… there is only one family, there is only one union, and it is for you to know and to have the privilege of expressing and experiencing love, and there is no greater gift, there is no more sacred honor than the sacred honor of fatherhood…

Welcome everybody, and welcome the new folks… I want to extend a special welcome to you if you haven’t been here before. And we’re doing an early-bird special in terms of both Father’s Day and the Summer Solstice or Winter Solstice if you’re ‘down under’ and it is a really full agenda. And what’s really surprising is that I worked on an agenda for today and I had everything written down and beautiful and then last night, big surprise in the middle of … in the wee small hours, our agenda got changed.

But the Council of Love, they always know what they’re really doing, right? Linda can wander off and do some things, but they always bring us back to center, about what’s really, really important. So, just a little reminder as we get started about what solstice means, because sol, as you well know, comes from the word ‘sun’ and sistere means coming to a stop, to a full standstill. And it’s really time for all of us to be coming to a full standstill, isn’t it? That’s what the pause is and has been all about.

As the Council and Yahweh and the Mother and the Buddha came in about half an hour ago, is going to share with us is that this is the time of reset, this is the time of rebirth. And if ever there was a time when we really get into the meat of what we’re going to do today, if ever there was a time to redirect, reset, rebalance, it’s right now… not only for ourselves and for our beloved sacred circle, but for the entire planet. It’s part of the pause, not only to stop and to discern what is really valuable… What do we want our lives to look like? What do we want to do? Who do we want to be with? And what is our vision for the world? What is our vision for Nova Gaia? What is our vision as Nova Gaians?

And in doing some of my research I got a reminder that in a lot of spiritual traditions, solstice, especially summer solstice is dealing with the return or the ascension of the Divine Masculine or the great Father Spirit. In some traditions, the spring equinox is thought of as rebirth, and the Mother giving birth. And then we get the summer, it’s the Father and that Divine Masculine energy coming forward in the golden brilliance, as we know, to really help us rebalance.

So, we’ve got a doubleheader today, right? And it’s no coincidence, in my opinion, actually in their opinion, that we’re doing the Summer Solstice and Father’s Day as a doubleheader. We’re celebrating both, and today, perhaps more than usual, we’re going to be, not only working with but really acknowledging the Divine Masculine. For the last few years, certainly, we have really been focused on the Divine Feminine, on that rebalancing within ourselves, within the collective, upon Gaia, and god knows how far out. But today we’re going to stop, reset, and just check that we’re in that balance of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine.

So, we’re going to fill ourselves up with white light and gold sparkles, the Golden Ray of Yahweh. And then we’re going to move on to an exercise of breathing with the Mother/Father/One. Then we’re going to have a channel, at least from Yahweh, but I think the Buddha is also edging in. So, let’s get started…

We’re going to also take time today to share all the energy and everything we’re doing, not only with ourselves, obviously, with this beloved circle, but with humanity because that’s what’s needed… the collective really needs this sense of rebalancing right now to stop, to come to stillpoint, within the pause, to reset, and then, let’s begin again in our rebirth process. Because it’s also time… and the Council has been reminding me very vigorously all week that we’ve had a lot of focus on the pause, on pandemic, on the political shift, but they also want to remind us and bring us back, that what we’re doing, everything we’re doing is about bringing in, anchoring, and living as our ascending and ascended selves. That’s the crux of it, that’s what this is all about.

So, let’s get started. We’re going to begin this wonderful celebration with the Invocation of the Elohim. Now, many of you are familiar with this Invocation but what I’m going to do is share my screen so that you can, in fact, either read it if you choose but what I really want you to do is anchor in your heart and at the end of each invocation, as we call the mighty ones, the sacred ones, the unseen friends in the rafters… I AM That I AM… because we’re really working today with that I AM Presence.

As we say each one really anchor in your heart and welcome them into your room, into your house, into whatever sacred space you are occupying right now. But even more importantly, welcome them into the temple of your being, into the temple of your heart.

