There is nothing about me, in or out of form, that you do not have, that we do not share… like the DNA of a family… which, of course, is exactly what we are.

Linda Dillon: There is so much going on right now and one of the things that the Council has been doing and really emphasizing in the last weeks is bringing us back to center, bringing us back to the focus of why we’re here in the first place… and that’s ascension. That’s creating and anchoring and being part of Nova Earth as Nova Gaians. And it’s easy, it’s really easy to get lost in the morass of what’s going on, and what the Council consistently calls distractions, and what I would call drama… because, my god, there’s a lot of drama in the air.

And so, it’s really important to just be the observer, to look at that… you know, remember in the good old days… like a couple of months ago when we could go to the movies?… so, just pretend you’re watching a movie and you don’t have to jump onto the screen.

So, what we’re going to do this morning, and what the Mother wants us to do, is we’re going to review… and do… bringing things to Stillpoint. Now, over the years, and most of you, many of you certainly have taken the various Creation Courses that the Council has done, and certainly worked over the years with Sanat Kumara. But, in those courses, and over the years what I have found is that Stillpoint is often the hardest thing for people to really understand, comprehend, and really engage in because it’s not engagement. Stillpoint is not going into the void. Stillpoint is not accessing your unconscious. Stillpoint is going to the place of all and of nothing. And the reminder that I was given this morning when I was talking to the Mother about this is when we go into the 13th Octave and we go into, we drill into the heart of the Mother/Father/One, into that place of unity where we really are on the out-breath… like ahhhhh, I’m home… there’s that moment in and outside of time when we really are at the Stillpoint.

So, we’re going to walk through that again this morning because increasingly, and as part of our ascension process, definitely as part of the New You, as part of us being Nova Gaians, we really need to be able to access that in an instant.

So, how we’re going to start… this is the exercise the Mother is giving us… how we’re going to start is to go, and I want you to start just as your eyes open, wide awake… think about in the pause, and all of us to a greater or lesser extent have been in the Mother’s pause, I want you to think about what it was you decided for you was the most precious, most valuable thing that you wanted to have in your life.

Now, for some of us, it’s a continuity, or perhaps even an expansion of something we have. For some of us, it’s something we don’t have and that we’ve been wanting, and maybe we’ve lost track of. But whatever it is, whatever came up for you during those meditations, during that walking around time, staring at the wall time in the pause, whatever that was we’re going to bring that up.

So now, close your eyes… we’re going to begin with a little prayer…

Dear Mother/Father/One, essence of One and essence of All,

We are your children, your servants, your co-creators. We are Nova Gaians and we claim and commit our essence, our being, our lives, our mission and purpose, our hearts desires to the fulfillment of our plan within the grander Divine Plan.

We pray, we implore, we beseech, and we step forward as angels on Earth to bring forth the peace, to bring forth the joy, to embody the love, and to share that love.

So, we invoke Sanat Kumara and the Universal Laws of Love. If there is anything in our being that needs to be transformed, transmuted, eliminated in order for us to claim our divine authority and the truth of our divinity, we ask that this be done now.

In the name of the ascended masters, of Yeshua, we ask for the assistance to be the fullness of who we really are, and to create and co-create as one circle, one heart, one collective, that which is for our highest good and the highest good of every single person, regardless of heritage, belief, pathway, to bring all of us into the unity of love.

In this, we join our hearts and pray. Amen.

Now, go to the base of your heart, go to your beautiful tri-flame… let’s keep it on low this morning… your beautiful sparkling Pink Diamond self, the Blue Diamond of the Mother, and the Gold Diamond of the Father, and at the base of your heart, in your solar plexus, in your tummy, in your guts… what is your heart’s desire that you have felt and embraced and prayed for during the Mother’s Pause? Feel it.

Now, into your hands… whether they are cupped or not, just visualize them being cupped… and into your hands place the orb, the blue and green and golden grid orb of Gaia. And feel it… with the billions of beings, the fairies, the devas, the plants, the whales, the snails, and the humans. And I want you to gift and share, with that orb, with that entire planet, Gianna and company, I want you to share what your dream is and give it to them as well. Transmit it from your heart, from your third eye, right into that beautiful orb of Gaia. Go ahead and do it now and feel that point of connection… like a V… into the heart of Gaia, into the heart of each and every person on the planet.

So, if your dream is more time with your family, that is what you are giving. If your dream is more awareness of the truth of who you really are, that is what you are giving. If your dream is the sheer dream of peace, send it along.

So, with the orb, and with your sacred self, I want you to feel your shoulders relaxing… it’s been a heck of a week. Feel your jaw relaxing. Feel as if your sinking into the chair or the sofa, or wherever you’re sitting, that you just became two thousand pounds and you couldn’t move if you wanted to… and you don’t want to because you are exactly where you want and need to be. You’re in the richness of your dream, and the Mother’s Dream, and this is an essential part of who you really are.

