COL Heart Call 20-19-9

LD:  Welcome to the Saturday Heart Call and welcome to this circle, to this community where we are literally forming and formatting what it means to be Nova Gaian and to live on Nova Earth.

The whole point of these classes and calls, and everything that we do is to really form community.  I want to talk, before I step aside to channel, about some themes that have been emerging this week. One of the things that has really been front and center – I would say actually for about two weeks, both in my own meditations and in the channelings that I do for people, is the theme of gratitude. And just how important gratitude is and the deeper meaning of gratitude.

It’s kind of funny because as you well most of you know anyway that in the 13th Octave class we have been focusing, and are focusing on for the next few weeks, on the Blessings and Virtues Divine Qualities that were gifted, and part of the 13th Octave process.  We’re bringing our focus to that because so often it gets shoved aside and not given as much attention as it needs.

But, this issue of gratitude and the need for people to hear thank you has been really prevalent.  And you know, when we’re talking about gratitude we’re not talking about gift for gift, kind in kind. We talking about that heart recognition of another person, for what they give you for what they are – just for being. For being brave enough courageous enough, for being stalwart enough to literally be on the planet right now. And I know I’ve been bringing that into my own heart and into my own life and realizing maybe I don’t say thank you enough.

To the person receiving that thank you, that gratitude even when it’s just a smile or a look in the eyes, you’re saying I see you. It allows that person to really feel like they are seen, that they are heard, that they’re acknowledged, that their value and their presence on the planet is recognized.

Now, I know in this group that we are usually pretty darn good about saying thank you and really expressing our hearts. But, one of the pieces that came through also in the last couple of weeks is that you know with the Divine Qualities and with gratitude in particular is that what we are doing, is literally anchoring what it means to be Nova Being, what it means to be Nova Gaian.

So, the more that we express our gratitude and receive the gratitude, the more that energy of appreciation of truly being acknowledged is anchored upon the planet.

You know, I know for years, for myself, people would say thank you, and, I would say, “no problem, it doesn’t matter, it was no big thing.” And you know, that’s dismissive. I didn’t mean it to be dismissive, but in fact it wasn’t allowing myself to receive the appreciation. And it wasn’t allowing the other person to really give their heart. So, this is our little reminder from the Council of Love about just how important those expressions, small expressions – I’m not talking about grandiose expressions, we’re talking about day to day expressions of our heart gratitude of thanksgiving really is.

Now, I know that most of us are always saying thank you, thank you God, thank you Mother, thank you Council, thank you Guardian Angels. But we also need to say it to one another. So, I want to say to each and every one of you – “Thank you for being here”. And I don’t mean just here in today’s Heart Call, I mean ‘here’ – really present and really anchored and determined and riding all the waves and even the troughs of all the waves that we’ve been travelling through together. Thank you for sticking to it. Thank you for your trust, for your faith, for your endurance. You know, it’s seen, above and below, and, we see it in each other. So, this is not just a little but a great big thank you. Thank you for being you!

And I know, Jesus, Jeshua, Yeshi has been talking to me about this theme this morning. So, I’m just going to get us started.  First with a little meditation.


Go into your heart and anchor. I give you my favorite crystal, and feel your tri-flame. Feel that beautiful pink diamond. As you can see with the flowers and the candle, pink is a theme today.  And it’s really bringing forth the brilliance and the sacred nature of us. Of our beloved sacred universal higher, human angelic, earth keeper self.

Go down to your heart, travel with that penny or that pebble, down through the water into that golden sand in the base of your heart and breath that pink.  That pink diamond of who you are regardless of what ray, regardless of how you’re feeling in the moment.  That pink diamond is the essence of who you are.  So, breath that pink and feel that flame ignite and really be present. And spiraling around it, feel the Mother’s Blue Diamond and spiraling the other way feel the Father’s Gold Diamond.  Feel yourself present right down to your root chakra, right down to the arches of your feet.  And feel that flame burning up into your high heart, into your throat, into your third, fourth and fifth eye and up your crown.  Let’s really be bright today.

Now let’s take a breath of the beautiful magenta – that rich, delicious luscious color.  The color of Yeshua, of Lord Maitraya, of the Buddha, the color of compassion and the color of a delicious port, a good red wine, chrysanthemums in fall.  It’s that balance of blue and red and amethyst, violet.  Feel it on the tip of your tongue, the back of your throat – as if you just took a sip of magenta and feel it coming down through your crown and filling your brain, your pineal your pituitary your hypothalamus.  Feel the grid of your brain lighting up with that Christ consciousness.  Feel the back of your head between which is the occipitals which is the mouth of God.  Open it up and let that magenta fill your entire spinal column.

It’s calming but its life force giving.  It’s hope, and presence and being in our body.  Bring it down to the tip of your tailbone and into your root and then let’s spin it around and bring it into our pubic and our tummy and our solar plexus and back into our heart.

