Beloveds, I give you the gift of ignition, I give you the gift of awakening, I give you the gift of lift-off. Do not look back!

Greetings, I am Jesus Sananda, I am Jesus, I am Yeshua, I am your beloved brother and friend Yeshi, and I bring you greetings at this time of Winter Solstice, of Grand Conjunction, of Hanukkah, of Christmas.

It is not a coincidence, beloveds, that literally, in this time of the darkest time and the brightest time, you prepare to shift into a new realm of existence. I do not tether you or anchor you, restrict you to the 7th Dimension – the dimension of Love, of Christ Consciousness, and of awakened awareness, might I say, of Joy, of Peace, of Love.

You see, there is no differentiation when some say, “I seek the deepest peace,” which I have done as man. What they are truly saying is: “I wish for a sense where conflict and the deep knowing of connection, of security, of Oneness, exist.” And when they say, “I seek joy,” they are truly saying, “I seek to feel secure, that my heart is aglow, regardless of news feeds,” because what you truly value is your friends and family, your community.

And when you say you seek love, you are truly saying, “I wish to be the love. I wish to be in full connection with the Mother/Father/One, to be in the unity, yes, with sacred self and with All.” There can be no delineation.

My brothers and sisters, whom I have travelled with many times and do so again, you have grown up in a world where there have been these false delineations, these false constructs, these walls, these impenetrable veils that have done nothing other than create a sense of separation, of isolation, of loneliness and of yearning. But you did not come to this incarnation in service to our beloved Mother to accept those walls, or to reinforce those walls, to honour those walls, or even to acknowledge those walls.

You are the rebel angels, just like me, just as I have been seen as a rebel when I have walked the Earth and some despised me for it. But my circle loved me because, in claiming my freedom, they saw and they did claim their own. That is what this completion is about. It is about tidying up, completing what has not been completely finished up, and this stepping into the pristine New.

You are the creators and the co-creators of Nova Earth and, yes, we most certainly do accompany you. But you are not stepping into a new realm where everything has already been constructed because that was not your request to the Mother – and that most certainly was not her request to you.

Often… and yes, sweet Margaret, we have heard your plea for divine intervention, and there are many times unbeknownst to most when divine intervention does take place… but you did not want to simply wake up in 2021 and see a world that had been re-created and polished. You wished to create it, to build it based on your divine qualities, your favourites, your dreams, and your dreams that are shared by billions.

Yes, there are some that don’t even know quite yet that they share this dream, but they do. And how that is manifesting, as the exhaustion and the soul exhaustion passes (for that is what you are in the midst of), is as they look around, emerging from the darkness, emerging from sleep, emerging from the illusion, then they look and they say, “What is in alignment with what my heart and my very soul desire?” And that is when they turn to you, they seek you out.

They may not say to you, “Let me go to a City of Light,” but that does not mean they won’t go. They did not say to me, “Take me to Jerusalem or Nazareth,” but they did show up. And they continue to show up to build, in tangible reality, this world, this community of humans that is inclusive, that is generous, that is kind and compassionate.

That is my dream. It has been my dream when I have walked the Earth as man, and it has been my dream in and out of form forever. It does not change, just as the deep authentic dream of your heart, your mind, and your soul does not change. It is not about the material. The material follows the dream, not the other way around; this has been a miscomprehension of many humans. First, you work the dream, you live the dream, you enunciate the dream, you expand the dream.

Now, why do I talk to you of this now, at this solstice switch? Because that is what it is. It is a switch, it is a green light, yes, sometimes flickering yellow, but it is not stop; it is not halt; it is full bore ahead!

Each in your own way, you have chosen to be leaders in the new sense of stewardship, of guardianship, of gardeners of peace. You gather unto you those of like mind and heart to create ethical governance, to create food that sustains, to create communities – and communities that welcome not only the Star brothers and sisters that are already here on your planet but those that hover and those that are galaxies away. The word goes out!

The monoliths are activators. They are codes brought from afar, encoded with information, energy, light and sound. You will learn. This is part of the gift.

What I ask of you in this time quite literally of new beginning is to stop looking back. Don’t even look back for me because I am right next to you. Don’t look back at the ‘mis-history’ of what has occurred on your planet; the descension into cruelty, abuse, control, fear, guilt, shame, blame. Don’t look back!

You have been given, you have been honoured, as has Gaia, with a new grid – and it is a grid of love, it is a grid of potential. So think of it in this way. You would not look back and use a rock as a tool to fix these computers, or even to hammer a nail. It is antiquated. In and of itself, it is a beautiful mineral specimen that has its own life and its own vibratory rate, so if you wish to hold it, do so, but do not think that that is the tool you will use. Look ahead and look at what is being given to you as light tools.

The Council has given you, we have given you, many tools but you came equipped, beloveds, with the most precious tool of all: your heart. It is not only a muscle that keeps you alive, that exchanges blood, etc. It is the seat of your consciousness, it is the seat of your soul. But in addition to that, you have been given the brilliance of your mind – no, not the illusions – the true brilliance of your head, your brain, intelligence. That is not to be denied. You have what it takes!

So what do I give you as my gift, as my offering at this time of giving and receiving? Beloveds, I give you the gift of ignition, I give you the gift of awakening, I give you the gift of lift-off. Do not look back!

You are the leaders, the wayshowers, the pathfinders. If you are hovering with your head over your shoulder or looking down at your feet, you cannot lead – and that is what you are here to do. Not in ways of control, quite the contrary. In ways that are so generous, so heart-open, that all seek to be with you because that is the place of home. They find the energy of the Mother, the Father, of all of us in you – and when you hold that, when you know that, when you claim your ignition, there is nothing that can stop you!

You are amongst the most determined angels and beings throughout the Multiverse. That is why you are here. And you will not settle, you will not compromise for half-light, half-dark. That time is over. The time of division and of divisiveness comes to a close, to which all of you and all of us say, “Hallelujah!”

We are One, and you are One with us, with All, so let us celebrate! Let us light and illuminate this entire planet! Let us shine the glee and share the warmth of this new beginning!

Go with my love and go, sweet angels, in peace, in joy, in laughter and celebration!