The perfect answer 100% of the time is “love will win” because it is the truth! However, you can also phrase it in terms of upheaval, uncertainty, the need for hope, the need for clarity, the belief you hold that ‘we are not alone’.

Another beautifully inspiring gem lovingly shared by Mary from her personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Universal Mother ~ How to Talk to People Who Aren’t Ready for the Big Metaphysical Conversation

Greetings, I am Mary, Universal Mother, Mother of Love, Mother of One, and Mother, sweet angel, of you. Welcome to this Council and to this Circle of Love. Welcome to the place of comfort and nurturing and restoration, for I AM your Mother. …

My planet, this beautiful Archangel Gaia, is in the process of rebirth and becoming. She has ascended ages ago and is anchored firmly in the 7th dimension, but there is still cleansing going on – and, as you well know, the biggest cleansing of all is with the human race, is with this collective of beings upon the planet at this time of shift, at this time of rebirth, and in the time of my Pause.

This uncertainty that many are dealing with creates this sense of irritation. It is a bit of a bouncing ball because, on the one hand, what we are seeing is the examination and the resurgence of what people – these wonderful angels in form – hold as near and dear to their hearts.

They are beginning to remember their dreams, their hopes, and this is a necessary step because you cannot – in this, what often feels like chaos, in this time of revelation – you cannot proceed, the collective cannot proceed, unless they have come to this reignition of their hopes and dreams and their piece of the promise.

Now those who are upon the planet at this time – of course, yourself included, but, as you well know, you are pillar and gatekeeper so you are at both ends of the spectrum – but during this time, although there is a resurgence of the hope, there is also the uncertainty.

I will not use the word ‘fear’ because that has been cleared out quite nicely, actually. But there is this uncertainty within the hearts and minds of many people about “What’s next?” and “How do I go about actually bringing my dreams to fruition?”

And there has been – and there has been for a long time, without people thinking about it – there has been this sense of restriction: “I may want that, but I have to do this,” and so there is this feeling of irritation. And so that is also what you are picking up.

Now you, your own sweet self, are also irritated because, from your perspective, things aren’t moving half nearly quickly or well enough! But if I push these sweet angels too fast, they will feel that these are not choices and decision-points that they, in their Divine Authority, are actually taking. It cannot be laid upon them.

And I know exactly what you feel like, dear heart, because I would like it to have been about a thousand years ago! …

Mary: Being with my friends and family, I can’t say too much [laughing] because they just don’t understand… other than “love is going to win.” Do you have any suggestions as to what else I could say that wouldn’t frighten them off?

UMM: Yes, it is very funny, is it not! On the one hand, they want the reassurance, they are curious, they want to know… but they don’t want to know! [Laughing]

And that is where your memory, and your discernment which is very acute, [come in]. You discern what they’re ready to hear, then tell them what they’re ready to hear, and then edge just a little furthernot too far… but frame it in language that they understand.

Now, the perfect answer 100% of the time is “love will win” because it is the truth! However, you can also phrase it in terms of upheaval, uncertainty, the need for hope, the need for clarity, the belief you hold that ‘we are not alone’. You do not need to expand it further than that – that there is an essence which most understand is Divine and that we are not some distant deity; that we are not some punishing force; that we are the kind and loving family that is working with humanity to help them get where they want to go.

You can talk about what you know – and will increasingly remember now that we have talked about it – about how governance, for lack of a better word, needs to be fair. Bring it as basic as that. It is not about this party or that party, who is right, who is wrong, who lied, who told the truth – none of that.

It is just what is fair, what is helpful, what is kind, what helps people in the trenches to rise up, to be able to… not live in grandiosity, nor irresponsibility, for that matter… but to be able to take care of themselves and their families.

Do not talk about the elites or any sector like that, but talk about the need for sectors of society, of humanity, to not be either so far ahead or so far behind that we cannot reach each other. So keep bringing it back to this tree of love, of generosity, of hope and fairness.

Then edge into it, saying, “You know, I believe in a loving God and I talk to Her/Him all the time… and you know, sometimes I feel like they answer.” That is edging [in], but not where they cannot believe.

And then the next time they will say, “Well, you know when you said that sometimes you talk to God and He answers, like what kinds of things do you feel?” And that starts a conversation without force. Because, if it is forced, there will be reaction and rebellion because it is the individual and their recognition of their authority that we are nurturing.

Mary: So many people in my life are wrapped up in politics [chuckling], which makes it difficult. But I do hear what you are saying and that a more general way of approaching what I know, and what I’ve discerned is best for all, is what I need to be talking about.

UMM: Yes, because the divisiveness, particularly in your country at this time, is destructive – and not destructive in terms of creative destruction, but simply destructive in terms of creating friction – and that is not going to get anybody anywhere.

You know, you are very, very astute, sweet one. You are blue, you are a communicator, and you are very astute at discerning, sussing out where somebody is, whether it is a political, financial, healthcare or pandemic conversation. You know where people are and, therefore, what you are doing is not talking to them from where you are but from where they are.

And so you are bringing their attention to: “You know, one of the things I’ve thought about is this… Have you thought of it that way, because I like to think about it that way?” Then they think that in fact it’s their idea, not yours.

Mary: I’ve wondered about Donald Trump. I know that he is a mirror. I’m sending love but I have to say I don’t like his behaviour! But anyway, I know he is a mirror to us and I’ve thought about saying that when it gets brought up… because it gets brought up a lot!

UMM: It is an ongoing and, might we say, over-stimulated conversation that has created divisiveness. And yes, you are absolutely correct. And yes, from the place of compassion, you realise he is very much in his ego, but he is the mirror – he is the mirror of dismissiveness and what needs to change. And so, in that way, although it is a difficult role, he is playing a role.

So it is a learning tool about how not to proceed and what has to be shifted because it cannot be. This is intended [to be] … it will be a Planet of Love, an interdimensional reality. So, in that, there will not be room for this type of egoic behaviour. It is very simple when kindness simply becomes the operating principle, and it is something that humans are remembering.

And during this time of this plague, what you are seeing is that people are remembering kindness. No, not everyone as yet – and I will continue my Pause, in and out, until they do! But they are remembering that they wish to be treated with kindness and consideration, as well as being kind. Too often in the collective, when someone was thinking of kindness, they say, “Oh, I don’t want to be taken advantage of; I don’t want to be a sucker,” and that is absurd, beyond [absurd].

So what you are doing, sweet one, in all of these conversations – actual and very subtle because that is why you are the beacon – is that you are radiating the qualities that in fact will anchor Nova Earth. And that is the return to the family as well, not in what you think of as simply traditional structures but the interconnectedness, the reliability, your go-to supports. And from that paradigm, it spreads out.

So the true virus is kindness and love!

Mary: I like that!

UMM: It is a contagion of the greatest magnitude!

And this is the other thing. When you are having these conversations – and this is true of all your interactions – the desperation… because that has become a collective trait… the desperation to control. You cannot control another’s [choices].

You can point the way, as you so often do, but to try to control or manipulate another’s choices – even when you do not agree with them, even when you know, particularly with your memory, that it leads to disaster – you are holding the middle ground.

Because what human beings are doing is letting go of that false ideation, that false paradigm of control, and truly adopting the cooperation rather than the control model – and learning to trust it, which is a monumental shift.

No, sweet angel, this does not take another thousand years. I am determined – this is the year of change!