The Mother is utilising the various phases of the Pause … to make sure that people are calm, that they are staying home, that they are evaluating, re-evaluating, and then re-evaluating again: “What is truth? What anchors the feeling of peace within your heart?”

A wonderfully inspiring gem lovingly shared by Jackie from her personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Archangel Michael ~ Peace Comes from Alignment with Truth

Greetings, I am Michael, Archangel of Peace, Warrior of Love, Bringer of News, brother and ally. Welcome, sweet angel of lurion.

Jackie: Oh, I am so excited, thank you so much, Archangel Michael.

AAM: Oh, you are welcome, for this is as much a gift to me as it is to you. And as you well know, I have been reaching out and hopefully reassuring you, for my presence is not a warning… well, it does entail vigilance, but it is not so much a warning as a reassurance.

Beloved one, yes, of course, there are many who love and surround you, but I come to reassure you. You are safe, you are protected, you are an anchor of peace, you are a bringer of love, you are an embodiment of love.

And yes, it is a time when so many are being called to speak the truth… to be the [voice of] the Mother and myself and Gabrielle and Yeshua and so many… to be the speakers of truth and to hold the light of peace. So I do not mean that in any way that is confrontational, but quiet, clear, substantial.

So no, beloved, I know of your hesitancy and I know, oh, shall I say, of your concern and even some whispers of fear not only about your safety but about the safety of your family, the safety of your nation, and even the safety of your planet and I will address that with you.

Now, even as we begin, let me be clear with you that there is so much that is going on behind the scenes – and I do not mean insular conspiracy theories in this or that camp, for truth does not choose sides. Truth is a standalone. It is the shining beacon of light. It does not belong to political parties, or secret organisations, or even religious churches that tend to be zealous or acquisitive in terms of simply the accumulation of wealth and power.

Truth is a shining light. Think of it as the beacon, as the spotlight that the Mother and I as her servant shine so that people, these humans, these angels in form, can remember who they truly are.

Now the difficulty – and I would be remiss if I did not speak to you about the difficulty – is what you and we will call “entrenchment”. It is a human ego issue of not only the desire to be right, to be correct, but to be heard, to be acknowledged, to be valued… and the unwillingness when one is shown the incorrect nature of a piece of information or a belief system, for they are all the same… there is an unwillingness to re-evaluate, to redirect.

Every… let me be clear about this… every advancement not only within the human realm, the universal realm, the omniverse realm – the huge leaps – usually, often, come when there is an understanding that perhaps the premise, the theory, the belief system has been incorrect or incomplete.

The biggest advances come when there is a willingness to redirect, to set aside. Not in the way of abandonment or isolation or anger or fear or humiliation, because that is a massive factor. They feel humiliated that they have travelled down the wrong road. It is ridiculous!

The advances in science, as you think of it, have come out of the willingness of scientists, of philosophers, of mothers and fathers and housewives and ditch-diggers to say, “I think I did this wrong. I think there’s a better approach. I think the premise for how I’ve been proceeding is incorrect.”

This is not the end of the world or the end of the universe. It is an expansion in the heart and the mind in the collective, and most certainly in the individual. And what that expansion, what that relief brings is relief to understand that it is possible to change.

Entrenchment only leads not merely to distraction and compression; it leads to the downfall of a belief, of civilisation, of a country, of a religion… and yes, beloved, even of a planet.

So is there a massive undertaking to assist in the correction in every venue? Because it is not that some are right and some are wrong, but there have been such massive not only distraction but attempts to re-anchor the old third dimension – and I will tell you quite clearly from the eyes and the heart of the Mother: that is not going to happen!

That is why She is re-opening the door to the 13th Octave, so the perspective, the wisdom, the knowledge can shift. And it has need to shift immediately, forcefully, yet peacefully. It needs to shift because the essence of love is what truly is the fibre, the composition, of the human collective. So that memory, that soul memory, that remedy to soul exhaustion is being brought forth.

Now, will there be upheaval? Will there be resistance to this awakening? Yes, there will be. And there may well be skirmishes of every sort. But let me reassure you, my beloved friend, you are safe, your family is safe.

You know, one of the ways in which the Mother is utilising the various phases of the Pause… well, She did not release the covid, but She is certainly using the situations that have been created by humans – as error, not as Plan – to make sure that people are calm, that they are staying home, that they are evaluating, re-evaluating, and then re-evaluating again: “What is truth? What anchors the feeling of peace within your heart?”

Now, does peace come from a feeling that you are right?

J: No, it comes from staying in my heart, in the middle. I realise I don’t have a clue as to all that’s going on. It’s about trusting the Company of Heaven, you all.

AAM: And that is the correct answer. It is not about entrenchment. Peace comes from the alignment, yes, with truth – but the ultimate Truth, not truth as in a belief system – and that truth and the only truth is love. So it will never come from conflict – healthy discussion by all means – conflict, never! Armed conflict, never! War, never!

So stand back and know, sweet angel of light and all angels of light: You are protected!

Now, when I say “stand back”, I do not mean “disengage”. Yes, you are detaching… let me be very clear… you are detaching from the drama, from this ‘viciousness’ because that is what it is. So you are detaching from that. You are repulsing that which is not of love, that which is not promoting unity and community and Nova Earth and Cities of Light.

You are the builders of tomorrow, in the Mother’s Infinite Currents of Time, and tomorrow is now!

But never doubt, beloved, we are with you, in front of the scenes and behind the scenes, each and every day. I am with you. Go with my love.

J: Thank you so much, Lord. I’m so grateful.

AAM: You are so welcome and you are so cherished, farewell.