It is to proceed with the fiercest kindness, with the gentlest strength, with the most aggressive compassion, with the sweetness of love.

Divine Mother speaks to “Mother, how shall I proceed?”

This inspirational gem is lovingly shared by Andrew from his personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Greetings, I am Mary, I am Maré, Universal Mother, Divine Mother, Mother of Hope, Mother of Change, Mother of One, and yes, beloved son, Mother of thee.

I step forward – yes, all are in attendance – but I step forward this day in gentle embrace, in enduring love, in stalwart service to embrace you, to hold you, to reassure you. This is a time, as I have said, of new beginnings – and yes, you are in the transition, you are in the time in-between the worlds as you might think of it. But while you may be thinking that, understand, my beloved son, the New has already begun.

And you say, “Mother, how shall I proceed?” and this is what I wish to speak to you of. It is to proceed with the fiercest kindness, with the gentlest strength, with the most aggressive compassion, with the sweetness of love. The New – Nova Earth, Nova Being – is and never can be built upon violence for there is no room. It is the gathering of the lambs. It is you as shepherd, yes, finding the lost lamb, as indeed my Son has done often. It is not bringing the lamb to slaughter, for there can be no feast that is based on the sacrifice of any being.

Humans are not granted the wisdom or the depth of insight to judge in any way, shape or form, to decree in any way, shape or form who is innocent or who is guilty, who is worthy and who is not worthy. All are welcome to the bounty of my table! No – not in resistance or recalcitrance, not in submission, not in the feeling of suppression. Yes – in sweet surrender to the might and the truth of who they are and who their neighbour is.

Your old world has been condemned, has gone awry by these illusions of separation, of abandonment, these patterns of greed that have led to the enforcement of separation. I did not birth any of you – and I most certainly did not birth you, my beloved son – to feel that there is separation. That is an illusion. It is an illusion [for] you are no more separate from the Father and I, or from any human being, or any Star being. That is the truth of Unity Consciousness, that is the truth of Christ Consciousness, that is the truth of the 7th and higher dimensions. It is when the wisdom conjoined with love, conjoined with a depth of appreciation of the diversity of beings, is paramount.

There is a separation that is occurring between lightworkers and this cannot be encouraged, permitted, or a path that is travelled down. All of you – and in fact, all beings on this planet – have been in position to bring forth, to be the incarnation of the New, and that goes for the newly-born infant to the Ancient Ones. This is a time of reunion, of union of heart, of recognition of the stunning beauty of each and every being. Acceptance does not mean permission. Yes, I never override free will, and I don’t because I have ultimate knowing and ultimate faith in the heart wisdom, the soul design, of each and every being and the innate will to love.

So this is a time, my beloved son, where I strongly encourage thee to stand back, be the observer. No, I do not mean to stop your wondrous meditations, for they are extraordinarily helpful and filled with compassion, healing and love – if anything, you are to increase them! But stand back, be the observer of clarity, be the beacon of clarity.

It is funny. So often, human beings think that they should be the beacon of reason as if the mental faculties are truly the ‘bellwether’, the indicator of knowingness. The bellwether, the indicator, is your heart consciousness and your ability to heart-listen, to heart-speak, to heart-observe – and yes, to heart-participate with that fierce kindness, with the gentleness that is reassuring, and the compassion that welcomes.

There can be no turning away. The tide has turned, and yes, there are those that will feel and do feel that they are somehow caught out at sea or in the riptide current. Extend your heart and hands for you are a pillar of hope – and you have been that pillar of hope and healing for a very long time. Now, my son, you do this as human being. Yes, we all know you are Star Commander and that time will come in the very near future, but what comes first is you as human, being the compassionate, wise soul that I know you to be.

And if you are tired, if you doubt, if you are not sure – turn to me, my beloved son, for I am as close as the breath that you breathe every day. I am as close as the air on your skin.

I am with you – and I am with all of you – every step of the way.

Go with my love. Farewell.

A: Oh, farewell, thank you for that wonderful message – thank you, Divine Mother.

DM: You are welcome. I thank you for you do not waver, you do not vacillate, you are not one caught in the riptide. You are the safety and the harbour – and it is the harbour of hope and healing.

Stand strong, my beloved. Farewell.