I step forth to embrace you, to nurture you, to comfort you, to encourage you, to spur you on. I come forth for the sheer joy of it for there is not enough joy anywhere!

Universal Mother Mary Acknowledges All Her Lighthouses

This beautiful channelled gem is shared in love by Elle from her personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Greetings, I am Mary, I am Maré, Universal Mother, Mother of Hope, Mother of Peace, Mother of Change and Constancy, Mother of One. Welcome, sweet daughter, sweet daughter of my heart, sweet daughter of my being, and I step forth to embrace you, to nurture you, to comfort you, to encourage you, to spur you on. I come forth for the sheer joy of it for there is not enough joy anywhere!

You have been through… well, yes, trials and tribulations… you have been through the Pause, and you most certainly are still in the midst of the healing… no, not of your mind, not of your soul, but of your physical body – this beautiful vessel, sweet angel of light, that holds and acts as a beacon for so many. You are the lighthouse on the dark, tempestuous night, whether it is high noon or 3 AM, because many are sailing these turbulent waters, seeking the refuge, seeking the path of light, not knowing fully or understanding as yet fully how to set their sails, how to read the compass or the charts.

So you are there, beckoning them to safe harbour that they may rest, they may reintegrate, they may be reborn and then continue on in their journey, to continue on the pathway – on the true pathway – that they have chosen and selected, yes, in tandem with me but with their own guides as well long ago. And when I say “long ago”, I even mean long before this lifetime.

So it is that moment, it is that moment of stillness between the inhale and the exhale, it is that moment when so many are turning to me and simply saying “Yes, Mother, I know I am shifting, I know I am changing, I know that change is the order of the day, but may I simply rest and catch my breath for a moment?”  And of course, the answer is yes.

Yes, I have asked for the meditation of 12:12 to be extended, but in that, all beings are being penetrated, uplifted, transformed by the white light of love. In many ways, this is the moment of silence, of stillpoint between the in and out-breath. It is the time of vigil when many stand, including your sweet self, beloved, and you are holding and embodying – no, not just esoterically – physically embodying the sacred space of surrender, because in stillpoint is the surrender to what you birth and to what we birth with you. So it is very personal and very individual – and very mega, very universal, and far beyond.

So you are taking the time. First of all, your body will not allow it, and I would never encourage you to push forth in this recalibration. Yes, we have used many ‘re’ words: re-entry, reset… but let us call it “recalibration” so that you are quite literally holding a higher wattage, a higher frequency, so that you don’t blow either your circuits or the circuits of anyone else – and that you are able, in your role as lighthouse, as transmitter, you are able to shine brighter light not only brighter but further.

And yes, of course, that light is for the humans who are seeking to find their way, but it is not merely for the humans who are seeking to find their way. It is a transmission, it is an Elle transmission, it is an *** [angelic/intergalactic name] transmission to your Star brothers and sisters, both on and off Earth, saying: “Take heart, I am human, I am divine, I know that you are here, keep the faith, hold the hope, the collective is awakening.”

And then you are transmitting to all the awakened ones, the human beings, the angels in form, who are also… many lightworkers are tired, many are exhausted… and so you are also transmitting to them, bright angel, and you are saying: “Hold on, here is the pathway, here is the light, let us refresh you, rebirth is at hand.”

So it is not simply the marking of the birth of Yeshua. It is the marking of the rebirth of humanity into the true form – shall we say ‘original improved form’ – that they agreed to, and that each and every being – yes, some more consciously than others – but it is each and every being yearning for this shift and this shift that is already well underway.

So during this sacred time, my beloved daughter, I wish you to know that I am with you and that your every quiet, spoken and unspoken prayer is not only heard but acted upon. I am with you.

Go with my grace, go with my love, go with my comfort, and most certainly my joy.

E: Thank you, Mother, how wonderful! Shall we share this with the many lighthouses out there?

UMM: Yes, I would like that, and they all need to be acknowledged. Farewell.