I have chosen that my children and this planet will be brought back to the love – the only reality that stands alone.

At the Mother’s behest, this new Clarion Call is lovingly shared by Elle from her personal reading with Linda Dillon.

The Mother’s Clarion Call to the Dream of Love

Greetings, I am Mary, Universal Mother, Mother of Hope, Mother of Change, Mother of One. Welcome, sweet daughter, angel of my heart, daughter of my soul, yes, incarnate as woman, as human, as intergalactic, as earthkeeper, as kingdom-keeper. Welcome, sweet one! Welcome to this Council and to this Circle of Love.

You know I have spoken to you and to many about many things, many topics, many areas, many arenas past-present-future-infinite, but what do I really talk about? What do I really wish to convey in this golden opportunity to speak to you, and yes, to speak to all of you?

There is only one topic – all the threads, all the topics, all the weavings – there is only one tapestry and it is the tapestry, it is the grid, of existence and it is the grid of love because, yes, all roads, all thoughts, all actions, all interactions, all lead back to love.

Even when there are severe, shall we say, scenic detours, recalcitrance, disinterest, what is the core issue there? Well, the core issue is always that love isn’t present, or that love is yearned for and it is not felt, that the lack of self-worth, the feelings of isolation and separation, do not reflect the love within, above, below, and everywhere else.

And yes, I know, it is true: my Council speaks only of love, love, love, love – and I hear this constantly from my beloved channel. But there is only one topic all of existence.

Sweet daughter of my heart, for a moment, consider with me not only my Infinite Ocean of Time but my Infinite Ocean of Creation, my Omniverse that continues to grow. Yes, your scientists are often shocked, amazed, filled with wonder and they say, “The Universe is expanding.” Well, of course, it is because it doesn’t stop!

But all of these creations, the Divine Creations from the Father and I, are of love. And our trust, our faith, my knowing, which is not of just hope – it is my divine knowing that allows for the implementation, the divine gift, of free will. It is because I know in my infinite being that the journey, whether it is on CeeCeeCee, Xeres, Electra, or Earth, the journey is always the journey back to love, the journey forward to love.

As humans – a delightful creation these humanoids, not merely of Earth, as you well know – but as humans in this construct that you are operating in… and yes, the third dimension is delightful and you should be riding your horses in the third dimension and running with your dogs and patting your cats… but in the third dimension, you think – and it is so – that you must breathe, that that is an essential ingredient of continuing life existence. And yes, then there is a secondary need for water and a tertiary need for food.

But in front of all that, there is the need, the drive – which is as powerful as any sexual drive, any kind of drive you experience – is the drive to love.

And yes, some of the saddest statements I ever receive from my children is that “I do not know what love is; I have never been in love; I have never loved.” Because what makes that statement so very sad is it is a complete denial of one’s sacred self – that in the spaciousness of free will, in the spaciousness of choice, of self-determination, that one would choose to go down that path.

That illusion that somehow some are withheld from love, that some are punished and don’t get to experience love, that is an anathema and that is a human creation of the old third, which is a belief construct, not a physical time-space continuum.

Now, why do I speak of this, this day? Because there is much discussion, beloved, about the Pause and about my use of the Pause.

I have declared, I have informed, I have shared, I have given wide broadcast and preview that this is the time, the year, and the decade of rebirth, of reconstitution, of reconstruction, yes, of the human psyche, the human heart, of societies. I’m not just targeting one small, minute area.

I have chosen that my children and this planet will be brought back to the love – the only reality that stands alone.

And so, in the Pause, you have been given, yes, the golden opportunity, in the consciousness of your heart, to decide if you choose love.

And yes, there are many that have said, “Well, I choose love, and I choose it so quickly and so deeply, I’m coming home right now.” And they have been heartily welcomed and they continue to work with this unfoldment of Nova Earth and Nova Gaians. Very few of them have taken time for respite. They have been diligent in their work to fulfil this element of my Plan.

And then the Pause has begun to lessen and people have begun to return to what they think is new normal – and I use that word “think” – and yet, they have not judiciously and consistently chosen to begin truly the implementation of what their heart desires. And in that case, they will be brought back, either globally or sectionally, or even individually.

They will be brought back into the Pause because obviously, they have not had time to truly make the translation, and the translation not just into action but into life, into relationships, into daily activities, into words, and communication, and expression at the wonder. So that is the second.

Now the third comes for the global reset. And this is not something for which I am going to suggest, “Oh, don’t worry about it, we will do it later.” So often, and I hear you all, and I hear you, my sweet daughter of love, saying, “Mother, I am so disheartened. Please, please, please make it soon.” And I am! This is an answered prayer.

And think of it. We have waited, I have waited, infinite eons. It is not that I have been on a search & rescue or a search & destroy mission. Quite the contrary. I have such enormous love and knowing – faith, yes – but knowing of what each and every one of you is capable of and what your heart truly desires.

Uriel has brought forth his Silver Flame of Illumination and many forget that. They forget to write with the Violet Flame “LOVE” on their food, in the air, and in the water they drink.

So this is a time out for my children to reassess not how I/we require you to proceed but how do you best fulfil your dreams, which is the Dream of Love – the Dream of Love – because that is all there is. …

You think that you don’t do much and yet, you are holding in your sacred heart, in your sacred hands, you are holding the tapestry of love. You have been protective of the threads of love, the threads of truth, of insight, of mercy.

You are doing this, yes, in a way that is unobtrusive. We don’t want you, and you don’t want, to be standing on the podium in the middle of Times Square. That is not your way and frankly, beloved, it is not the way of love. Love does not seek grandiose acknowledgment. Love does not seek the limelight. Yes, the spotlight is and will be on love, but the limelight is of ego and there is no place for this.

How do you form loving communities? How do you live in the Cities of Light and the Planet of Love if each piece, each warp and weft, is not honoured for the unique gifts, let alone contributions, the brilliance that each being brings?

And of course, what that requires is the acknowledgment, the self-awakening, the rebirth to remembering: “Oh, my goodness, I AM Love – and I am here to love, to express, to experience, to share and to build the love because that is all there is.”

There are so many expressions throughout my Omniverse, but my attention in this infinite moment is focused on this rebirth of my children on Gaia.

So I am with you, bright one. I am with you. And never feel that you are doing anything less than helping me. Note that I do not say “serving”. I say helping with a kind and loving heart, and that is all any mother could ever hope or dream of.

Go with my love, all of my love.

Elle: Mother, if I may, this sounds like a 2nd Clarion Call and I’m wondering if you have a title for it? It’s so beautiful.

Divine Mother: “The Clarion Call to the Dream of Love”

E: Beautiful! Thank you so much for coming, Mother. Thank you for your encouragement, your love.

DM: Always – always and forever! Quite literally forever! Farewell.