A timely and timeless message from our beloved brother of silver reminding us not only who we are but why we are here. xxx Linda

Greetings, I am Uriel, Archangel of the future, bringer of the now, keeper of the time, Archangel of Divine Authority, brother, ally and friend.

Welcome, welcome my Champions of Change. Welcome my bright angels of silver. For whether you are amethyst or gold, blue or magenta, emerald or silver, you are all silver. As I have overlighted you and as I will continue to overlight you in the full awakening of your inspiration. You are magnificent and you are powerful. The Mother has chosen well.

Let me say, let me share with you what we mean when we call you the champions of change. Beloveds, champions do not sit on the sidelines. They are beings of action, even in solitude and pause and in the void and spaciousness. Champion means leader, exercising divine authority, bringing forth the reality and the dream of our Sacred Mother and of your sacred self.

I have said to you, you are the strongest of the strong. You are the wayshowers – each in your own unique and beautiful way. Each in the fulfillment of your dream, within and folded into the Mother’s dream, as her dream is folded into yours. There is no separation, there is no differentiation. You are united and conjoined in the fulfillment of this plan.

And you could not do this without the knowing and the fullness, the power, the true power, the energy, the sheer energy of knowing your inspiration, and then taking that knowing of your inspiration and bringing it forward as angel, as human, as star-seed, as earth-keeper in action, completely outside, differentiated from what you have thought of as action, exposure, vulnerability, leadership of old Earth. There is no room for that.

Do you really think or feel that I have to vie for love? That I have to jockey for position? That I have to do extraordinary things to earn the Mother’s love, to have her notice me? That I try and get a step ahead of my beloved brother Michael, or rush by Gabrielle…of course not. We are in the harmony of unity and community. And so are you.

It is the unification. Love is a unifying factor. It allows for liberation and freedom and wisdom and knowing and being the unique quality of who you are. That is to be celebrated, not dampened – brought forward, illuminated and enjoyed by everyone seen and unseen.

You step forth from the essence of who you are, and yes with the many activations. Some you know about and some you don’t. It matters not. During our time together we have activated and incorporated with you, your aspects, your divine authority, your silver throne, your knowing. But, we go forth together hand and hand, arm and arm, wing and wing. Not simply as co-creators, but in the tangible, physical anchoring of our Mother’s dream.

You are here on planet to see the fruition of this period of time of Her plan. And many of you, the strongest of the strong, have waited eons to see this, and not only to see it but to be part of it, leading the parade. Not in ways that are in control or boastful, but with a gentleness of my flame which I have gifted you again and again.

I am with you my beloveds, my Champions of Change. Go forth. Farewell.