HEART CALL – October 2020

Gandhi & St. Francis – The Cycle of Life

Channeling – Gandhiji

I AM Gandhiji. Yes, it will be age before beauty! And I welcome you, my friends, fellow travelers, and planetary observers.

There is a theme in everything we say to you, which is to walk and to keep walking. And there will be times, my friends, when you will feel that you are walking a solitary path and that there are very few who choose to join you. And then there will be times when there are so many that the highways, and the streets, and the squares are completely crowded and that there is a unity of heart, and a unity of soul, and a unity of purpose. And it matters not whether you live in Mumbai or Calcutta or anywhere on this planet because there is only one planet.

So this is not a time when I am coming to speak to you about division, of the separation and the migrations of pain that results from this illusion of separation, that one is Hindu or one is Muslim, or one is Democrat or one is Socialist, it matters not one iota. Because there is only the human pathway and there is only love. And yes, it is true, there are times when this channel becomes impatient and she says, “Do you not talk of anything but love?” And I would suggest to her that there is nothing to talk about but love.

But I will talk to you this day about fortitude and humility because the path of service can only be the path of One. There can be no puffery. There can be no expression or belief that one is better, or finer, or higher than another. You know, it is curious because the idea of caste systems was supposed to be abolished long ago. And yet, what has transpired far too often… and I am not just talking about Mother India, I am talking about your planet… that far too often these subtle caste systems have not only been maintained but reinforced and have been the basis of terrible abuse of power. This cannot be the way.

But no, it does not come from beating up your opponents; for violence is never the answer. It comes from the peaceful way, even when it is difficult, even when you feel that you are starving… (Linda’s puppy barking) and she has opinions as well, and all opinions must be honored and welcomed. Know this. Do not fall into this trap that you are right and someone else is wrong because when you do that you create a division and separation, and it erects walls, and it harms, and it creates hurt feelings, and it creates stridency and stubbornness, which is very different than fortitude.

When someone has a differing opinion to you, what you do is you engage, not in their belief but with the heart and the person, to examine and explore because you are saying, “I may not agree with you but you are worthy. You are my fellow brother, sister, Gaian and you are worthy. And you are worthy of the love and the attention and the acceptance that I give you.” So know this.

Now, to be humble, to practice piety, you must also carry fortitude. You must build your stamina, not as a wall but as a way of being physical as well. And you must build your endurance. And you must practice and build such patience because otherwise, you cannot embrace in fellowship, in love, those who differ from you.

The gifts of this planet are the differences. You do not witness the stream being commanded by the ocean to change. You do not see the oak tree demanding that the blade of grass become an oak. You do not see the air demanding a cloud to dissolve, for the vapors and moisture to disappear. It is in balance and it is the balance within you, and the strength to truly know and embrace your path, your truth, your being.

And to embrace it so strongly that you do not waiver and that you do not need to prove yourself. That does not mean you do not express, whether it is opinion or belief. Politics is a lively discussion and it is only when hatred is introduced, or control, or bitterness that it becomes dangerous.

The politics of Earth transform with Nova Gaians. Your systems, and it does not matter what you call your nation-state, your systems of governance change, they evolve, they grow, they mature. But this can only happen with your fortitude and your humility.

I am but a simple man. I did not change the world, or India, or Pakistan. I followed my heart and what I believed to be true, that the control, the false use of authority, yes, of the empire of the British, has no place. Anarchy is not the path of freedom either. So it is finding the balance, and that is only achieved, my brothers and sisters, through the balance of your heart.

So, I come in this time of rebirth, and yes, my birth, to celebrate with you and to say, “Now is the time of new beginnings.” So, let us walk! And you know if you are including Jesus and Kuthumi and Raj and Maitreya, for we are very powerful allies and we offer you our assistance. You are the leaders/gatherers, this is your time, but walk with us.


Channeling – St. Francis

I AM Francis, and you can call me Frank! And I also come to celebrate with you the cycle of life… of birth, and death, and rebirth… because that is what is occurring upon your beautiful planet. You think of the seasons, and for some of you it is fall, and for some of you it is spring, and they are simply the ends of the same spectrum. I have left, when I walked the planet, I walked away, yes, from a family and a life of luxury and plenty. And let me be very clear, I loved my family dearly… but it was not my path. It was not my path to live in that level, not only of luxury but of obsequiousness.

Patience is fortitude. When I walked away I did not know where, or how, or how long but I did know that I could, I must, and that I would, because this was the demands of my heart and soul. Too often, beloveds, you put the demands, the desires, the dreams of your being on the back burner, or say it is not practical, I cannot do that. And I would say to you, “Why not? Why would you ever feel that you are not important enough to follow your dreams? Why would you ever believe that you are not strong enough and that you are not worthy enough to fulfill your dreams? And why would you not know that your dreams are in accordance with All?”

I do not come to talk about being martyrs or living in pomposity, for when the heart is full, when you are surrounded by nothing and by family of love, you have it all. So yes, patience is important because you are building a new planet. But don’t be too patient with yourself and your dreams… Step forward! The Mother has issued, several times, her Clarion Call. So, I would say to you, “What are you waiting for?”

I will join with my brothers of the east, and I will join with you, and we will walk together. And I will finish for our beloved Lee.

You are so loved, you are treasured and you are honored, and you are supported in more ways than you can possibly imagine.

Go in peace.


Channelled by Linda Dillon, 3 October 2020