As Nova Gaians, you are part and parcel, integral, not only to your Universe, not only to the Multiverse, but to the Mother’s infinite whole…

Welcome, welcome, welcome. We have a really full agenda today, and the Council has been talking to me for days and it’s been incredibly intense. So, I’m going to basically jump into things this morning. The energy is not only so intense, but it is changing and shifting at such a rapid pace, so don’t be surprised if you feel that you’re sort of in the spin cycle, because I think you really are… I think we really are.

This morning, as we get started, I have some insights from the Council that I want to share, but I wanted to begin with a channeling from Archangel Jophiel. Now, obviously, I feel Archangel Jophiel every day, as I’m sure you all do, when we post the archangels, but I hadn’t heard from him in this way in quite a while, and it was almost as if he was waiting for his time. And just like for a long time we heard snippets of Archangel Uriel, Bringer of the Future… one of the archangels of the Bringers of the Future… Archangel Jophiel, who we also know as Metatron, is an archangel that really works, like, with the big future and with the omniverse, not just this universe. And all the archangels do, but he’s an adventurer and an explorer, and I know I’ve often described him to you as looking like a pirate, he’s huge… I’m surprised there’s even room in here for anybody else to get in because he’s massive, and he’s got this wild black hair and these black flashing eyes and he’s this combination… his robes of amethyst and magenta.

And so, yesterday and I’m thinking I haven’t heard from you in a while, and he’s very insistent about talking today, and so I said to him how do you want us to think of you? And I went back to all the old channels… so, I wanted to share this with you because he comes by many names, it will be interesting to see how he announces himself today. He calls himself Bringer of the Grail, and that’s the fulfillment of the promise, isn’t it? He says, “I’m an explorer and an adventurer of infinite expansion and universes. I’m the archangel of temperance, of courage, of patience, of action.” And his biggest title… Archangel of Balance and Unity.

Now, we know… if you don’t know then it’s the first time you’re listening in… is that right at the very beginning when I was saying to the Council, “What are the keys to heaven? How do you get back home?” And the list that has never changed has been love, trust, forgiveness, unity, connectedness, and balance. So, to have this archangel coming forward at this time of ascension and completion, of the time of the big shift, and saying, “I’m the Keeper of Unity and Balance”… it’s a huge hint, don’t you think?

So, we’re going to begin by what Archangel Raphael, Archangel Uriel, and Archangel Jophiel have to say. Gabrielle’s saying, ‘I don’t want to be left out” And of course, we always know that Michael is always here. So, we have the full monte of the Sacred Ones.

The other thing that sometimes gets skewed is Archangel Jophiel came… he’s one of the few archangels that actually have incarnated fully in a lifetime… and he was Joseph, the father of Jesus and very often you will hear people say, well no, that was St. Germaine. I have no doubt that St. Germaine was very present, and in fact, he was one of the Magi, but Jophiel is the one that came in and I’ve really been feeling that father energy. In a couple of channelings this week he’s even come to talk to various people and saying, “I can be that father that you can lean into. I can be that father that has the wisdom to know”… like you’re going to go off and do wild and crazy things just like Yeshi did… “and I will be here to hold the balance, to hold the center for you.” It’s a huge gift and a real indicator of where we’re moving to, both individually and collectively.

So, give me a sec as I take a sip, collect my mighty crystal, and step aside… it’s a big energy…


Greetings, I AM Jophiel. Yes, Bringer of the Grail, Anchor and Keeper of Unity and Balance, explorer of the Omniverse. And part of what I do, beloveds, on behalf of you but particularly on behalf of the Mother/Father/One is I work with the balance between the universes; I work with the balance between your dimensions; I work with the balance between your fields, your bodies, your heart, your mind, your soul. And in that balance is the unity. And in that balance and unity is the fullness of reunion. For truly, what is this unfoldment all about? It is about the balancing. It is about the unity within and without, above and below, that you can be in the fullness of reunion… not a singular reunion, most certainly a reunion with your sacred self, but a reunion in the unity with your star family. Everything is in place. A reunion so that you truly come to understand, as Nova Gaians, that you are part and parcel, integral, not only to your universe, not only to the multiverse but to the Mother’s infinite whole.