So, let’s begin by taking a nice deep breath of beautiful gold. It’s that old Florentine gold, it’s one of those rich sunsets where the fields and the leaves and the sky turns golden. It’s old Roman coins, and it’s the gold of joy. It’s the gold of union.

Invocation of the Elohim
I call forth Jesus Sananda and invoke the love, the wisdom, and power of those masters who work through the Second Ray and the Office of the Christ … I AM THAT I AM
I call forth Archangel Mi-ka-EL and invoke the power of the Word as it is made manifest by the blue-violet flame of truth and justice … I AM THAT I AM
I call forth Archangel Raphael and invoke the healing power, the knowledge of the arts and science of healing … I AM THAT I AM
I call forth Archangel Uriel and invoke the peace and beauty and inspiration of devotional worship that opens the temple doors of our hearts … I AM THAT I AM
I call forth Archangel Jophiel and invoke the light of illumination as it beams forth in light and wisdom … I AM THAT I AM
I call forth Archangel Gabrielle and invoke the beauty, harmony, unity, and joy … I AM THAT I AM
I call forth Archangel Gaia, Gianna, and invoke the diversity, dedication, and promise of service to the Divine Mother … I AM THAT I AM
I call forth Metatron and invoke the energies of Yod Hey Vod Hey as they now descend in golden rays of light and power … I AM THAT I AM
I call forth Melchizedek and invoke the power to teach and to heal ourselves, each other, and our Divine Mother Earth … I AM THAT I AM
I call forth Enoch and invoke the power of the wisdom of the ages … I AM THAT I AM
I call forth Ishmael and invoke the memory of those outcast from all societies that they may return in love and joy to feast at the banquet that is now prepared for them … I AM THAT I AM
I call forth Sanat Kumara and invoke the power and the presence of the ascended ones…may we be overshadowed by unconditional love so that it truly may be as above-so below/as within-so without … I AM THAT I AM
I call forth our beloved St. Germaine and invoke the healing and rejuvenation of the Violet Flame and the I AM Presence … I AM THAT I AM
I call forth the Buddha and invoke the ancient wisdom and power and being and knowing … I AM THAT I AM
I call forth Mohammad and invoke the courage and stamina of faith … I AM THAT I AM
I call forth Lao Tzu and invoke the humility of balance and healing … I AM THAT I AM
I call forth Moses and invoke the lessons and history of the spiritual Israel … I AM THAT I AM
I call forth Universal Mother Mary and invoke the radiance of the Blue Diamond Ray for the cleansing and restoration of peace on earth now and peace within each of our sacred hearts right now … I AM THAT I AM
I call forth my guides, my guardian angels, and my higher universal self… I call forth my New You to anchor in wholeness, unity, serenity, and peace that I go forward in the fulfillment and joy of my sacred mission, of my soul purpose, of my biggest, grandest heart desires … I AM THAT I AM

I hope you can feel just how full the room really is. We have so much help from our unseen friends, and sometimes… especially when life is requiring us to really pay attention to the physical realm, to our rebirth… it’s easy to forget and sometimes forget to ask for that level of help. So, that’s your reminder.

I want to talk a little bit about what changed during the middle of the night and how I had one of these huge ‘aha’ moments. Now, for those of you who really know me, you know that when I’m working with individuals or groups, I have what I call my ‘rule’, my ‘law of three’. When I hear something consistently three times in a row, I think ‘aha… this is universal information’. Well, in fact, what we’re going to talk about I heard four different times this week, but somehow it just flew right over my head until, of course, I was nudged during the middle of the night. So, here we go…

We’re going to be talking about what I’ve been hearing all week… osmosis, entrainment, reset and rebalance. So, let’s go… as you know when we’re talking about osmosis… well, let me back up a little bit… one of the messages that has been consistent since we really got into Covid-19, and the many messages, whether it’s from Archangel Michael, or the Mother, or a whole variety of beings, is that Covid has been teaching us just how energy moves, just how subtle and available and penetrable energy is. So, that’s been the hidden blessing in all of this infection/virus stuff.

