More than ever before, there is the desire to bring forth Heaven, or what people perceive as Heaven, on Earth!

Archangel Gabrielle ~ Extraordinary Circumstances, Extraordinary Times

This beautiful gem is lovingly shared by Sarah from her personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Greetings, I am Gabrielle.

Sarah: Hello, Gabrielle!

AAG: Welcome, beloved. I come as Lily of Love, Trumpet of Truth, Messenger of One. I come to bring greetings, to bring gifts, to bring blessings to enforce and reinforce your sacred self during this time of enormous shift, of expansion, of expulsion, and the bringing forth of Nova Earth.

Sweet angel of light, sweet angel of blue, heart of emerald, wings of gold, you are doing well – and you are doing well in what we would call, even in any realm, “extraordinary circumstances”. No, we do not simply mean the challenges of the Mother’s Pause or the challenges of Covid. When we say “extraordinary times”, we are referring to the shift in consciousness of the human collective that is awakening – some very slowly and some at the speed of love.

They are acknowledging to themselves and to each other that the dream, the heart’s desire and their own sacred path, plan, is shifting and that there is this deep desire for more meaningful, more honest, more expansive, more kind, more loving, more hopeful, more trusting relationships with oneself, with one another, and with the collective itself.

Now, of course, this comes at a time also when many are clinging to the old, and the old third that does not even exist, but they are trying to anchor themselves in a reality where they feel that many of the touchstones, the familiar, have quite literally disappeared. Yes, that does create at moments a sense of instability or even confusion, but what it also creates is the spaciousness, the room for the true dream, the true desire of what one wishes to experience on this planet. It allows it to emerge.

And of course, within every being there are the personal dreams and heart’s desires, but in the larger sense there are collective dreams, yes, that emanate out of the collective heart consciousness. And that dream is for freedom. That dream is for fairness and equality and liberty and balance, and the opening to potential, to possibility. More than ever before – and heed what I say: More than ever before during the scientific revolution, the industrial age, the invention of fire, Atlantis or Lemuria… more than ever before, there is the desire to bring forth Heaven, or what people perceive as Heaven, on Earth!

[With] the level of collective and individual soul exhaustion, of simply being overwhelmed – not just with the current, what we would call ‘petty’ challenges, but with the bigger challenge of: “What are we doing here, and what are we creating and co-creating upon Earth?” – there is the awakening to the disregard, the dishonouring, quite literally of the planet, of Gaia herself… which Gaia gratefully receives. Because inside that feeling of “we have gone too far” is also the desire to correct the situation – to correct in very small and individual ways and to correct in global ways – behaviours/actions that dishonour the collective, that dishonour the kingdoms, and then in truth dishonour and minimise what humans are really capable of.

From this level of soul exhaustion emerges the deep, profound desire – and might we say even need – to experience love. Now, for many human beings, love… and we are not talking about being in romantic engagement of love; oh, that is part of it, but love is amorphous to many humans so they translate that into more kindness, consideration, fairness, acceptance, balance. And this desire is pushing forward on societal, national, global levels, and you are seeing that.

And you, beloved one, are exactly where you have need to be in terms of proceeding as your agent, and our agent, and agent of the Mother to bring forth this sense of balance, this sense of equality, this sense of doing the right thing. And it is not “doing the right thing” in terms of duality and polarity – that one is right, one individual is right, one’s motivations are right, and the other is wrong. When we say “doing the right thing”, it is the heart opening that allows for the expression of individual wonder and potential and possibility and attendant action, but that it is the reflection of the Divine rather than simply human ego gone awry, human ego clinging to the desire to exert authority, and very often improper authority, over another.

So this is not just beginning. You are in the middle of the Mother’s Tsunami of Love, of Change, and you, sweet one, are well anchored in this. You accept and you anchor the brilliance of who you are. And yes, you well know of my brother, Mi-ka-el’s presence in your life. But I also wanted you to know of my presence with thee, that you hold my Golden Horn to speak the words of Truth, to bring the energy of Truth and of Balance to the planet.

Very often I am thought of as rather outspoken and brash, but the truth of this is that I am not for I speak in exact measure to the hearts and minds and essences of many, and I bring forth in exact measure, in exact moment, what is required – not merely to communicate but to break through, to open portals and doorways, opportunities, perspectives – so that in the energy of my words, of my communication, whether it is subtle, telepathic or verbal, that people receive and anchor, and therefore speak, what is needed.

So simply know, sweet angel of light, that I am with you in this journey of love. I defend you, I elevate you, I admire you, and I love you. …