We have given you many tools and examples that it is a puzzle, it is a tapestry, it is a mosaic. But you don’t simply take threads or pieces of mosaic and just throw them anywhere. No, there is a harmony, there is an infinite beauty… your beauty, your balance. And this is what you are not aiming for, this is where you are. And your greatest challenge is the acceptance, the anchoring, the surrender to who you are, both in the unique beauty of your sacred self, of your room, of your home, of your neighborhood, of your planet, because it is only in that acceptance and surrender that you step forth… we say claiming your ascension, claiming your sacred self.

Too often on this beautiful earth, Gaia, claiming has taken on a sense of self-entitlement, of pushing, and shoving, and abuse of control. Claiming is not that… it is knowing, knowing, living, embodying the perfect balance of who you are. One of the reasons that I… enjoy is too small a word… I am passionate about exploring the universes is that there is so much to see, yes, to help with, yes, to help balance and unify, but primarily, it is so darn beautiful. Everything! You are part of that infinite creation that is being unified and restored… this planet, like the Mother’s garden.

Can you imagine your planet without an ocean, or a stream, a blade of grass, a pebble, a kernel of sand, without clouds and sky? You are just as much a part of that… that beauty, that splendor, that diversity, that variety… it is you! And that is why I am bringing my attention back to you, so that this time of completion, not of being stuck in the womb, not of muttering about when or if, but to truly be in the time of completion as who you are.

So, I am coming, no, not to rearrange but most certainly to hold up the mosaic, the tapestry, so that you can see simply by looking, say, “Oh, there is my place”, and you can swim through the Mother’s infinite ocean of time, you can fly with your angel wings, your jet-pack, your fairy wings, it matters not. It is not just about finding your place and saying, “Oh, thank god I’m home!” And your home for the moment, all of you to whom I speak, is on planet, in form… let me be extraordinarily clear about that.

But it is not just about finding home, it is about being home in the most personal, private way, and in the biggest way that you can possibly imagine. And when you have integrated, anchored, when you have your home, then I will say to you, “Let’s go visiting. Let’s go traveling. Let’s discover this interdimensional world that you live in. Let us create, not a planet as it was for the Creator Race, but so far beyond… because that was the beginning point.” So, yes, you’ve already brought yourselves back to that.

Now I say to you, “Claim, surrender to the truth of who you are. Anchor your balance, and then let us create together, with the Mother, with Her tutelage. Let us look at what lies ahead in this intergalactic/galactic portal called Terra Gaia. The future awaits you, oh yes, but let me tell you my beloved friends, the future is now.

So, breathe magenta, breathe violet, breathe amethyst, breathe the Milky Way, breathe the Healers of Tralana, breathe your essential, not only essence but potential. And turn to me, for I am with you. Let us go together, yes, the Mighty Five are at your beck and call! And you are so loved, not in a generic, wholesome way, but personally, uniquely. Not only are you known… oh yes, you are known… but you are cherished, and honored, and admired. I would not be speaking to you this way if you were not ready for this fullness, for this recreation, and the new creation.


Linda: Well, now I want to share with you what the Council’s been talking to me about this past week. You know, sometimes I hesitate to share some of the info and insights that I get, on a very regular basis obviously, from the Council. But I had this experience this past week… it started on Thursday night, and as I mentioned as we got started, it’s still unfolding, and it’s just too juicy not to share… so, here goes…

I want to talk about what is SpiritLife Coaching because it speaks to some of our next steps that Jophiel is very emphatic about, and all the leaps that we’re taking. So, it’s very personal, and yet, it’s totally collective information. So, here goes…

I had one of those conversations, it started on Thursday night, it was one of my 3 a.m. wake-up calls, it was one of those ‘come to Jesus’ conversations, except it was with Mother Mary and it was about SpiritLife Coaching, a new offering that we have through the Council of Love. Now actually, this subject of SpiritLife Coaching and the need to more deeply explain it, to explain this modality, has been running around my head for weeks. And then it was paired personally earlier this week with a conversation around decisions and commitments that sort of triggered it or brought it more front and center for me. And as always, the seeds had been planted, oh, at least a year ago, by a conversation I had around this SpiritLife Coaching with Jeri, Jeri Burgdorf.

