You have said, “Mother, I will go and I will be a birther. I will be an agent of change and renewal, and I will anchor love, in form, on planet, in my ascended self.”

May is the month of the Mother, whether you think of the Divine Mother, or Mother Mary, or Quan Yin, her presence is really being felt.

If you remember during our last call, I started talking to you about this new form of diamond shield. This week Mother Mary started talking and referring to it as ‘Mary’s Shield’ and that’s what this diamond around us is. It’s this layer of protection that we’ve really never had before and it’s this level of reinforcement that is absolutely huge. So, as you recall how this shield works is that its’s like a diamond around us, and it’s clear… it’s not her Blue Diamond… it’s an absolutely clear glass, or diamond, a thick storm glass, or plexiglass. And absolutely everything that is not of love is bouncing off. And then what I am seeing at the four corners of that diamond is Mi-ka-el, Raphael, Uriel, Jophiel… they are posted, and their wings are full out in terms of this level of new protection. And, of course, Gabrielle is inside with us, as is the Mother, for that matter.

There is one theme front and center right now, and it is support… reach out and support one another… and take care of yourself. Then, always use your discernment front and center… does it feel like love? If not, step back and be the observer.

So, we can’t start the month of Mary without working with the blue…

So, close your eyes and feel yourself drifting, anchoring, zooming into your heart. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re going down, sliding a fire pillar for firemen, or you’re a penny drifting on the water to your heart. And let go, let go of the week, of the month, of the year… heck, let go of the decade… and go deeper.

Today we’re going to go inside. So, feel within the center of your heart that tiny pin-prick of light, and just like Superman or Wonder Woman, fly through that pin-prick of light, that portal to your heart, and go deep within. And as you stand at the entranceway to your sacred vault, which is usually golden, feel how it’s been washed by Blue Diamond, that the interior of your heart is gold and sparkly blue… sapphires, tanzanite, aqua, lapis, blue topaz. The interior of your heart is absolutely beautiful.

And before you go and sit down, take a moment, take a moment to look around to see what you put on those interior walls. What have you etched… what symbols, what phrases, what paintings, or sculpture? What did you put there to remind yourself of who you are and why you’re here? We know that our job as lightworkers and love-holders is to hold the center, to be the transmitters of the highest frequency and the highest vibration of love. But each of us has a beautiful, unique way in which we’re doing this. So, look around, look around and take a moment to appreciate your sweet self and at how far you’ve come… and how you’ve never given up, how you’ve always returned to your mission and purpose to fulfill your promise to yourself, and to the Mother/Father/One.

Now, go and find your seat. For some of you it’s a beautiful layered bed, a chair, a throne, a cushion, a hassock. Allow yourself to go and sit down and relax. Bring those shoulders down, relax your jaw, your hips, your knees, your ankles. Feel your feet on the floor of your heart.

And let’s take a couple of deep breaths of the beautiful Mary Blue, that dark midnight blue velvet, in through your nose and hold it… and then blow out, blow out anything that doesn’t feel like love, that doesn’t feel like Mother. Again, in through your nose… [and out]… and feel yourself with each breathe going deeper. Again, one more time… [breathe in], hold it, [and let it out].

And from that depth of your sweet heart we call the Mother forward, and our question to Her this day is really simple… “Mother, what else can I do? Mom, what else can I do to help? What can I do?” And stay within and simply listen, open, and receive. You may hear it. You may intuit it, or simply know it. What else can I do?

And when you have that, staying in your heart, declare yourself, declare your intention which is your prayer. If you’re not sure how you’re going to do it, what’s being asked of you, simply ask Her… She always has the answers. And receive. And I’m simply going to step aside and allow Her to address us…

Greetings, I AM Mare’, Universal Mother, Divine Mother, Mother of One, Mother of All, Mother of Change, Mother of Constancy, and yes, sweet angels of light, make no mistake about it… Mother of you, children of my heart, children of my womb, children of my energy birthed from love, children of change.

This is what you have come for, to implement the change and not merely to hold but to be the constancy of love, of truth, of peace, of joy, of One. I wish to speak to you this day about what it means to be a mother. Soon you will have this celebration called Mother’s Day, and I invite each and every one of you, male, female, child, grandparent, to celebrate your sacred self. Of course, to celebrate your mother, if you so choose, your sisters, your brothers, but to celebrate you as mother.

So often this title, this honor of ‘mother’ is couched in gentleness, and kindness, and comfort, and nurturing, and all of this is true. But what does it mean, the totality of being a mother? First and foremost, it means that you are a willing birther, male or female, that you are willing to birth the new. Yes, my plan is ancient, far beyond anything you can conceive of. But you have turned to me as I have turned to you, and you have said, “Mother, I will go and I will be a birther. I will be an agent of change and renewal, and I will anchor love, in form, on planet, in my ascended self.”

You are not the same person, individual, that you were yesterday, or a year ago, or ten years ago. And you most certainly are not the same person you were ten thousand years ago; and that is not, in any way, to diminish this journey that you have been taking back to me. Has it been easy? No. And that is why I speak of what does it mean to be a mother. It is not merely birthing. Yes, it most certainly is the nurturing. But it is also the sternness, the willingness as a parent to course correct. When you see your children veering in one direction or another that is not in keeping, not just with your vision but with theirs, the most difficult task of a mother is to be that voice of redirection.

One of the most difficult experiences of being a mother is to witness your children going awry or turning away from you, not in the way of assuming their path, their divine authority, their right to a life, but even that is sometimes difficult. To birth, to nurture, to feed, to water, and let go knowing that you have instilled within that being the love, the knowing, the trust that is required. And even when it is difficult to stand back and know in your inner self that the detour is not beneficial… you allow because that is what love does. After surrender comes acceptance, and after acceptance comes further surrender.

When I speak to you of unity and connectedness, of unity consciousness, I am not saying replicas are all march in the same line. I am saying the divine honoring of another’s choices, of another’s experiences, even perceptions, and the trusting that their discernment and their divine authority will lead them back to you, to me, to love. If it is not the choice of any being to not chose the love, or be the love in any given moment, this calls for greater, not lesser trust and love. Because as mother, as birther, you know what you have created; you know, and you trust that this is coming to fulfillment.

So, stand back as mother, as birther, and allow the choices, the decisions… knowing that love will win… it always does. And if you are waffling, if you are uncertain, turn to me as your Mother, as one who knows the trials and the triumphs of being the mother.

I am with you always, and in all ways. Go with my love. Go with my trust. And go with my joy. Farewell.