So, let us think about osmosis because I sat there and I wondered… do I need a junior biology lesson? Gabby, my ‘go-to archangel, Archangel Gabrielle, started talking to me earlier in the week about osmosis. As you know, osmosis is the process of permeability… it’s when there’s a thin membrane and that energy, or fluid, or gasses can penetrate and change the nature or the composition of the being or of the molecule.

Now, osmosis is also, in the consciousness realm, it’s the process of gradual, or unconscious, or subconscious assumption of ideas, of knowledge… let’s just call it energy. So, let’s just hold that on one side for the moment while we marry it to entrainment. Now we’ve talked about entrainment before and as you know the best example… well, my favorite example of entrainment… is when we watch a school of fish and they all are going one way, and then all of a sudden they all turn and go the other way and it’s really interesting how they all move together. In fact, last Monday Isaac and I went to the beach and the baitfish were running… which are the tiny fish… and sure enough there they were traveling in giant schools.

So, entrainment refers to an individual’s chrono-biological processes, physical, behavioral, with their environment. It includes things as simple and as complex as the human circadian rhythm, night and day, how we fall into sleep patterns at night and more activity during the day. Think of an example of entrainment… if you put a group of women in an office or in a house, they will start to menstruate in sync, in their cycles. So… and there’s another factor that I want to bring to your attention called frequency entrainment. Now that means brain-wave entrainment and some of you have played with this in terms of working with your electromagnetic fields, lighting the grid, firing the grid, working with sound, or light.

So, we have entrainment and we have osmosis. What’s happening and what was brought to my attention very vividly this week is that we, of course, as sensitive lightworkers are very open to entrainment. Now, normally what we do, and what we’ve been told to do, is we beam out… right? If there’s one question I consistently hear time after time after time is, “What am I supposed to do? How am I supposed to do my work?” And very often the answer that is very consistent comes ‘be a beamer’. You integrate the light, you balance light, and then we send it out as if we’re some kind of massive cell tower or transmitter and we send it out all across the planet into the hearts and minds of people everywhere… and far beyond, by the way.

So, what’s going on? Well, this week those four individuals that I had that ‘aha’ moment about during the middle of the night, was that people were coming up and asking about blood pressure, and heart rhythms, and particularly AFib … this feeling like their heart was just going crazy, or not going fast enough, or being very erratic. And so, I’m looking at this and Gabrielle… and Jesus, by the way… are there looking at it with me. And what I’m seeing, and what I’d seen even in a conversation earlier in the week with Joe, is that we have been so engaged in the pause and in assisting the collective through these various upheavals. You know, we knew, we’ve been told for years that many, many people would be choosing to leave the planet Now, we were never really sure how that was going to happen but certainly Covid has brought that front and center.

Then we have dramatic political shifts, societal shifts, and not just in the US but really across the planet… and thank god, it’s about time, right? So, but what’s going on? All this energy that we, as lightworkers, have been observing, sending to, has permeated our, what we think of as our fields, our Solomon Seal, and we entrained ourselves, through osmosis, into a pattern that is not our perfect balanced self, that we have been feeling irregular… irregular breathing, irregular heartbeats, irregular blood pressure.

So, what we’re going to do right now is we’re going to bring ourselves back to center, to balance, so that we can be those beacon transmitters that each and every one of us wants to be, and side effect, that we’re going to reinforce our shields… remember the Mother gave us new shields a few weeks ago… we’re going to reinforce those shields but we’re just going to bring ourselves back to balance.


So, what I want you to do, and we’re going to do this in the balance of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine… what I want you to do is feel the Father, the Father’s, Yahweh’s, hands on your shoulders at your back.

Go ahead… close your eyes, get into the zone, drop into your heart, drop into your beautiful Pink Diamond. Now, literally feel the Father, who we mainly think of as unmovable and unknowable, feel that Father’s hands, the Grandfather’s hands upon your shoulder, both of your shoulders, bringing you to center and calming you down. And breathe gold.

