…this journey you call “life” and I have called “life” is not simply a matter of getting through. Oh, no! It is a matter of love, it is a matter of joy, it is a matter of compassion.

This beautiful gem is lovingly shared by Tom from his personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Jesus Sananda ~ This Journey Called Life

Greetings, I am Jesus Sananda, I am Jesus, I am Yeshua, beloved brother – beloved brother of magenta, magenta and blue, with heart of eternal emerald.

Yes, I stepped before your beloved M – and my beloved M, by the way, for there is no sweeter angel than this one – but I wished to come to take your hand, to touch your shoulder, to embrace you, to reassure you, to encourage you, to fortify you so that you fully understand that you do not walk alone.

Oh yes, you say you know this, and intellectually and spiritually you do, but you do not know the fullness of it. I do not say this, beloved friend, in ways of criticism, quite the contrary. I say this because I want you to know how fully accompanied, in and out of form, you truly are and that this journey you call “life” and I have called “life” is not simply a matter of getting through. Oh, no! It is a matter of love, it is a matter of joy, it is a matter of compassion.

You have mentioned to the channel how you have begun, sweet one, to very… might I say ‘narrowly’… give yourself permission to simply be – to play with the trains, to gaze at the sky, or even to navel-gaze. You know, I have spoken a great deal, yes, through this channel and through other channels, about how, when I have walked the Earth as man, I have chosen not simply or merely to retreat one time for 40 days into the desert, but that I did this repeatedly, and that it was absolutely necessary for my journey and for the journey of humanity and for what I came to do – and continue to do, by the way – with this collective. Now you are about to retreat into the wilderness, into the place of isolation, and let me say this blessed sweet isolation.

I loved and I continue to love my family for they were a gift, and are a gift, for we continue on in many different ways together. And it is funny – even before I talk about retreat – how, so often in reference to my life as Jesus, there is talk of family and friends and teaching, but one of the greatest gifts I had with my family and friends was laughter and play!

Nothing raises the frequency more quickly, more rapidly and more fully than play, than laughter, than sweet laughter by children. And, as you well know, there is nothing better than children. They can be your own or grandchildren or those of friends, or simply watching at the store. There is nothing sweeter than watching children at play and engaging with them in this simplicity of being engaged and in the joy – not because of complexity, nor just the simplicity, but because of the purity.

I have so much I would wish to speak to you about but let me continue about the retreat. It is your time not merely to reflect but to play – and in the beauty, the wilderness, and the wildness of both your own sacred self and of Gaia, to rediscover that purity.

So many human beings think that joy is not only illusive but that it is somehow complex, and yet, in truth, joy is perhaps one of the clearest, simplest, purest energies. It is sheer golden, pure sheer energy, and it can literally be inhaled. And it can be inhaled quickly and rapidly when you are not distracted, when your mind is not always meandering – and when you allow yourself truly to be in the infinite eternal moment, because that infinite eternal moment is not just filled with love, it is filled with joy.

Now, also, before I step aside for your sweet M, I wish to talk to you about compassion because this is one of the primary Divine Qualities not only that you carry but that you are. It is not a heavy burden. In fact, within compassion there is the perfect ability to find balance and to be able to deeply, profoundly, infinitely connect on a heart-to-heart, feel-to-feel level, and to know, to support, to encourage another, but not assume.

But what I wish to speak to you of is the growing compassion for yourself. Is there a need for great compassion during this time of transition? Yes, there most certainly is. For those that have been distracted or lost their way, forgotten, detoured, yes, compassion is the key. There is no life without compassion.

But what I am asking you my brother, my friend, my ally, my boots on the ground – what I ask of you is to have compassion with and for your sweet, beloved, gentle, strong self. Let go. Give it to me. Give it to our Mother. Let go of these harsh opinions. I will not use the word ‘judgments’ but certainly you have some very strong opinions, yes, certainly about the outside world, but I am talking about yourself.

You are exactly where you have need to be. And yes, we and I – I – am taking you, sweet one, on retreat – not to pray for forgiveness for your sins but to play, to talk to the trees and the water and the dirt and the sky, and to your sacred self – to give so and to fully, fully receive the messages of love that I give you each and every day.

I would be remiss if I did not tell you how proud I am of you that you have come during this period of one of the most difficult times, perhaps the most difficult time, upon this planet and far beyond to re-anchor my messages of love and your messages of love – and not just to transmit it as a message but to fully embrace and embody it, because love is not a distant cousin but the essence of who you are. And as you allow that, as you embrace that, my beloved friend, you are embracing me and I am embracing you.

You are so loved. Go in peace. I step aside. Farewell.