And the gift in this Pause – and I do not call it “virus”, I call it “The Pause” – the gift is to pause long enough to truly decide, individually and collectively, how you wish to live, how you choose to live, and how you will choose to implement what you choose!

At the behest of the Mother, this beautiful channelled gem is lovingly shared by Elle from her personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Divine Mother ~ I Do Not Call It “Virus” But “The Pause”

Greetings, I am Mary, Universal Mother, Divine Mother, Mother of Love, Mother of One, Mother of All. Welcome, sweet angel.

I simply step with and before your beloved to embrace you, to nurture you, to comfort you – not that you require comfort, but who does not require comfort? Whether it is a cosy blanket or a cup of tea, a beautiful sunrise or sunset, whether it is the sound of the dog moving about or running on the beach – who does not require, yearn for, need comfort!

When you are in the comfort of your own sweet self, of your own divinity, of your own situation, of your own place not only upon the planet but within the Cosmos… when you are not comfortable with who you are, then you are in a place not of positive questioning but in the abeyance of connectedness.

Even if you are in the midst of massive turmoil, of phenomenal upheaval – whether it is on current planet or in ancient Atlantis – if you do not find the comfort within your own skin, within your own realm, within your own expanded body, etc, then you are not feeling capable and competent of truly proceeding, of truly finding not only this or that but the bigger totality of what you are capable of. ‘Comfort’ and ‘capable’ go together.

You and this channel, my other daughter, have spoken of integrity, of the alignment with ethical behaviour, with truth. Now, integrity is not always easy. It comes as naturally as breathing, but there are times when integrity also means creating situations where there is a sense or a moment of conflict because the ethical choices of your planet matter, and so things can no longer be slid under the rug.

Now, for you, my beloved one, integrity – that deep, bedrock presence of integrity – is your comfort zone and is in alignment not only with me but with Mi-ka-el, with the truth, with the peace, with the hope, with the love.

Truth – yes, there can be various interpretations of the truth, but they are not radical; they are not sensational. In fact, what is funny about this is that truth as a standalone simply is; it does not really require translation or interpretation because it is a standalone, obvious to everyone who anchors within their being, within the love, within their Divine Authority. And truth incorporates my hope.

So we are not talking about transient interpretations of what is transpiring. It is aligning and adhering to the standalone truth – and the standalone Truth, sweet one, is only Love.

We find it very curious [chuckling] when human beings say, “Well, that is your truth, but it is not mine.” So, in other words, it is a statement not of comfort but of leniency. And we do not mean in terms of mercy, we mean ego: “Well, you can have your interpretation and I can have mine, and we do not need to set our course according to love but rather how we feel. We may manoeuvre.” No! No!

So stand back, sweet one, which you have and you are doing, because the beacon of truth – not of shenanigans – is beaming across the land, across the oceans, into the hearts and minds of all beings.

The rebirth, the reset – the Pause – is and has been absolutely necessary in order for people, human beings of all sorts, to truly decide what is in value, what is in integrity, what is in love.

One of the things that happened in ancient Atlantis was that there was no pause until it was too late. There was so much [sigh] intrigue… jockeying for power… not in alignment with the Truth but with personal truth, which is the inconsistency. People did not stop long enough to see, and to acknowledge, and to choose what was truly important to their hearts. They simply kept going full tilt until it was too late.

There are turning points in the history of every planet and collective – and this is a turning point. And the gift in this pause – and I do not call it “virus”, I call it “the Pause” – the gift is to pause long enough to truly decide, individually and collectively, how you wish to live, how you choose to live, and how you will choose to implement what you choose!

It requires radical choice, radical restructuring, not as a riptide in my Infinite Ocean but in the gentle tides, the gentle currents, the currents of change.

We are with you every step of the way.