Now let’s sparkle our entire being with those Healers of Tralana.  Open your throat chakra.  If there’s anything that needs to be done – healed, removed, eliminated, transformed.  Invite them in – those sparkles on Petra’s lake. Sparkles of silver and gold and brass, copper and pink.  Let them just flow into you and fill you.  You never direct the Healers of Tralana.  They will go where they need to go.  It’s one of the huge gifts.  And they stay until the job is done.  So, if you have any ache or pain, dis-ease, mental, emotional, spiritual, physical – let them go there.

One of the things about gratitude is that it really does take two or more. We aren’t intended to do it all alone. Unity and connectedness lead to balance and this is the healers of ancient planet Tralana coming to assist.  So, welcome them all in and receive …..


Greetings I am Yeshua, I am Jesus Sananda, I am Jesus, I am Yeshi, I am brother, I am ally, I am friend. I want you to know that – I am friend. So often when I say to you come and walk with me, come and sit with me, come and be with me. I am not saying that as ascended master as enlightened being, I am saying that as friend. Those labels that you have given me and that I have accepted, those are part of how you explain me, how you know me. But that doesn’t explain, at least not to the extent to which I wish to touch your hearts today. It doesn’t explain our friendship, our kinship, our relationship. I teach you as you teach me. I embrace as you embrace me. I walk with you, not because I need to carry you, although I will. I walk with you because I love you, because I enjoy your company, because I wish to speak with you, to discuss with you not merely what lies ahead. There is much that is in unfoldment right now.

But I also wish to speak with you about you, and yes often about me. And when I say this, I do not also mean me as the Yeshua you have known thousands of years ago. For I mean, Yeshua, Sananda that you know right here and right now and that you’ve always known. For beloveds we have travelled together for a very, very long time.

Sometimes I wish to walk with you to say thank you. To express my gratitude. Not merely to your sweet heart, but to you the enlightened, ascended, struggling personality and being that you are. And when I say thank you this day, I am saying thank you, I am expressing our heart felt gratitude on behalf of all and on behalf of One. For you are the fulfillment.

You say oh no lord, the unfoldment the fulfillment of the dream the fulfillment of the Mother’s plan has not happened yet. And of course, we all look to the glorious day when love is truly re-anchored and the form of behavior, beliefs, actions upon this planet called Gaia. But what about now? I say thank you because you are the fulfillment in this moment in this time, in these actions. Because unless you are present, yes in victory, endurance, struggle, hope. Unless you are present as the bringers, the anchors, the embodiment of that love then there is no future fulfillment. You are the brave hearts; you are the angels in form that have said yes.

I will go and yes, I will do this hard work of helping the collective of humanity remember and reengage with the truth of who they are. Not only who they are meant to be or intended to be, but who they are. You live in tumultuous times and you live in the time of fulfillment. It is so important not only that you hear our gratitude, our encouragement, our hope, our trust, our love, but you realize in the turmoil is the light, is the peace.

Yes, we speak this day of gratitude but understand, inside gratitude is charity, is purity is humility and trust and faithfulness. There’s an acknowledgement of the grace of another and that you are brilliant, bright and centered enough to acknowledge that and express it as love. There are many, many things ot be grateful for. All you need to do is walk outside and see the sky, with the grass or even the pavement and a single flower shooting through. And might I suggest to you that the turmoil, the upheaval, the revelations that are coming through the chaos is part of what to be grateful for.

You have this dis-ease. It’s an ancient dis-ease called cancer that is so often hidden in bones and cells and organs and it eats away at you because it lays hidden and it destroys the very life force.  That is what ingratitude does and that is what chaos does if it is not brought to the surface. We do not guide you in terms of now turn left, do this do that. We have far more faith in you. Of course, you abide by love. You live in love, you embody love, that is your direction. That is your internal and external GPS.

Be grateful for the turmoil. When you see untruths, cruelty, abuse revealed then be grateful that this has come to the surface. You are not saying thank you for the abuse, although you are leaving compassion and latitude for the redirection, the correction and understanding that even the greatest abusers have played their role. But what you are saying thank you for is the revelation, is the bringing to the light what needs to be exposed so that it doesn’t eat and destroy the fiber of your being, the fiber of your communities, the fiber of your societies, the fiber of Nova Earth.

Yes, there were times when I had great difficulty to think and say thank you for the Romans, for the Pharisees. It was much easier to thank my Mother, my friends, my disciples, my circle of which you are an intimate part. But when you see the shadow it defines the Light. It is important that the spectrum be acknowledged.  Yes, you say, “but Lord I want to move into the Light.  I wish only to live in the Light.” Think of it in this way – think how many shades of white there are. Think of how many shades of magenta there are, think of how many shades of your beloved soul color there are. That is the richness. That is the texture. That is the gift of Love.

Think how many expressions there are of Love, that there are of gratitude and commit yourself, you sacred self, your human self to be in gratitude. Yes, to the externals. But more importantly, my beloveds to yourself, to the essence, to the spark to the truth of who you are. Be grateful for you, for each other as we are grateful to you. You are not just appreciated, you are adored, you are honored, you are ours as we are yours.

So, come and walk with me, I am waiting. Farewell.