This was AAM’s beautiful message to the New You class this past week. But it holds important guidance for all of us during this time of transition, change and chaos. Enjoy! xxx Linda

Greetings, I AM Michael, Archangel of Peace, Warrior of Love, Gardener of Grace. Welcome my beloveds, my beloved human angels, my warriors, my gardeners, my Newbies, my 13ers. My family, I welcome you and I welcome you to this circle of One.

There is no such thing as separation; that is an illusion. And yes, I come to speak to you about peace, of course, this is my passion and my purpose at this time. And long after peace has been established throughout the cosmos I will come and invite you to listen to the music of the spheres, to listen to me playing the harp as you play your heart. Oh yes sweet ones, your heart, your essence contains beautiful sound, magnificent light… and what is that except love? What is peace except love?

You do not bring, and I most certainly do not bring peace through discord, peace through upheaval, peace through pain. Struggle, pain, fear, upset, these are the illusions of the old 3rd (dimension) that you have long since left behind. Do not, beloved ones, re-engage with that which has already been dismissed.

You have embraced… and I congratulate you… you have embraced the essence of your New You! And what is that? It is the essence of your old, original, ancient, perfect you… brilliant and whole.

You know, on your beautiful planet, Gaia, with the advancement of civilization, oh yes, and technology which is wonderful, and much of which has already been given to you by your star family… but there is this obsession about always introducing the next model, the newest model as if it is an improvement. Well, in technology sometimes it is and sometimes it isn’t.

We don’t want your next model. You don’t want your next model. You want your original model… your brilliant soul essence that has emerged in grace, excitement, gratitude, from the very womb of our Mother. You and I beloveds, we share the same DNA, spiritually and otherwise.

What you are doing is laying the foundation of the new, not merely for this new year, or your New You, but for Nova Earth, which is original dream of the Mother as a planet of beauty, of such magnificent diversity where her angels… her angels… come to play, not in discord or deceit, in the discernment of what do I think peace, love, joy would feel like in this infinite moment of our Mother’s time? Would it be a flower petal, or an ocean, or a mountain range, my sisters, my brothers? Would it be the moment of infinite silence? Or the beauty of a newborn’s cry? These are the things that are of value.

During the Mother’s Pause, you have learned and you have remembered many things. And you have remembered what makes your heart warm, what you cherish, what you yearn for, what you long for. And that essentially, beloveds, was your New You, and Nova Gaia, and a race of Nova Gaians.

So, I say to you, I beg you, what many have asked you, and what the Mother herself has guided you… do not look back! Assimilate the lessons that you have learnt. Honor, release, and surrender, and integrate what you have struggled with, for these have brought valuable lessons. But at the same time, declare your freedom. You need not learn, expand, anchor, and certainly not ascend in that way.

Now is the time of transition, of healing, of new beginning… not only because you, and I, and we have yearned for it, but because the Mother declares it in her infinite wisdom. It is simply time.

Peace, my beloveds, is the presence of knowing, of your divine knowing in perfect alignment with the Divine. Peace is not ruled, it is not diverted by ego, or other people’s agendas or opinions, it is ruled by you. It is created, and might I suggest co-created with us, what your heart desires. So, our declaration today… yes, usually it is Gabrielle… but on behalf of this Council of Love, I declare our assistance, never our override – sometimes our interference – but mostly our willingness, our presence, to assist you. Yes, in the completion of the old but mostly in the creation and the adventure of the new that we begin hand in hand, arm in arm, wing in wing.

Let us soar together, and go, beloved ones with my heart, with my harp, with my music, with my peace, and with my love. Farewell.