So, what is this modality that the Council is calling SpiritLife Coaching? It has three essential elements. It’s bridging the gap… this is different from life coaching, so that why I’m explaining it… it’s bridging the gap between spirit and life. The Council has had a real theme of late, right, emphasizing the level of complete distraction that’s been taking place in our life, individually and collectively. And what was interesting in this conversation with the Mother… I’m not even talking about the huge distractions like COVID, and school closing, political upheaval, and now hurricanes, I’m talking about, or better, the Mother is talking about little things as well, those picky daily issues that get in our way, usually related to fear, or worry, or maintenance, that what we do is we let it distract us from being front and center. But more importantly, SpiritLife Counseling/Coaching is not about allowing, but choosing… choosing to be coached and guided in sacred partnership with Spirit, with the Divine. And in fact, isn’t that the point, the decision point of genuinely, consciously aligning and becoming the big L love?

Now, when the Council talks to me about the big L love, and they have for years… they have to you too… it’s that energy, that beam of light that’s coming down from above, from the Source, from the 13th Octave, it’s coming down, particularly through our pineal and pituitary, down through all of our eyes, into our heart… boom… anchored, and then beaming out, beaming out into the rest of the planet. And that’s where our prayer has changed… we want to be the transmitters into the hearts and minds of people all over the planet. So, the meaning of the big L love has really shifted in the last couple of months.

Now, in this conversation that I’m having with the Mother, I’m saying, “Well, isn’t that what ascension is all about? Isn’t that what all the COL classes are all about? Isn’t that what you’ve always been encouraging me to do?” And I have to tell you too, at this point I’m not only beat up and tired… it’s 3:00 in the morning for god’s sake… I’m getting a little nervous because when the Mother has this very specific topic that She wants to talk to me about, I know, not is it really important but it’s going to mean more work and I really feel right now I have enough on my plate.

So, it’s a little nervous making because I’m thinking also, have I missed something? Because if there’s one area of my life… and I know your life… that we don’t want to screw up and that can provoke anxiety, certainly in yours truly, it’s letting the Mother down in any way. So, I’m lying there and the Mother’s standing by the bed and now I notice Yeshi and Archangel Gabrielle are standing there slightly behind Her… so I know that there’s not going to be any more sleep tonight. And Yeshi’s saying, “Think about what you just said, Linda… ‘Isn’t that what the COL classes are all about?’… Heck isn’t that what this Saturday Heart Call, since the beginning of the 1990s, has always been about when we talk about themes and gently, or more strongly, bring folks along into the COL classes, into what the current themes are?”

So, I’m looking at him and then the penny drops and I think, oh yeah… you see, the Council of Love SpiritLife Coaching is a huge element of the Council of Love’s Teacher Training that began this month, earlier this month, on July 7th, and it is so… we’re on fire and it is so darn exciting. I don’t talk about it a lot here on the Saturday calls… and the goal of that Teacher’s Training, that year-long course, is to prepare people, this incredible circle of 22 people… they’re going to be the teachers of the COL material. But they’re also going to be SpiritLife Coaches. So, that’s where my focus has been.

You know, our approach into that coaching, whether it’s here or there, is Socratic… it’s listen, observe, watch, dig, learn, integrate, practice, grow, repeat. Because the Council of Love classes have never been simply about the material… and there you go, take the book, have a good time. Because I’ve seen over the years, the effect is when people just take the material and think they’ve got it… uh-huh, okay, without the integration of the energy downloads, yah from Spirit, from above, the magic just doesn’t happen. People are informed but they’re not raised up, they’ve not gone through that transformation process.

So, there’s Yeshi and he’s nodding his head at me and he’s saying yes, and Mother Mary’s smiling, you know that serene smile that She has, and then there’s my go-to gal, Archangel Gabrielle, Gabby, saying, “Yes, well child!” Now the COL program, which is how we refer to the Teacher’s program, is about teaching these brave hearts how to act as SpiritLife Coaches. But the Ascended Self Master Class, which I kinda hadn’t really been paying attention in terms of SpiritLife Coaching, is about integrating far more clearly the element of the SpiritLife Coaching into each class, to allow people get the full benefit, the full monte from the classes, and I include these meetings with us here as well. And I also include everything we do on the Council of Love Community.

Now, this is an added element, it’s something we really haven’t carved out and really identified before… not because the classes aren’t full enough… god knows. But in this time of rebirth, in this time of our ascension, that translation factor of Spirit, of the Divine, and our divinity into our every day, walking around, and breathing normally routine has to take place… has to.