Now, in front of you feel the Mother… for me, it’s our beloved Mother Mary… approaching, and also putting Her hands… yeah, there’s room on your shoulders… putting Her hands on your shoulders. And breathe the Blue Diamond. And bring those shoulders down and allow yourself to start to receive. Now, I want you to make sure that the red cord out of your root chakra is anchored firmly down through the floor, through the soft earth, through the gaseous layers, the rock, down into the heart of Gaia. Drop your anchor as if you’re docking the Queen Mary.

And similarly, your silver cord coming up through your heart, your head, 14th, 15th, 16th chakras, up to the 13th Octave, anchored in the heart of One. Now, many of us have been leaning, especially to the right, so feel yourself straighten up, and feel those hands of the Father and the Mother cocooning you. And I want you to breathe with them, bringing yourself back to center. So, you may breathe the gold, you may breathe the blue, and breathe your own soul color… whether it’s magenta, or violet, or emerald, just breathe and feel the easing of the tensions as this energy is coming in through your bodies, into your physical self, anchoring in your heart. Open your crown… go ahead. Let’s throw a little pink in there.

Now, many of us, and certainly most of humanity, have been feeling a burden… high anxiety, uncertainty – political, economic, financial, societal upheaval, and uncertainty. What’s next? And we’ve been carrying this burden on our shoulders, putting pressure on our backs, on our hearts, on our organs, on our hips. So, I also want you to feel both the Mother and the Father lifting the burden off your shoulders, releasing it. Go ahead and surrender. Receive the rebalance, the reset, and let them take any burden that you’ve been feeling, consciously, or unconsciously, or subconsciously, because part of being an ascended being is the removal of those layers of consciousness, that there are no veils.

So, it’s inevitable, in your loving attempt to assist the collective, that you’re going to… through osmosis and entrainment… get these energies of imbalance. So, bring it back and feel those crystal shields, like a diamond, around you. Mi-ka-EL, Raphael, Uriel, and Jophial taking the corners of your diamond, reinforcing the Mother’s shield. And breathe, and feel your heartbeat, your breath, your blood pressure, all coming back to your normal. And if, particularly as you venture out, you feel any sense of this imbalance I want you to do this and allow the masculine and feminine of our beloved Divine to bring you back to center, back to balance because that is the reset and the rebirth.

And it’s important that you know that if you’ve been feeling this way, or if you know people who have been feeling this way, share it for sure but it’s not that you misstepped, you’re slipping dimensions and you’re doing it because you’re trying to help because in the entrainment you’ve gone into that level of consciousness, you’ve gone into that school of the collective fish, and you’re saying, “Hey, let’s go this way.” It’s part of our job, but it’s also part of our job, our joy, to reset.

Now, before we move into our channelings, are there any questions about that because this is an important gift from the Mother and Father?

Okay, I’m being nudged aside… You know, I don’t channel Yahweh very often, and actually, I don’t channel the Buddha very often because they are such enormous, enormous energies that I just sort of get side-swiped… well, it’s a good thing I’ve got this rebalance… but it’s a massive, massive energy. So, just open your hearts to receive and it will all be available a little later as well.

Channeling: Father Yahweh

Greetings, I AM Yahweh and I come to you, to each and every one of you, as Father this day in the golden radiance of One, in the golden radiance of wisdom, and valor, compassion, anchored in the truth of knowing. I speak to you, all of you, about father, about the joy of being father, about the sacred nature of fatherhood, and the unity of One.

Yes, there has been much discussion in many countries and even on many planets, but let me be very clear… there is only one family, there is only one union – many faces, many expressions, many experiences, for that is why the Mother has birthed you, is for you, in the grand diversity of creation, to know and to have the privilege of expressing and experiencing love.

