It is the paradigm that is being reignited.

This beautiful gem is lovingly shared by Caroline from her personal reading with Linda Dillon.

The Magdalena ~ The Sacred Nature & True Meaning of Family

The Magdalena: Greetings, I am Mary, I AM the Magdalena and, yes, welcome!

Welcome, sweet little sister, friend. Welcome to this Council and to this time of reunion, to this time of becoming, of rebirth, of reconstitution both of your sacred self and, of course, the collective of the planet, for this is a shift that has been underway for a very long time, and it is a shift that we have awaited and prepared and worked for.

No, beloved, it is not about a return to ancient history, for that has already taken place and there is no need for a re-run. But it is a return to original Plan, to the anchoring of the Creator Race, for a rebirth and a re-anchoring of the truth of what it is to be human, in form, on planet at this time and at all times – for the Plan of the Mother, the Father, the One comes into fruition never, ever, as a lightning bolt but as the awakening to a new day, and to a remembering not only of what is possible but of what all angels in form were truly intended to experience.

So it is a time, yes, of looking forward with wisdom and the knowledge and the perspective of what lies behind, and what lies ahead, for that matter. And the purpose of this is not ever to take you out of current form… current, what you think of as timelines… for everything that takes place in this timeline is intrinsic, a puzzle piece, a part of what has been and what lies ahead.

So never do we encourage thee to simply put your beautiful life or your beautiful self on hold, or out of the current reality, and this is particularly true during this time of such global upheaval. But all is in order and is unfolding. And no, the Mother does not create violence or pandemics, but She most certainly is directing the energy that is being brought to the forefront during this time.

We are ALL participating, as are you, dearest friend. …

Caroline: Why is there such an attachment to my immediate family, outside of the obvious or innate attachment that we all have to family members? What is their role? How can I best prepare for my parents aging and dealing with the sadness that arises in witnessing this?

The Magdalena: It is not merely your family but let us start. First of all, sweet angel of blue, aura of magenta, what you call “attachment” to your family is – and we will talk in detail about this because it is important – but what you think of as attachment… shall we say irregular or out-of-the-ordinary attachment… that is not so. Your attachment to this family, to this particular set of individuals who come together in the sacred union of family, is exactly what it is supposed to be. So let us talk a little bit about this.

The family that chooses you and the family that you choose – and I do not simply mean… but, yes, very important… the parents that you choose and who choose you, in concert with the guides and guardians, so it is very much a group decision, you know – is intended to be close, caring, loving, trusting, hopeful, ancient, brand new.

You see, what is occurring and what you are experiencing is, in fact, what the paradigm of family is supposed to be. It is the paradigm that is being reignited. Yes, there have been many, in your language, ‘dysfunctional’ families and that is tragic. But what is more tragic, even sadder, in every sense of that word, is how many families have simply become invisible, or disposable, or disregarded.

From our side, this sacred joining of souls in this grouping called “family” is a gift, and it is a gift intended to maintain you, to support you. So what is curious in so many ways is how, particularly in western civilisation, people have become dismissive or… not disrespectful… but unaware of the magnitude of what this really means.

When we say to you that Nova Earth, the new paradigm, comes up from the grassroots, yes, it comes up from community, which is exactly what you and I and Yeshua worked on together so long ago, our inner circle, but we were supported by family and those bonds were unbreakable.

It was what cemented, it was the mortar, that gave us the support and the courage to go forth and actually to fulfil what we had promised not only the Mother/Father/One but ourselves, what we had promised to do. So think of your attachment, as you put it, to your family as indicative, as modelled, on what is supposed to be.

Now, when you use this word “attachment”, it is important – yes, according to Universal Law and the Laws of Balance – that you are attached and detached. The glue, the mortar, is intended to be elastic so that it does not restrict, so that it in fact stretches, not breaking, but stretches and allows each person in that constellation to go forth and be able to accomplish, experience, and express what they want to experience, express, learn, re-learn. So it is important that it is not restrictive.

Now, in some ways, do you sometimes make your decisions… and certainly have made decisions… in accordance with what you think your family will like or approve of? Yes, you most certainly have. That is only, shall we say, ‘incorrect’ when you are choosing to follow someone else’s guidance over and above the dictates of your own sweet heart.

So yes, it is a balancing act, but the agreement, the soul agreement, not only between you and your parents – and your extended family, nieces, nephews, we will get to that; think of it as a tribe – there has been an agreement that you will help each other, even if it means diverting. You have expressions upon your planet about someone being a ‘black sheep’, about taking a different path, and that is where family supports, not excludes.

Now, when Yeshi has said to thee that you have taken a scenic path, or even a scenic detour, beloved, it is not meant as judgmental and most certainly never as criticism. So we are not saying to thee that the scenic path you took was necessarily the easy path. Has it had its various attributes, yes, of support and of challenge? And you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Scenic detours are when you’ve gone off on a tangent, a tangent that has been often fed by curiosity, sometimes petulance, sometimes a desire to explore, sometimes simply rebellion, ego… there are any number of reasons… but you have known full-well when you have gone, shall we say, off-track. These are not, and in your life have not been, monumental. And scenic detours, very often the humans think of these as mistakes, and there is no such thing.

