The human heart will seek the peaceful way, not in subservience, but in acknowledgement of individual innate Divine Authority and the desire for peace and harmony.

Another precious channelled gem lovingly shared by Tom from his personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Yeshua ~ The Human Heart Will Seek The Peaceful Way

Greetings, I am Yeshua. Welcome, beloved brother! And yes, there are many who have been calling and many that you have beckoned to, and of course we all stand by, for, as you well know, you do not travel alone, you do not sit alone, you do not sleep alone.

Yes, of course, you are always accompanied by your dearest partner and love, K, but sweet angel of light, the room is full and we are with you in attendance during this time, yes, of turmoil but also of rebirth, of reconstitution, of shift, of ascension, however you wish to call it. Because as you know and as you remember, every person is your brother and sister, every person is your neighbour, and you love your neighbour as yourself. There is no room in discernment for judgment; there is only room for love.

And love does not always equate with like, but it is the deep reverence. And it is not just the reverence for the divinity within; it is the reverence and respect for how that person expresses, what experience they bring to your life, what insights they share. Whether you’ve ever met them or not matters not one iota.

So yes, the love is re-blooming, and it is stepping forward in expected and unexpected ways. You have learned long ago how to be the participant-observer and how to stand back when it is either necessary or desirable – and not merely desirable from our perspective but from yours as well, for not all activities are meant to be engaged in.

The one activity that is always meant to be engaged in is prayer, meditation, ritual, and observance of your beautiful sacred self.

Dear brother, we observe and we intervene, we guide and we direct. We do not override or interfere in the unfoldment of this Plan. And yes, while it looks like and is that there is a great deal of chaos upon this beautiful planet at the moment, you have an expression that ‘it will all shake out’, that ‘it will all come out in the wash’, and that is exactly what is transpiring.

There is no singular human holding the truth. There are variations and distortions, information and disinformation, misinformation, misalignment on all sides. It does not change the collective heart desire to create a better world. And not a world that you and I have discussed thousands and thousands and thousands of years ago – not a world, not a planetary system, that is based in ego and greed and abuse and control; that is the death of the human spirit.

We are talking about a world very simply of kindness, of consideration and even commiseration, and most certainly of compassion.

This never has changed. Has it adapted? Most certainly. But it has not changed because the Mother’s Plan, in its billions and billions and billions and zillions of intricate variables, has not changed.

And you say to me: “Yeshua, what can I do?” And I say to thee: “You are exactly where you have need to be, and you have been and you are positioned.” One of the things that I love about you – and there are many – is your sense of fairness, your sense of right, proceeding, not overriding. There is room upon this beautiful planet literally for everyone – yes, all 8 billion.

There are many that are and will choose, as you are saying, to depart and that is a choice; whether it is conscious or unconscious, it matters not. But the point that I am making is that there is room for everybody.

When you and your circle wonder how this will be worked out, how the balance between all the vying interests will be met according to peaceful values, I remind you, my brother: long ago, after the terrible devastation during the intergalactic wars, when planets had quite literally been demolished, obliterated, we sat and we said, “How will we reach the place of peace?” Yes, other than using, as we began, the language of Perro.

But the point is we muddled through. And we muddled through with clarity because it was a process of accommodation, of being willing enough to share the hearts and share the dreams to reach the middle ground.

Even then, there were those who said “compromise will never work” and yet it did, and it brought peace and prosperity to many galaxies. And that is exactly where the human collective is now – and I am not talking about those in power, or those in the know, or those not in the know.

The human heart will seek the peaceful way, not in subservience, but in acknowledgement of individual innate Divine Authority and the desire for peace and harmony. And that will determine the decisions that are made in this restructuring, not by violent overthrow, not by scenic detours – that time is over! – but through human wisdom: the heart intelligence of not only yearning for love but the practicality of bringing it into form.

So take heart, my brother. You are in the midst of it and all the pieces are being put into place – no, calmly, serenely, not by mayhem and chaos but by quietude and certitude – and what in one moment may feel like sacrifice is, in fact, the most powerful act that can be undertaken.

So you say, “Well, Lord, what am I supposed to do?” So I tell you: stay still, heal… yes, it is still underway… and get ready. No, not as in pack your bags. Unpack your heart even more.

And know that I am with you and I am with this planet, as clearly as I am with the Mother and Father, and I love you.

Go in peace, dear friend. Farewell.