I use the example of the American elections so you can comprehend what is transpiring, and give you the time and space to be in the sacred vessel of your heart…

Channeling: Universal Mother Mary

Greetings, I AM Mary, Universal Mother, Divine Mother, Mother of change and Mother of constancy, and yes, beloveds, Mother of each and every one of you.

And, I come this day to speak about change, to speak about constancy, and to speak about how I am using my Divine Pause… and I use and I am using the example of the American elections, the presidential elections, to speak to you of this, to use this example so that you will begin to comprehend what is transpiring. And how I am embracing you, and welcoming you, and giving you the time and space to be in the sacred vessel of your heart, to be in the center of your divine knowing, of your divine authority, and the truth, the beauty, the grace of who you are.

So, let us begin, and simply know that I am using my Pause all over this planet. So, I merely choose this situation for purposes of demonstration… but we will cover that as well.

Sweet angels, if you had had a victor, a winner, of this particular election, at this particular time, what would you have done… regardless of your leanings, your political beliefs, not truths… what would you have done? Well, I will tell you: The collective on this side or that side of the great divide would claim victory, ascendency, and they would say, “We were right!” And the divide, this fission in the collective heart of humanity would merely continue.

When I have said to you, when we have last visited, that I am in creation mode… and I do not create illusion, or separation, isolation, pain, suffering… what did you think I was talking about? For decades, indeed, for eons, we have explained to you… not tried to explain… explained to you that we do not work, we do not exist, in a framework of hierarchy. There are not humans, and then angels, and then archangels and seraphim’s, and then the glorious One. We are completely united… in heart, in mind, in will, in essence.

So, upon your planet as you emerge from the birthing canal, as you emerge as Nova Gaian and Nova Being, building, creating, co-creating with us Nova Earth, there can be no separation, there can be no hierarchy, there can be no control over… and that includes the desire to have control over… that is as grievous an atrocity as you can imagine. There have been many missteps, much misinformation on all sides of this undertaking, and the illusions, the lies, and the truth is and will be revealed.

It is time for you, not only as Gaians but as inter-galactic, galactic citizens, to claim that truth… not with judgment, not with a sense of ascendency, of unbalanced righteousness, but with a deep, profound sense of collective love. Hatred, yes, I speak of hatred, this is the abomination. Hatred does not create… it simply tears down, deconstructs, separates, and created veils of illusion. We have removed these veils of your old third-dimensional reality some time ago. Why, on Gaia or anywhere else, would you wish to reconstruct them?

This Pause gives you the time, the critical time, to go deeply within your heart and truly examine what lies there. This Pause that I give you gives you the time to be the observer… you have done the participant, now be the observer and look to behaviors, look to attitudes, look to kindness, to sweetness, to fairness. Do not delude yourself again on one side or the other with conspiracy theories. You are living in the country of St. Germaine based on freedom, and equality, and a democratic process that allows for the expression of choice… of your free will choice. That has not been interfered with… and it will not be!

So, this is your time to come into yourself and forgive yourself for righteous attitudes, for blame, and shame, and guilt… and then, to forgive everyone involved. And then, to turn the page, not through violence, not through dis or misinformation but claiming your co-creative, human, Gaian, angelic, star-being, your creative power to bring forth worlds that work.

Many of you have said, “Mother, Mother, Mother, Mother, where are you? And why is our star family… why have the delegations not made themselves public? Why do we not have landings in every state and country and nation all over the planet? Why are our skies not filled with our brothers and sisters from the skies, from the stars, from the galaxies far away?”

They do not reveal themselves because they come in peace. And if peace does not reign, then why would they wish to engage with you? They come to Gaia, this beautiful… my Archangel of Peace, of Grace, to experience the diversity, the beauty, in every drop of dew, and the mightiest oceans. They come to gift you with technology that is beyond your imagination, that has the power to give you that quantum leap in communications, in healing, in what you think of as science. But they do not give it to be abused. They do not give it so that this person, or that person, this country, or that company will own it and usurp it for greed. They are waiting for all of you in this collective awakening.

When I said, when I have declared that this year of 2020 would be a time of rebirth… yes, I know… none of you thought that this is what I meant. But this is your chance. There are crossroads in each life, and in the life of each generation, in each millennia, in each planetary system. And there is only one choice… and I know you are capable of it… and it is the choice of love. And it is the choice of love to allow for diversity of every stripe and color, that each being has the freedom, the spaciousness, and yes, dear heart, the resources to fulfill their dreams, their purpose… individually, and as part of this collective.

Now, what do you think this means when I say this to you, my children? It does not simply mean the freedom to vote for this or that party or candidate. It means that everyone is fed, that those who seek shelter have it, that there is an acceptance of warmth and comfort, and yes, the path diverges for many now and then. We have spoken for a long time about scenic detours. It is time to come back, beloveds, to the heart, to the place of unity, connectedness, and balance. There is no place for rage, there is no place for passivity. You are alive! That is the gift that I have given to you, and hence, you are to be engaged.

Now, through the Pause, which will come again and again… I am doing it in Europe, I am using these opportunities, I am doing it in South America, I am doing it in Africa… you will pause, and in that pause you will go deeper and you will learn, remember, and practice Stillpoint – the place of union, where the implosion/explosion/co-creation, the implosion/explosion of you as Nova Being upon this planet, this planet of love.

Use this time, regardless of where you are, for there are many faces to my Pause… use this time, not merely to go to Stillpoint, but to intend, to decide, and to proceed. And yes, sweet one, proceeding means planning, proceeding means you may stay within your house, or you may walk in the countryside, it matters not. Proceeding is a heart decision, it is not futile action running hither and yon, it is heart decision to proceed and how to proceed.

You’ve spent much time, individually and collectively, looking over your shoulders, to look at past grievances, rights, wrongs. Look ahead. Look at what you are proceeding to. Look at what you wish, and what I am creating with you. Go to the silence. Go to the echo chambers of your heart, for that is where you will hear me, that is where you will feel me, that is where I will comfort you, restore you, energize you, heal you. And when you do this, you do this not merely for yourself, for a nation, but for the entire collective. Energy travels beloved… surely you have recognized that fully and completely.

Do not think that we are not overseeing, overlighting, and fully engaged in your process. I am! Go with my love. I step aside, but not away… Farewell.

(Archangel Michael channeling to follow)