And to the next step: Are there human beings who consciously, unconsciously, subconsciously are simply choosing, shall we say, ‘the path of evil’ for lack of a better word … darkness … hatred?

Lilli’Anna speaks to “Is Anyone Essentially Evil?”

Another fabulous gem of wisdom lovingly shared by Sarah from her personal reading with Linda Dillon. Lilli’Anna is Sarah’s beloved Guardian Angel.

Sarah: Are there people who are pure evil? I always picture people with a good heart, even if it is well hidden, but I was wondering if there are really people who are bad entities?

Lilli’Anna: The answer is “no” because the entities who wished harm or ill upon the human race were banished from this planetary system decades ago. So let us rule them out. They are elsewhere.

So, upon the planet, are there beings that are what you would think of, what humans would think of as “pure evil”? The answer is no. And particularly “no” upon the planet at this time because every single being – and this is hard to comprehend, particularly for you – every single human being has been birthed from the heart, the mind, the soul, the energy of the Mother/Father/One.

So let us take it to the next step. Are there human beings who consciously, unconsciously, subconsciously are simply choosing, shall we say, ‘the path of evil’ for lack of a better word… darkness… hatred? The answer is yes. Now, are they given, at various junctures, the opportunity to see the error of their ways? The answer is yes. But in the egoic frame of mind, when they have very often… not always because many are awakening, but we are talking truly what you think of as “evil”… so when they have these random thoughts, they immediately dismiss them because their desire is to be in control, which is simply a presence of lack of self-worth because they never feel like they are enough.

So they want to be ‘over’ people – and very often being ‘over’… ‘in control’… means doing very harmful, painful, dastardly things. So one example would be current violent dictators who simply… whether they are couched as dictators or politicians, it matters not… their desire is for them to become gods; they want to be ‘over’ Source. They do not want to be in partnership with Source, they want to be ‘over’ Source.

So it is not just the human beings that they want to be ‘over’, it is the entire Universe. These beings are given, repeatedly, moments or situations or opportunities to redirect their energies. And we are talking about someone who intentionally kills thousands or someone who intentionally kills one person… someone who abuses, rapes, pillages, scorches the earth.

So is anyone essentially evil? No. But are there those who choose evil? The answer, unfortunately, at this time, is yes.

Now, are these people pretty much at a juncture where they are being… – and we’re talking about the next year or so; yes, it is going to happen rather fast; it will take a decade for everything to shake out, but the revelations are happening quickly – are they given the chance to redirect their energies? Yes. Or to leave? The answer is yes.

S: So they are not going to be brought to justice, to trial, as humans?

L: No. There may be arrests and trials, but that is not the ultimate judge, sweet one. In fact, very often what happens, again, as you well know, is that when there are trials and judgements, it in fact makes the individual… not always but often, particularly in terms of ‘grand abuse’, shall we say… it makes them more insistent that they are right and everybody else is wrong.

It is very sad because what happens is that they are missing the opportunity of what they really came to Earth for. So, for example, when one comes to bring to the surface that there are a great deal of ‘misdeeds’, shall we call it that… that there is a great deal of chaos… once that is brought to the surface, you don’t keep going and create more chaos. That is when you say, “Oh, I have done my job. Now I can move to the next chapter of my existence in form, on planet, and retreat to who I really am.” But it is very hard in the egoic sense for someone who is a dictator… or someone who has immersed themselves in the fact that they believe they have the right to abuse… for them to leave that pattern.

Now, we are not talking about those who find themselves, shall we say, committing deeds that are abusive in a smaller way. There is certainly redirection for many, many, many, many. But in the sense of the bigger picture, many simply refuse, and then they return Home. And let us be very clear: when they return Home, they are welcomed! Yes, they are given time with their guides and their allegiances to process, to reflect, to come to understand, hmm… shall we say ‘what went wrong’… and then there is a period – and for many it is very long, very protracted – of rehabilitation, of reintegration, back to the original entity they were.

So it takes time, but none are shunned. Everyone is welcomed Home. No, not directly into the Heart of the Mother, but certainly into a level where they can rehabilitate their souls as it were.

S: Okay, thank you for clarifying. I was really wondering about that. I don’t know why… maybe just all the craziness I see around me.

L: Yes, indeed, sweet one. And it is important for you to understand because, in an actual and in a subtle way, you are the catalyst for change. So not only in your conscious being as you go about your busy days, but nights also for in your unconscious sleep-state you are extraordinarily busy!

And so you are sparking many of these situations, saying, “Okay, now is time to wake up!” So, of course, you wonder and part of that is you also wonder at times whether, in fact, you are making any difference – and sweet angel, you are!