But far too often the knowing of my love has not been fully present or known. And yes, for many, many, far too many centuries, I have been pigeonholed as distant, unavailable, unapproachable, even unloving. That is not so. Like you, of course, I bow to the Mother, the doer, the creator, the bringer of life. But I am omnipresent, and it is my essence, you might think of it as desire, that you come more clearly, not merely to know me but to embrace me as father… the Father that loves you, that adores you, that honors you, respects you, and every single thing you have ever done, yes, missteps included, because you have never given up.

Too often you do not realize or give yourself credit for the victories, for the magnificent accomplishments that you have achieved, in unity with us but not because of us, because you have grown. Yeshi would say you have blossomed; I would say you have expanded into the understanding of what is possible, and what you truly are capable of.

Do you understand that you have come and you have said to both of us, “There is a beautiful planet down there but much has gone awry, and do not worry dad, I’m going to go and take care of it. I’m going to go and I’m going to embrace my brothers and sisters and all that Gaia has to offer, and I am going to go, and I’m not going to beat them up, I am not going to be vengeful, I am not going to vanquish anybody. I am going to embrace them like I embrace you, and teach them, remind them, of who they truly are.” And you are doing this.

All of you need, in the most fundamental way, a Father. The qualities that I bring are compliment, of course, but it is wisdom, and yes, authority in the best way. Think of yourself as the unmovable, unshakable force… not in petulance, not in abuse, but in divine will and authority, consistency. You need this energy that I so freely bestow upon you this day and every day, in the golden radiance of summer, and in the bleak nights of winter.

Now, you do not think, in your human capacity, of what a Father may need. What I choose, what you would think of as desire, I desire to be your Father, yes, to provide not to override, to embrace, to council. Many years ago, and eons ago, I have said you are a part of a family business… we are partners, I am not some distant godhead. In the bones of your sacred being, in equal partnership, in sacred union, I come to you as you come to me. Our union is unbreakable. Each of you assume the role, it matters not of gender, to be the father and the mother to all beings on your planet.

Yes, the goal is for sisters and brothers, but you know full well that in transition, in rebirth, there are needs… differing times, differing needs. It is not a crime to admit you need; and it is a gift, it is a gift to each other, and it, most certainly, is a gift to me. But you are mother and father to the Nova Gaians awakening. You are guiding them; you are showing the way… and I am with you.

So, I invite you to celebrate your father within, your wisdom, your power, your might, your will, and perhaps you will invite me to join this celebration.

You are loved, you are my heart, you are my essence, and I also attend to you. Farewell.

Channeling: Buddha

I AM Buddha, ancient wisdom, jolly, weary, wayfarer, and way-shower. I simply come this day as father as well, for I have been father and there is no greater gift, there is no more sacred honor, and the value of your children, be it of your loins or of your heart.

The children, you cannot lose them, for this will send you searching and perhaps this restlessness will bring you to the truth within. But this sacred honor of fatherhood, and you all who assume this role of father, you take it as if it is the normal unfoldment of life… life after life, after life. But it is a soul decision, it is a soul contract, yes, one that often has not been understood by many, many humans… male or female, child or adult, ancient or infant.

It is the coming together, not only in spirit but in form. This is such a gift of trust… of the father to trust themselves that they will be, not only adequate but that they can be relied upon, that they can protect, and teach, and yes, in many situations, provide. It is a gift of trust, not only to the mother who births but to the child who says, “I will look to you as the embodiment of the Father, and the human face of the One Source God.”

Do humans misstep? I often thought I did. There are occasions… but I don’t want to talk to you about misstep. I talk to you about the golden radiance of summer, of the weak sun of winter, and of the trust and honor that children, not only bestow on their father and that their father bestows on them, but that we bestow and hold for the courage, and the stamina, and the sense of humor that fathers bring.

So, in this time of rebirth, in this time of reset, in this time of new beginnings, let the truth, and the reset, and the embrace of what it means to be father, to be anchored in the collective, to be anchored in your heart, and then, come and walk with me and let us explore.