – in your womb, in your tummy, in your being, in your field.

And you are inviting, shall we call them, your “star children” to come and join you in this undertaking, and to join you in that womb of sleep so that they are born together as One Family, united in heart, in soul, in purpose, in vision, in love, in Unity Consciousness.

We chuckle when you say to this channel that you do not know when your mission will begin! [Laughing] It is well underway! And of course, there are phases – there are phases to life, to the journey of the soul. So what you are really saying is: “I am anxious not only for the birthing. I am anxious for when everyone is about 5 years old and they can all come home and play!”

But never doubt, sweet one, the level of mission that you are already undertaking for the human collective… and for the greater Universal Collective. You are working with the Delegations… you are tending to your family on and off-ship… you are extraordinarily busy! It is no wonder you are tired! …

There are many “Pinks” coming forth at this time carrying the Pink Ray, the deep pink ray that is very harmonious particularly with the Mother because it is the Ray of complete Unity Consciousness where there is unique individuality, independence, and total connection. And that is the energy upon which Nova Earth is being built and constructed. …

You know, everybody who is on planet at this moment – particularly you who are the wayshowers and the pathfinders – are the strongest of the strong and the clearest, and that is why you are here. You are the forerunners. The next generation & generations have the benefit of what you have prepared the way for… and that, sweet angel, is a profound gift. It is a gift that will be known and acknowledged, admired, honoured by those who come after you.

Not that you are going anywhere! Let us be very clear about that as well! Your mission is not to leave planet, but to stay upon it and to be a welcome committee for the many who arrive, either through utero or by spaceship, it matters not! They are welcome!

E: Speaking of the many “Pinks” coming forth, there have been various waves of what have been called Crystal Children, Rainbow Children, even Sun Children which I heard of just recently. Is there a particular name for this wave of babies, of Pinks?

B: We are not going to classify them because they are known very much as “Magentas” simply because the Magenta is the Ray of the Christ Consciousness. … There will be many Pinks that are born. Now, you know that the Pinks are the Defenders of the Throne of One…

E: Yes. Are these not also those whom we think of as “Seraphim”? And the “Thrones”, who are also known as the Defenders of the Throne?

B: It is a mixture. We don’t want to pigeonhole anything.

E: Wow! So this is a love frequency, highly angelic, and fully integrated in the 7th dimension of the Christ Consciousness…

B: Oh, it most certainly is! Yes! You see, those that are coming forward now are not those that are bringing the traumas of the past to be cleared, because those traumas of the history of the human race are being cleared right now. So we do not need to have a re-creation of those issues or belief systems or behavioural patterns. This is a new way of being. This is part of the rebirth of humanity.

E: Original and new…

B: Correct! New and improved!