What do you value? What do you wish to pursue? How do you wish to live, to create, to co-create on Nova Earth?

This beautiful channelled gem is lovingly shared by Hualani from her personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Universal Mother ~ The Question Being Posed of Humanity is “What is Important?”

Greetings, I am Mary, I am Mare, Universal Mother, Mother of Hope, Mother of Change, Mother of Love, Mother of Oceans, Mother of Sky and Mother, sweet angel, of thee. Welcome!

Welcome, beloved daughter, sweet angel of light, sweet angel of love, bringer of change, healer and teacher, anchor to bring forth the Divine, the love, to be able to teach the human beings, to remind them, to assist them in remembering how to move with the currents of time, with the currents of my ocean, with the currents of air that move across the sky – whether it is the wind or the gentle peace, for all these are gifts.

Sweet angel, you are doing well. You are anchored in your heart, and yes, very importantly right now… or always!… you are anchored in your body, in your form. You know that you have always been connected to me, to Gaia, to this Earth plane – but it is the Earth plane of the New, of the renewed, of the reborn.

We have been, even in our understanding, enormously patient with the human race, for we do not interfere or override free will, free choice. But there are situations, bright one, that can very strongly, as you well know, influence or shine a light into how free choices are made – and yes, that is exactly what is transpiring at this time – as the question being posed to all of humanity is: “What do you value? What do you wish to pursue? How do you wish to live, to create, to co-create on Nova Earth?”

My sweet daughter, Gaia, has endured and endured, and finally she is being given a chance to literally take a deep cleansing breath that she might be restored and renewed. Yes, this pause is all about the Gaians making choices, but it is also to give a reprieve to my beloved daughter, Gaia, and for the humans – even those that are the naysayers or deniers – to give them the opportunity to see how she replenishes, regenerates, and resurrects far more rapidly than they assume.

And these assumptions are based in the human assumptions of how energy and how a mighty Archangel can rise again from the ashes. Even the brilliant science, it is incomplete at best!

Now you have come, my beloved daughter, not only to swim in my Infinite Ocean of Time, but to swim not only in me but within me and to join in the miracle of creation and the miracle of joy, one of the most profound gifts I can ever share with you.

And you have realised within your heart and mind, and even within your cellular structure, what is possible… not just what a potential might be… but what is quite literally possible to be claimed right here, right now in your life and in your life as wayshower, to share with humans and to assist them in their awakening.

You have always known that you would light the way for a renewal, and yes, not restricted to but certainly bringing forth many of the gifts of Lemuria. These gifts, yes, some would say they were lost. I would suggest that they were stored – not only under the waves, not only in the crystals, but in the hearts of those who have lived and thrived and embraced Lemuria as physical beings – not merely as wispy, amorphous energies, because this planet that I have birthed and that Gaia has assumed is intended to be a planet of physical experience of love and light… physical, mental, emotional… I make no separation. Those are human separations and it is time for them to be gone because there is no separation. …

The importance of Mother in so many ways has been lost, undervalued, overlooked, underestimated. And yes, of course, on this primarily feminine planet, the restoration takes place… not to replace what you think of as ‘masculine’… but to bring into balance not just what people have thought of as Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine – yes, we can talk about that – but let us also first talk about Mother and Father that get so often overlooked, as I have said.

The paradigm, the pattern, the tapestry, the formula has been given eons and eons and eons and eons ago, so when I speak to you of Mother and Father – big ‘M’, small ‘m’, big ‘F’, small ‘f’ – I am talking about the profound, deep, necessary, important role of Mother.

Now you know this – you have known this for a long time and you have held this energy. And it is not merely single-faceted, as some like to say, “Well, the Mother is the nurturer.” Yes, that is entirely true and correct, but I am also ancient wisdom; I am the ability to change, to grow, to birth the new, to hold the old and to share all of it.

I AM the Teacher. I AM the Role Model. I AM the Mentor. I AM the Healer.

There is little difference between the child who at five falls and skins their knees and the woman, or the person, the man who falls at 20 or 40 or 80 and breaks their heart. You do not run to a surgeon. You turn to me and you turn to Mother because there is nothing… there is nothing… that is comparable to Mother Love.

And it is not restricted to those that have or have not had children or grandchildren. It is a quality; it is a quality of quiet wisdom and gentle, happy laughter. It is the ability to do what needs to be done to create the sacred space of home, whether it is a room in a megalopolis or whether it is the planet herself.

The role of Mother is renewed and resurrected to be given the value that it deserves and that it offers. And similarly with Father, which again became devolved into masculine power and abuse of power and ego – and you and I, the Divine Father, the Divine Masculine… small ‘f’ father… that has nothing to do with it.

And so it is all about the balance because the Father attends as well. And there is strength – and it is not physical strength or necessarily physical prowess; it is the ability to attend, not in submission and not in overriding authority, but to attend to the Mother and to the family. This has always been the pattern, and it is the pattern that was lost – almost – upon this realm and that is being restored.

That is why we have removed you – all of you – from the busyness. It is to take a breath, just as Gaia is taking a breath, and to look around and be able to say, “This is what is important!”