Go deeper, and as you do feel your breath slowing as you simply relax, and go slower, and slower… and with that dream firmly planted in your heart, I want you to come with us to the place of Stillpoint. No movement. No action. It’s the place where the seed gets germinated, where the fertilization takes place. You don’t need to do anything… simply be. Go into the dream now.

Now, take an ever so gentle breath in… slow, slow, slow… and what we’re going to do is drop the dream, your creation, and the creation you are gifting everyone on the planet, and we’re going to drop it out of your heart as if it’s just dripping out of your Valentine heart, into your solar plexus, and then when we count together to three, with the biggest whoosh breath you can possibly manage, we’re going to push this out…that is Gabrielle’s Whoosh… we are pushing it out, letting it implode and explode upon the planet as our gift. Drop it. Breathe in hugely, hold 1 – 2 – 3, whoosh! And back up to your heart and give thanks. And you allow that energy to travel out and do what it needs to do.


Greetings, I AM Yeshua. And yes, there are many that wish to step forward and embrace you, that wish to walk with you… and do… but I step forward this day also as Nova Gaian. I was Nova Gaian long before there was ever such a term.

And I come this day, not just as ally or friend, but as brother, as soulmate, as dear heart. And, like you sweet ones, as one who serves and loves our Mother, our Father, and All. There is nothing about me, in or out of form, that you do not have, that we do not share… like the DNA of a family… which, of course, is exactly what we are.

I wish to make sure you understand, not merely the power, the capacity, the responsibility of being creator, but how this works. Because I share with you, it was one of the most fun things I ever did upon the planet, in and out of form. Because, of course, I continue to create, and I create every single day with most of you… we all do. No, we do not override… that is against the Mother’s home rules. But there is never, in your life, or in any of your lives, any need to wait.

The creation formula, the laws, the how-tos have been given to you and you use them now and then, in and out. But dearest heart, what you are also doing is creating unconsciously, subconsciously, inadvertently. So, I am asking, I am begging, I am pleading, that if ever there was a time upon this planet to bring the entirety of your focus to what you choose to create and what you choose to experience, it is now.

Many of you have thought ‘well, I will ascend, and then I will create.’ No. You create because that is part and parcel, not only of your essence but of your ascension. It is you stepping forward in your divine inspiration and saying, “I will.” And it is not merely ‘I will to will Thy Will’, it is ‘I will to will my will’, not in petulant arrogance… we can leave that outside. It is claiming what you came here for, why I walked the earth, and why you walk the earth… it is to know love.

People say, “What is the meaning of life? What is the meaning of the universe?” And I have said, and I will say again, it is love. It is not just Divine love because I tell you… all love is Divine. And so, you have this richness of experience and ways to express… yes, and for some of you, it is Cherry Pie! And for some of you, it is creating Cities of Light. And for some of you, it is creating places of healing. And for some of you, it is walking the halls of power. Each being has chosen an element, a thread, so that the tapestry weaving will be exquisite.

You are the ones that have come during this time of the Mother’s rebirth. And yes, some of you are still in womb, in utero; some of you actually breach. But let me suggest to you… no, let me tell you… none of you are stillborn and none of you are slated to leave until such time as you have fulfilled, not only your dream but your promise. And it is not merely your promise to Mother, to Father, to all of us, it is to your sacred self.

So yes, I come to you as brother, as family. Our purpose is united in heart, in dream, in form. And you are the courageous ones that walk the planet. The courage, the real valor is not to go into the mayhem, not to engage in the drama, but to have the patience, the prudence, the fortitude, the wisdom to truly be the unfolders of the dream… the midwives of the Mother, and the midwives of your sacred self, and each other.

The true work is the creation and if it is not of love, if it is of the slightest sniff of drama, not only stand back, turn around and run away.

Yes, there are many stories, and I have shared many of them with you, of when I have engaged in conversation with the Romans, with the soldiers, with the Emperors, with the Pharisees, with the Rabbis, with my family, and often that has been given an aura of drama. But also remember, I walked out into the desert, and I fasted, and I prayed, and I dreamed, and I created. And what I created was love… love with my family, with my Magdalena, with my children. Love of my apostles, of my disciples, of my friends. I did not call them followers… we were united in heart, as are you.

You have been given so many tools over the years, but you came with the one essential tool… and that is your heart, your consciousness, your knowing, your love. You know full well what is of tenderness, of sweetness, of vigilance, and of balance. Bring yourself back to the balance. Bring yourself back to Stillpoint and create anew my brothers and sisters.

I am with you every step of the way. I am walking with you, I am sitting with you, I am laughing with you, and I am creating with you. So, if you need a little hand, turn to me because I love you. I love you. Farewell.