What scenic detours do when they are processed, incorporated, integrated correctly, shall we say, is that it teaches you for you, and for those who observe on those scenic detours, what works and what doesn’t.

And in future work, think of it in this way. Whether you are talking to a multitude or you are talking to your nephews, you can say, “Oh, I’ve tried that. I understand where you’re going with that and, by the way, it didn’t work for me.” So you can support them because, if you have never had a distraction experience, then how can you guide others? You can’t. And so that is what is meant in that framework or in that reference.

You have chosen your parents out of love, and they have chosen you out of love. And yes, you most certainly have travelled in this level of relationship before – in fact, your entire family has. That is also why the bonds are so deep, and the understanding… yes, the love… but also the honouring, and the respect, and the knowing in each other of what each other’s achilles heels are, of what knocks you and them off-balance.

And sometimes this has been important – to lose that balance – so that again in this life you learn and experience what it is that knocks you off-balance because that is important information for you to carry with you, that wisdom and wisdom-vision. This is part not only of your heritage and your legacy, it is with them as well.

Your parents chose you for the love, especially your father. Your mother is your ally, but your father… in so many ways, you are his little girl, and that is never meant in a demeaning kind of way; it is that you are like the precious gem that has been entrusted to him. And so, is he protective? And at times does he want to keep you too close? Yes, but that is love!

And you chose them for their strength, for their openness, particularly with your mother, and their groundedness. You knew in this journey, as did they, that it could never be simply an either/or, that this would be a journey that would include the practicality, the materiality, of living on a planet that very often has been very out of control. But also the spiritual… and I do not necessarily mean religious… that they would allow, and encourage, and foster your spirit not only to grow and express but to grow free.

Now, this is a time on the planet, this particular segment of the Mother’s Plan, when there is a great deal of rebirth and humans have a very limited view about what that means. But it is not simply spiritual or emotional; it also can entail the reconstitution of the physical cells. So that is going on both within you and within your parents.

But let us also be practical in terms of your real question, sweet one – one that you and I have discussed a lot, long ago – and that is the feeling that you simply can’t bear the thought of losing your parents, or really any member of your family but particularly your parents, to see them age and, in your view, decline. But let us offer a perspective, and it is more their perspective.

They are funny! And you know that neither one of your parents… how would they put it?… they’re not going down without a fight! So they are not… first of all, let us say they are not slated [for], they have not chosen, early departure. No, we do not talk about the day or hour individuals leave, because humans are so mercurial they change their minds all the time! But let us just say they did not sign up for early departure.

And as we have said, they have no intention of becoming dottery old fools! They are resilient, and they embrace life and they embrace love. And they want to, they have chosen, to see the growth, the becoming, of the family. You know already how important it is to them to see the continuity, to see their children grow and thrive, and their grandchildren.

From where you are, it is hard in some ways for you to perceive the golden time – the golden time not of debilitation but the golden time of seeing the fruits of your labour. This will happen to you one day. But it is to see that everything you… we use that word ‘worked’ [for] but you know what we mean… all the love that you planted, all the care that you took, all the hours of angst, of worry and concern, and the joy at seeing your children and your grandchildren’s successes and growth, and even the growth out of turmoil.

So your parents want this golden time and they cherish it. And of course, you would never, ever, deny that. And you will go through this, yes, even as reconstituted. How humans progress is going to look very different in the future, but that is a whole other conversation.

Your real question is “I am afraid of losing them” and this, of course, is a question the answer to which is you have need – and I offer to help you, sweet little sister – to relinquish this fear. Because when you have, even on the sidelines, this fear that’s present, even when it is born of love, it robs you; it robs you of the fullness of your experience, your expression of love, with them and from them; it becomes hesitant.

You think “oh, I am so attached, I can never let go” but when you are detached enough, you not only love [but] you honour the choices and the pathway of another.

When Yeshua and I came together, we had full knowledge of what lay ahead and there were conversations that we had about whether we would proceed, knowing the heartache and the loss, the difficulties along the way. But love could make no other choice. We would not deny our love, our sacred union, and we could not deny that it would end in a certain way. And what that did, even with heartbreak, was it made every moment… not every year or month… every moment more precious.

As you well know, we were virtually inseparable, except when he would retreat to the desert. And even that was an honouring for both of us because, although I stayed at home, I needed a break too. The intensity… and this will help you in your soulmate relationship that comes… the intensity – you don’t want to turn it down. You don’t want what so many people have done to family, which is become dismissive. You want to grab it and live in the fullness of passion! That is what it is about. That is what you deserve.

So give your fear to me of losing your parents. Give it to me right now! And live not only as you want, but as they want.