It will take about a decade for all the shifts in societies and perspectives to be readjusted. But the change, the shift, is right now!

Lilli’Anna ~ It Will Take About A Decade…

Another wonderfully inspirational gem of wisdom shared by Sarah from her personal reading with Linda Dillon. Lilli’Anna is Sarah’s beloved Guardian Angel.

Sarah: I really feel I need to understand things before speaking to others. I don’t know how to explain, but if I don’t have enough knowledge to put some arguments and be able to explain… it’s always a matter of knowledge.

Lilli’Anna: But your heart knows. Your heart has the knowledge – and more importantly, sweet one, your heart has the wisdom.

So when you are in a situation… yes, we know that you depend on your beautiful mind and so do we… but in your heart, when you look at a person – because situations, environments, everything is made up of persons – when you look at a person from the wisdom, from the knowledge that already rests within thee, simply look at them and [ask yourself] two questions: “What’s missing?” and “What’s needed?” And from there, you can proceed in both an actual, conscious conversation or action/engagement, and on the subtle level you can also be sending them what is missing or what is needed.

So, for example, if you look at somebody and you feel that they are stuck in the illusion/delusion of the old third [dimension] – and you know this because you encounter this every day – you look at them and you say [to yourself], “What is missing?” Now, it will be different for different people, and so you think: “Well, what is missing in you is compassion; it is compassion for yourself, for those you are working with or dealing with, and it is compassion for the human race.” So you’ve already identified what is missing.

Now, let us be clear about this because what is missing and what is needed sometimes are not the same things. Sometimes they are, but not necessarily. And so you look at them and you think: “Well, what is needed?” And you may think: “Well, what is needed is hope: hope that things will get better; hope that I in fact am part of the Mother’s Plan; hope that I will be seen and treated as a kind and loving human being.” So you give them hope, and in giving them hope you ignite compassion.

So: “What is missing? What is needed?” Think of it. You are looking at a hole or a dark area of their heart, of their chest, and you are thinking: “What’s missing here?” And then you think: “Well, what spark can I give them that will reignite what’s missing?”

S: I will try. I think I do it naturally, more or less…

L: You do it naturally, and the reason we are bringing it to your attention is that sometimes you think (emphasis on “think”) that you don’t do this and that you don’t know. In fact, sweet one – and we want you to bring it to your consciousness – you DO know. And whether it is someone in the street, someone in a jail, or someone in your family, it matters not. You DO know! So allow yourself to admit to yourself that you know.

You are not in the dark at all. You never have been. And so, from the light that burns so brightly within your sacred self, allow the knowing to emerge.

S: Are there lightworkers who are simply not awake yet among the people who are currently doing ‘bad’ things? (e.g. taking part in the chaos, pulling the strings in the ‘covid’ madness…)

L: Yes. What we say is controversial. There are lightworkers with the best hearts and intentions, let us be clear, but that are looking for the darkness – and believe they are engaging the darkness – but in fact it is all illusion. What is occurring is that in this ‘misdirection’, they are making themselves stuck.

S: It is so sad.

L: It is sad because their hearts are pure. Let us back up and explain.

For many upon this planet – because the Mother has enlisted, as it were, the strongest of the strong – many of the lightworkers, the current lightworkers, have engaged and fought and battled great battle with Michael, with all of the Archangels, and the Realms of Heaven. They have engaged with the darkness, battling the darkness before. So what they are doing is looking for the darkness, and sometimes… not always… sometimes they are looking for the darkness when in fact it is a distraction, a manufactured distraction, and not the darkness at all.

So it requires a great deal of discernment, not judgement. There is no place in any being for judgement. That is why we say to thee that very often this mention of “judge & jury and trials” is relying on punishment rather than forward thrust. So when lightworkers become engaged in punishment, it distracts them from what they are really doing.

No, I am not suggesting to you that thieves and murderers, rapists, and dictators be allowed to simply roam freely on the streets. Part of the balance is the bringing of people back to the truth of who they have the potential to be. That is why we have said earlier that it will take about a decade for all the shifts in societies and perspectives to be readjusted. But the change, the shift, is right now!

S: So with all that has to be organised, it could take years and years before Nova Earth is completed?

L: Well, when you think of Nova Earth, think of Gaia – and yes, the collective – as shiny and bright and pristine and clear!

Now, Gaia herself has phenomenal – she is Archangelic! – she has phenomenal capacity… and much help from above and below!… to restore herself to purity much quicker than humans are thinking. Now, she is not going to do so completely until humans realise that they need to participate in that reconstruction. So that is the Gaia part.

The human institutions that have created such a gridlock… because they are human institutions and will require human participation, divine participation, starbeing participation… now that, because it is necessary to involve the humans, will take a longer time. But the desire for the change is instant!

Think of it in this way. If you are eating something that you are terribly allergic to, that is literally poison to your system and you realise it, you stop cold-turkey. You never eat that again. Now it may take your body a few weeks or months to rehabilitate, to get back to its divine perfection of perfect health, but the habit – the addiction to pain – stops immediately.

So, as the humans are awakening, they are saying, “We don’t want,” for example, “that pollution or that war or that abuse to occur anymore – no more, full stop!” But there is a recognition that you still have to feed your body, that you still have to maintain the balance, so what is going to replace that? The humans need to be involved in the creation of what’s replacing what they are getting rid of, and that’s what takes time.

But this is an exciting time because over the period of about a decade, as the New is created and implemented and tried and adjusted, that is pleasurable! That is exciting! That is Nova Earth!

Because Nova Earth isn’t fixed by, say, 2030 and then for the rest of existence. No! This is but one step in the evolution of the human race.