You and we are creating miracles!

This past Tuesday Our Lady of Guadalupe came once again to speak of the re-opening of the 12:12 portal of completion and miraculous new beginnings.

The 12:12 meditation was originally designed to end today December 24th. However, the Lady is asking us to extend our meditation with Her for an additional 12 days – which brings us to January 7th. This would cover Epiphany and the receipt of the gifts of the Magi. The purpose of the extension of our global meditation is to reach out and include all those who may not have had the full opportunity to extend themselves in this new Nova Gaian manner.

I am including the entire text of the channel and the link to audio meditation which was gifted to us on the Winter Solstice at the bottom of the page as well. This is our incredible opportunity to truly enter into this Divine Union partnership to co-create Nova Earth – let’s do it!

*     *     *

Greetings, I am Maria, I am Maria of Guadalupe, I am Our Lady of Perpetual Help, I am The Lady of Perpetual Wisdom, I am the Mother, I am the One, but I bring you, yes, of course, this gift, as you are bringing me, as you are bringing us this gift of fulfilment, this gift of 12:12, and so much more.

So often you have thought of your ascension as a destination, as, yes, a completion, and it is, beloveds, completion of a cycle and let me talk about this. When you complete a cycle – yes, even if it is a brief cycle of 12 days – you do not stop at the end of a journey and shiver and crawl back into the cave or run back to the beginning. That is not the way of the wayshowers, pathfinders, angels, and stewards of change. It is courageous forging ahead, going forth in the truth, the beauty, the might, the divine knowing and the divine sovereignty, and the ultimate trust of who you are, who we are, and our sacred union with you.

When you proceed in this undertaking – which I am being specific about but it is very general as well – but when you proceed in this 12:12, you are gifting us, it is a gift exchange, and it is a gift exchange between you and this circle and the entire human race.

Yes, so often you have turned to us and said “How on Earth or anywhere else are we going to do this?” Well, the best way to learn is to simply do! It is to trust and forge ahead with prudence, courage, humility, and compassion – all of which you have!

Beloveds, you are doing phenomenal work.

Now, I have a further request of each of you, because many of the humans are just beginning in this process. So yes, your 12:12 ends on the eve of what you have thought of as the 24th. I ask you to continue to work with the collective for another 12 days – and as long as you like! You and we are creating miracles!

So often you have prayed to have a miracle, so we give you this. But at the same time, beloveds, sons and daughters of my heart, Juan Diego’s of my heart, I remind you that you are my miracle!

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