There is a theme currently of stepping forward in action. First the Divine Mother’s repeated Clarion Call, then last week St. Germaine, now Lord Kuthumi. Kuthumi reminds us we are infinite and the future is now – are you ready? xxx

Greetings, I am Kuthumi. Welcome, beloveds, sweet angels and beings of light. Welcome to this community!

I do not just mean this gathering here this day. I mean this community of love, this community of the Mother, Father – the Infinite One, the Source of All, to which you are and always have been integral.  I welcome you. I welcome you as I have welcomed you to Zahara, as I have welcomed you to Egypt, as I have welcomed you to Tibet, to the great White Brotherhood, The Council of Love, and to this reunion of One.

I am Bringer of the Future, Anchor of the Past, and the Spirit of the Presence in all meanings of present and presence. I am Keeper of the Golden Flame. Yes, illumination, ascension, enlightenment and action. And that is why I come this day to echo, to repeat, and to personalize the Call to Action.

Sweet angels of Light, humans of Love – don’t forget that. Humans, whether you are starseed, earthkeeper, hybrid, there is no such thing as nationality. Yes, you have the convenient labeling, identifier as Gaian, as Nova Gaian, but you are infinite. Not that you are becoming. You already are infinite. This is one of the awakenings.

Yes, I am calling you to awakening – and let me speak to this because awakening is action, meditation is action, eating, drinking is action, prayer is action. But it is also time, sweet ones, in the current reality within the Mother’s Infinite Time which you occupy, to step forward in action. I have heard so many of you say, “But Lord, what actions should I take, how should I proceed, what should I do?”

Oh, I could make suggestions, but let me speak to your heart, your mind and your soul. I do not presume. And yes, you call me Master and Lord, but like Yeshua, like Jesus Sananda, like my brothers St. Germaine, El Morya, I wish to be called friend, I wish to be called ally, I wish to be called brother, and yes, sometimes sister. Do not separate yourself from me, from us. Allow us the sacred intimacy of love, the familial, to be a sibling by privilege, to be friend by honor.

So when I say to you that I do not presume to tell you how to proceed, which actions to take, that does not mean, my beloveds, that I am not available, ready, willing and able for full consultation. Of course, I am. That is my joy – my Golden Joy – and that is my sacred purpose.

But what I wish for you to know is what we already know – that your heart, your being, your consciousness, your subconsciousness, your unconsciousness… the veil is gone, stop pretending. You know what to do. So truly, often the question you say to me, “Kuthumi, Lord, I’m not sure I’m ready, I’m not sure which is the first step and which is the last.”

What I say to you is two things. First of all, it doesn’t matter. Do not believe that you or we are guiding you erroneously. And make this action walk, this jaunt, this adventure, this exploration exciting and filled with wonder and awe, inspiration and joy. Otherwise, what is the point?

You did not incarnate during this time of awakening and action, ascension in the fullest meaning of that word, to be martyred, to suffer. That is the paradigm you are literally smashing to smithereens. You have delicately and indelicately said ‘no’ for which we praise you, honor you. You have very little concept of how deeply you are cherished and adored.

I have walked your planet in and out of caves and deserts. I know the challenges.  But there has been no greater challenge than ascension in form at this time, of ascending to the 13th Octave, of not only anchoring but living in the 7th dimension and then manifesting into the 3rd. We do not wish, the Mother most certainly does not wish, to deny you the joy of physicality, of flowers and trees and grass and sands and oceans and streams.

But we also know that this [life] is simply an experience, an expression of love.  Not only an expression of the Mother’s creation, but also Mother Gaia’s creation that she offers you. The challenge is saying no to distraction, to detours, to actions that are self-limiting, self-defeating, that are not of love.  It’s a waste of your time in your understanding of time.

What I ask of you and what I offer, not only my sacred self but all of us, is our company, our assistance, our support. And yes, of course, our love. And in this, this day, I reawaken, I reinsert, I reignite my Golden Flame within you, within your heart, within your cells – they are mighty action takers – within every atom of your being.

In your understanding, beloveds, the future is not what lies ahead. The future is right now. Embrace it. Embrace it with the golden laughter, with the glee, with the excitement of a child and the wisdom of an elder, because you are all of it.

Let us go exploring, the Universe beckons!

I also wish to remind you, each of you are pillars, each of you are lighthouses, each of you are beams of light, be it gold or silver, magenta, emerald, blue.  Do not forget that!

Go with my love.


Channelled by Linda Dillon