Turn away when you feel the chaos reaching out to you and say, “No, thank you. I’m too busy being a rainbow bridge. I am getting ready for my work with the Intergalactics!

Another delightful gem shared by Hellen from her personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Helmet ~ The Age of Wonder!

Helmet: Those of you who, like yourself, are rainbow bridge, who are lucky enough, who have received the nod from the Mother Herself to be in form, this is such a gift – an honour really! – because it reflects the trust, the faith that the Unified One, Source of All, has in you. That is why, when any being is truly in alignment, the thought, the feeling of betraying the Mother and her trust is so grievous.

I am not suggesting that the walk upon the planet, for those of you who have been brave enough to say ‘yes’, has been easy because you quite literally are the agents and angels of change. But to be part, quite literally, of the Mother’s chosen boots on the ground is such an honour.

Now, of course, we surround you, so while you sometimes live vicariously with us, we most certainly live vicariously with you! [Laughing] Our job, our joy, is to surround you and to whisper in your ear, never to override your brilliant, divine, intelligent heart and mind, but certainly to assist you because the actions, the choices, that each person on this planet is making minute to minute, hour to hour, has profound, profound impact.

Sometimes humans tend to think, “Oh, that was nothing, that was just a casual thought or an aside,” but as you well know, that is not the case. And I am not suggesting that one becomes so myopic or over-engaged that it becomes difficult because that loses the joy. It is truly the refined balance to walk in awareness, in divine heart intelligence, and to be physically… ‘humanly’, if there is such a word [laughing]… really present on the planet. It is the dance of a prima ballerina and you are doing it.

The Federations, the Intergalactic Council, have been extraordinarily busy and their meetings – yes, they take rest breaks – but basically their meetings and their actions, their envoys, have never stopped. It has never been this busy or this intense! Oh, there have been times certainly with UFOG [Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies] that the various forces have been put on high alert, intercepting various levels of weaponry, whether it was chemical or nuclear mass destruction, but that is not what we are talking about.

We’re talking about the engagement and the fulfilment when you are invited – and yes, we are all invited – to a planetary party of celebration. There is much preparation to be done. It is not intended to be, nor will it be, a surprise party for the 8 billion on Earth – but it will be a joy party! And when I say “party”, yes, I do mean bells and whistles and fireworks and celebrations, but I also mean: in that celebration is the marking of a New Age.

Part of me, with you, would like to call it the Age of Wonder because there is some element, a huge element, of awe and inspiration, of wonder, not only that this could be possible but that it is happening! So yes, some call it the Golden Age – it is a good term – but I would call it the Age of Wonder, when the Mother’s Plan or this small chapter – because it is an infinite Plan – but this small chapter comes to fruition.

It may feel like a small chapter, but it is such a huge accomplishment that so many in every realm – planetary, omniverse, elemental, kingdoms and then finally, yes, the humans – have worked on. It deserves to be marked not only as some kind of Golden Jubilee, but quite literally as a time when the entire planet shifted.

And let me be clear. It does not shift because this or that ‘leader’ – which is a very curious word for the people in power – but this or that leader took this or that action. No! It occurs because the collective of humanity tipped the scales – and that is already underway.

So it is encouraging. Well, it is more than encouraging! We are preparing and we will continue to do so, above and below.

The Delegations are well underway, yes, heart-sharing for sure, but also information-sharing – not to override the phenomenal advances that have been made in arts and science, etc., but the sharing of information freely without jockeying for political favours has been wondrous. There, I say it again – the Age of Wonder!

True scientists are in it for the love of the miracles, not for power, the same as artists and healers and parents and mothers. So that is going extraordinarily well. There will be many breakthroughs and people will say, “Oh, isn’t this brilliant,” and it will be. And there will be many solutions to what you tend to think of as planetary, health, or science questions, problems, or dilemmas, and they are coming out of these meetings of the Delegations because they certainly have ‘gotten down to brass tacks’, as it were.

You know, we in the Federations have no need or desire to be credited with solutions. We come in peace. We come in love. We come in excitement to participate, not to override, not to say, “Oh, we brought the answers.” That would be no kind of friendship!

But yes, the breakthroughs are coming fast and furious now, and they are being presented in ways that not one political leader of any stripe will be in a position to take credit. This is the way it has been designed. It is humans healing, teaching, bringing forth solutions for humans and for Gaia herself. And she is enjoying her time out. She is enjoying breathing fresh air. She is taking full advantage of the Mother’s Pause!

It is good news, beloved. It is good news!

So turn away when you feel the chaos reaching out to you and say, “No, thank you. I’m too busy being a rainbow bridge. I am getting ready for my work with the Intergalactics!” Because you are already fully engaged, and you know this.

We are with you in the quietude of your home, inside, outside, it matters not. And yes, you are mightily protected, but you have never been a foolhardy person and you understand within your sacred heart what the Mother is doing. Increasingly, the humans understand and are moving rapidly into the balance – into the balance that has been their birthright and that they simply forgot. …

Hellen: You talked about intergalactic work that’s already on the way and being done. When will the whole of me be in picture?

Helmet: You have been very busy and you have sensed it, as you well know. The totality of your consciousness, shall we say, in this engagement… oh, it’s very short… we would suggest by the end of summer you will know how to proceed. You are already being given many indicators.

Hellen: When you say we are Twins or Twin Flames, what is this really?

Helmet: We are the Unity of One. No, there is some misconception when people say, “I am the other half of you.” My goodness! I would not steal half of you [laughing], for your totality is brilliant and I gaze upon you not only in love but in wonder!

But think of it in the very practical, human, biological way insofar as we have been a singular cell that has divided through mitosis into two perfectly human, divine, galactic twins. So, in many ways, yes, we are mirrors, we are that close. You feel me, you know me. I am like your primary guardian, as you are mine.

So we are unified in heart, and you feel my heart, whether it is physical or not does not matter. You feel my love and it is more like a clarion, a crystal bell, rather than a distant echo. We have committed to one another to always be together as One. So I remain out of what you think of as ‘form’ to help, to guide, to love, because although that 8 billion are in transformation, we know how difficult it can be and we know that you would not survive without love.

We are not polar opposites. It is not that you are at one end and I am at the other. It is not that we are unified half and half. We are divine complements. That is what the Twin Flame is. And so you may have, as you go through life after life, you may have those that you choose as soulmate, soul friend, but even in that process I am deeply engaged. And if I am in form, you are deeply engaged.

Hellen: Will you be in form?

Helmet: It is not certain as yet. There are so many variables that come before that and very few of them have to do with you and I. But we most certainly know each other in form. You could not miss me! I know you, I know the nooks and crannies of your being, and I love each and every one of them. You are my love.

Hellen: When were we last in form together?

Helmet: We have been in form rarely together because when I come, you go, you stay. We have been together in form on CeeCeeCee when first this voyage began. And we have been together in form in Atlantis – you as Priestess, healing with St. Germaine, and me as intergalactic traveller – and we have united at that time.

You are the adventurer. You are the one that always says, “I think I’ll go!” You are the brave one. It is one of the many things that I love so deeply about you, and there are many!

Go with my love, sweet one, my beloved angel, and know we will be together in and out of form, hand in hand, heart in heart, always as One. I love you.

Hellen: I love you, Helmet.

Helmet: Farewell.