And so, I’m sitting there, lying there and the Mother says, I’m saying, “Trust me, Mother, you don’t say ‘has to’” It’s beyond the realm that She says ‘has to’ about anything. And so, even when I’m discussing this with Her, the strength of this term ‘has to’… She looks at me again with that omnipotent stare and She says to me in no uncertain terms, “My Council of Love Spirit Coaching isn’t about shoulds, dear heart, it’s about translating should to could. It’s about coaching people to the decision point of having no separation between their spiritual life and what they think of as their daily life because that’s a false grid and it’s an illusion of isolation and separation and that has to go.” She continued, “Yes dear heart”… and I know when She said that I have to pay attention… “the biggest factor that you”… and when She said ‘you’ I know She meant all of us, the entire lightworker community… “the biggest factor you’re dealing with right now is the fact of people accepting, not only that they can ascend but that they are ascending and ascended.” And so then I’m thinking to myself, oh yeah, the themes for 2020, Acceptance and Surrender.

Now, before I go on a little further I want to tell you a little side story because this issue of SpiritLife Coaching has been going on, as I mentioned about my conversation with Jeri, for a while. So, when this started we attempted to trademark SpiritLife Coaching because it’s different than Life Coaching… yes, and I did it because I was strongly guided to… and it wasn’t available. I thought then why the heck are you making me spend money and trying to get this trademark? So I’m saying, “Mom, you told me to do this.” And so, Jeri, good friend, and ally that she is dug a little deeper and what she found was that Spirit Life was an old trademark, but what was available was Council of Love SpiritLife Coaching. So, we went ahead and filed that with the U.S. Patent Office which, by the way, is way backed up because of COVID. So, just that little backdrop and back to my conversation with the Mother.

So, the Mother says to me, “Yes”… and the trio, Yeshi, and Gabby are still there, in fact, the room at that point is really full… the Mother says, “That’s because this is an offering of an approach, a modality, of My Council, My Council of Love.” And then Gabby chimes in, “Child, just to make sure we are very clear with you, when you had begun to teach your How To Channel class, that we were very emphatic that you were teaching people how to channel in the sacred manner of the Council of Love.”

“It wasn’t just about how to channel, it’s how to channel as a Council of Love channel! Same thing with SpiritLife Coaching… In SpiritLife Coaching you’re not only coaching someone to address a daily issue, or how to resolve something, you’re really presenting them how to jump … jump over the crap into the true solution. Yes, there will be, always, some who resist that. But those aren’t the people that we’re talking to.”

So, you know how I’ve talked to Gabrielle over the years. She’s as strong as the lily and when she takes out her horn, I know that there is a mega announcement… there’s simply no in-between with Archangel Gabrielle…that said, some people take it as harsh, I take it as welcome because there’s no side-bar just straight forward and this is what she’s saying. And she’s laughing, she’s laughing at me… and let me tell you… when Archangel Gabrielle laughs, it’s like the sound of heaven… it’s silver and gold and soft fairy bells that tingle and at the same time it’s those clear clarion bells of St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. It’s incredible.

So, here she is, yes, laughing at me, and at this point, I’m not sure whether it’s Gabby, or Yeshi, or the Mother because now they’re becoming a unified voice. And so, they’re saying to me, “We’re not suggesting, dear heart, that you in any way strong-arm people”… which is always my fear letting Gabby in… “your gentleness”… and this is true for all of us, that’s why I am sharing it with you… “your gentleness is your greatest strength, besides which you have been doing this on a subtle level for years… in private sessions, in the more casual Heart Calls, which we’re doing right now, in the LaHoChi healing, in the COL classes, and especially in the Ascended Self Master Class. It’s simply time to bring this forward, not because you need more work to do, but that it’s time for humanity to be more clearly informed about the nature of their next step and this is part of it.”

How do we, as ascended beings, walk, talk, live our regular daily lives? “What we are saying to you,” She continued, “what we are saying to you is we bring you”… so it’s not us going out and searching for new clients and students… “we bring you those that are anxious, thirsty, yearning to take the next step in their journey… not spiritual, not mental, not emotional but unified – solid and fluid, human and divine, practical and esoteric – they are ready.”

