We are so glad, first of all, that this query is even being raised because it is akin and related to this whole issue of surrender and acceptance.

This beautiful gem is lovingly shared by Kirsten from her personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Christianna ~ The Importance of Self-Care

Christianna: Greetings, I am Christianna, sister, mother, brother, ally, welcome! Welcome, sweet angel of light, every hue, every ray, many that are not even known upon the planet in terms of physical visibility with human eyes. …

Kirsten: Why do I struggle so much with self-care? How can I shift this to provide myself with loving care with regards to my health and wellbeing?

C: We are so glad, first of all, that this query is even being raised because it is akin and related to this whole issue of surrender and acceptance.

Too often, you simply look at yourself and think: “Oh, I’m okay, I just need to keep going.” But inside of that there is even… has been, past tense… has been a very subtle judgment – though it has never been as conscious as a mental process – of “I don’t really need that, I don’t really deserve that.” And that is like saying that someone never needs a treat or a hug or praise. Of course, you do!

Self-care is so important!

Now think of what I say to thee. A massive part of your attention, of your process, of your mission, is the self-care of the planet, of your beloved sister, Gaia. And it is… well, it may be feasible, if you wished to have that argument… but it is not really practical or sustainable to take care of an entire planet, or even a quarter-mile of planet, if you are not taking care of your sweet self.

And this is the thing. Before you have thought of yourself… think of it as an automobile “oh, I put gas in and change the oil” but you don’t take time to shine the body, wash the car, wax the car, sit in it, and tell it how much you love it! And now you are beginning to see how essential this is. So congratulations and thank you!

You do not tend… and yes, this is your answer… you do not tend to say to your sweet self: “What do I want? What do I need? What would I enjoy? What would I like?”

Because, yes, you need water and fuel – and of course you want, in terms of very practical self-care, water and fuel – but self-care is so much more than that. It is the nurturing of self in the physical reality. And when I say that, I am not simply saying that it is about attending to yourself physically; I mean attending in your dimensional physical reality, which is interdimensional, always. But it means treating yourself with gentle sweetness, with kindness.

So, self-care would begin… no, not end… it would begin by saying: “What would I enjoy? What would I like? What is my being, not just my body but my being, not just longing for but what would I like?” And we are not talking about 10 steps down the road; we are talking about a very immediate caretaking of yourself.

And sometimes it is the caressing… touch!… attendance to your absolutely beautiful self, whether it is hair care or creams or oils. Yes, of course, it helps the skin, but it is also about touch. It is you touching your own skin, your own body, not in a way of maintenance – you are pretty good at maintenance – but of truly, consciously, taking your hands and applying.

And while you are doing that, yes, of course, receiving it… and receiving it in a way that literally begins to marvel – we want you to remember that word – that marvels at the fact that you have skin… and pores…. and slight hair… and texture… and colour. It is such a basic thing, this container for the flesh and blood – and it is so basic that it is too often overlooked.

So you say to yourself: “What would I like? What would I enjoy?” And when I say to you “enjoy”, I mean in the very immediate sense of gratification, and I mean in the sense of… hmmm… not delayed, but procession. So you work your muscles, you work your carriage, you work your core, so that your self-care involves nurturing your structure.

But yes, it is more than that as well. It is giving to yourself – and not just here and there. Yes, it can be as little as 2 minutes or 5 minutes, but self-care should not simply be an appointment with yourself. Self-care has need to be the ongoing relationship of how you care and treat yourself.

So, “Do I long for more time simply listening to a sonata, or birdsong, or the movement of the wind through the grass?” It is giving yourself what you want and then, through that practice, anchoring more deeply… yes, that ‘surrendering’ word… giving yourself what you deserve.

When the Mother has spoken, She has said that She came for you to be in you and with you, as you do with Her, in Her. That is self-care.

So the short answer in what self-care is, rather than a list of prescriptions, is: What do you think, either in the immediate moment or in the longer moment, will bring you joy?

And it is also giving yourself permission to “not do what you don’t want to do”! No, sweet one, we do not mean the easy things; they can be taken care of. But sometimes you have a tendency to force yourself to do things because you think you must. We would like you to really take a deeper look at that and consider re-direction in that.

We love you. We adore you. This question is a joy to our heart because it means you are treating yourself the way that we desire not only to treat you but to have you treat you.

So take this self-care that you have often thought of as being self-absorbed or selfish and truly proceed.