Fortification is not only desirable but very necessary at this juncture.

Archangel Michael’s address to all beings of Planet Earth is lovingly shared by Andrew from his personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Archangel Michael ~ We Come To Fortify You!

Andrew: Finally, I ask if you have any comments perhaps to be widely shared before we complete the session?

Archangel Michael: Beloved one, and yes, all beings of Planet Earth, my family of blue and my family of every ray: we come here this day to fortify you, yes, to nurture, to coddle, to comfort, to reassure that, as you well know, my beloved brother, fortification is not only desirable but very necessary at this juncture.

Many of you are tired and you have maintained beautifully, but you are exhausted and that eternal question of “when?” is the refrain that is singing within your heart and your head. So yes, as you well know, we don’t answer very often – and we certainly don’t answer with great clarity – the “when?” questions.

But what we do gift to you this day is to fortify your stamina, to fortify your hope, to fortify your trust, to fortify your light as you continue on… never in judgement, never in punishment, never in retribution… but in the holding of the light of a brand new day, of a brand new planet, of an entirely new realm of existence.

You do not do this alone. Yes, you are the Mother’s boots on the ground – and yes, sweet angels, you are tired. So we fortify you, we uplift you, we restore you, we honour you, we praise you, we admire you. And again – we fortify!

Go with my love and go in peace. Farewell.