Well, now I’m getting really excited, right? And She continues further, “And when you bring forth this integrated approach of our teaching, our coaching, our patience, our determination, our compassion, our fortitude, our valor, of infinite awareness and understanding of every element, of every person including the students, the teachers, the COL, all will learn, and expand, and anchor what is necessary, not only for the anchoring of Nova Earth and Nova Gaian but they will do it in joy, in a spaciousness not previously consciously but always subtly known.”

So, then She says, “What are you waiting for?” at which point, knowing there would be no more sleep, I got up and started making notes because this conversation, the insights that they are giving us are too precious to simply go away as I go back to sleep. But as I sat here, you know 4 a.m. typing away, I had one more question… and isn’t it true there’s always one more question? But my question to the Mother is, “Mom, how is this different from what I or we are doing? Isn’t this subtle coaching always been part of our offerings?” She smiled at me… She’s right here, She’s right here, right now… She said, “Yes, but think of it in this way… on Earth you have this expression, this saying that ‘you can take a horse to water but you can’t make them drink’ but dear heart, that is not true. You are not only leading a very, very tired herd and thirsty horse to water; you are showing them how to drink to soothe their aching legs and hooves. You’re showing them that it’s safe to drink. And when there is hesitancy, and there will be with a few, you cup the water in your hands, and you bring it up to their mouth. You show them how, with soothing actions, and words of truth, and the energy of love, that they can proceed and quench that thirst.” Got it. Got it.

So, what is SpiritLife Coaching? It’s moving us from all the should… and I know there are still a lot of us that have some of those shoulds, maybe tucked back in here… and translating them to coulds. It’s about us again being the fulfillment of the Mother’s Dream and our dreams woven into that in perfect, perfect symmetry. It’s about us bring everyday words and conversations, the awareness of our spirit into the practicality of our lives… no separation… to make us fully present, in form, on planet. This has been a theme… no more hiding. It’s consciously and publicly talking about what we’re really doing with the Council of Love, as ambassadors, of skipping steps that previously were really useful. But we jumped it because we’re jumping into a higher dimensional realm, and the rules are different. At the most basic, it’s really living in the big L.

So, of course, there’s always an after-note… another little bit I want to share. So, after I made all these notes that I wanted to share with you, it’s hitting 7:30 and I really need to get ready for the day. So, I jump in the shower… now, you guys know being in the shower is a great place to get messages… usually, my company in the shower is St. Germaine and I know he’s there because the water turns violet and I think oh, thank god, I’m getting a fix.

But on Friday morning the shower was full and there’s Sanat Kumara and Einstein talking about… I mean, it’s very cool… but they’re talking to me in the shower about how all this relates to Stillpoint and implosion and explosion. Sanat Kumara reminding me that there’s always more and that we are on a never-ending journey of expansion and as we add on, add on, add on to our creations, to our classes, to our conversations with the neighbors, in the sense that adding on the material to the downloads, to the heart-listening, to the heart-speaking that takes place in the forums, in the COL Community, in your neighborhood and small focus groups, wherever you are, that as we add on the conscious conversations of the Council of Love SpiritLife Coaching, that we’re adding fuel to the ignition button so that we not only make that quantum leap to ascension but that we anchor it in our conscious everyday lives.

So, SK, Raj, and Einstein are reminding us, in a really peculiar way, that we are on a peculiar journey, we’re on a trajectory whereby we shift dimensional reality staying exactly where we are. Hard to get your head around. You can’t help but love it. And one of my reasons for wanted to share this with you, with all of you this morning, not only to plug the Ascended Self Master Class, yes please do, which of course, I hope you join me in, but really to share the bigger picture, to share my awe, amazement, my inspiration.

It’s beyond amazing, you know I’ve sat and I’ve thought about it for a couple of days now… to have the Mother show up in your bedroom at 3 a.m. is beyond anything that anybody could expect or… but then the notion that She comes and She tells us that what we need to do is already what we know, and we are doing. Now, that’s worth sharing with you because so often we’re thinking… Is there more work? What did I miss? My anxiety goes up and I’m sure yours does too. So, we have what we need, we’re just taking it to the next step, and yes, becoming more public… and I know, I posted something yesterday on Facebook and got so much negative and so much positive reinforcement. So, we’re taking chances, we’re taking risks, but at the same time, we’re in that acceptance and surrender and jumping into action.

So, thanks for listening and letting me share my adventure of the week.