A synopsis of the high points of Linda’s chat before the Archangel Michael channeling:

LD: Mother Mary, the Divine Mother, the Universal Mother has been very very present, particular in the last week or so… on Thursday I was doing a channeling and She came forward and said, “I am issuing a clarion call…” We put that on the website because of its urgency. Each of us in our own way are really being asked to “step up and hold the light”.

Archangel Michael and the Mother were reminding me that we are ‘light-holders’ and ‘love-holders’ and that’s why they changed some of the terminology some years ago… that the biggest piece of what we’re doing especially right now, is simply holding the light, not taking sides, not going into the drama, not going down the rabbit hole but literally just holding the center and shining the light and being the light and really remaining in our Divine Authority. Be the beamers… that’s our job!

The other thing that occurred this week is that we are really hearing from the Healers of Tralana and the Halion Engineers. Tralana was a planet… a long long time ago… that evolved, both the physical planet, all the kingdoms on that planet, and the beings like us… they were humanoid… evolved to sheer energy. And they decided in their rays of consciousness that what they were going to do was travel the universe and do healing – that’s why they’re called the Healers of Tralana. So, think about it… these are planetary energies that are literally penetrating Earth right now and working with us.

Same with Halion Engineers. Halion was a planet and what they did when they evolved to sheer energy was, they decided that their mission was going to be construction, architecture, building. And so, they build structure… physical structure, mental, emotional, big aspect structure. They help us build new communities. They help us build Cities of Light. They help us build Nova Earth.

As I was listening to the chats with them, the enormity of what they were saying to us really hit because all week they’ve been saying now we’re really in our full monty because you’re ready to accept the help we are giving. Now we know, here on Gaia, that what we’re doing in terms of ascension, in form, on planet, the higher consciousness, higher dimensional reality, has never been done before. And that’s the message that the Halions and the Healers of Tralana were really bringing forth this morning. They are saying, we evolved into sheer energy and consciousness, but we’re here to help you because what you’re doing is actually maintaining form and that hasn’t been done before.

So, we have two planets, and god knows how much else, that is actually here assisting us to do our job. It’s massive…

So, how these beings, the Healers of Tralana are like those sparklies that you see on the water or on the ocean… silver, gold, copper… and they come in through your throat… they don’t need direction, they go and do whatever it is that needs to be done. And then the Halions, they actually don’t even need to come through your throat, they can come through any of your chakras, and they will go and help you with reconstruction, or construction, or the architecture of your very being. And they can help you in constructing your new communities, your Cities of Light, your classes, whatever it is you are doing.

So, what they are saying is us, as humanity, as light-holders, love-holders, and humanity generally has never been this open to healing and to reconstruction. So, they are offering, this generous big huge heart offering to really assist us in where we are right now.

So, it’s not just about being sick, that would be the least of it… although the fear of Covid-19, people are feeling far more vulnerable. So, in that, they are opening up and wanting to be fortified… everyone’s talking about how you can fortify your immune system… so it’s this huge invitation and we really need to take some time in the coming weeks and start bringing in the Healers of Tralana and the Halion Engineers into your heart, into your body, into your work, into your community, because they can help!

This week I was talking with somebody and Gabrielle has suggested that for a really good “panic meditation” we always go to the 13th Octave, we anchor in our hearts, and in doing circular breathing… in through your nose, out through your mouth… breathe in the Blue Diamond until you start to feel calm. And then, as soon as you start to feel calm, what we do is we shift it to a very, very soft pink, like a baby pink, and then we do that same circular breathing until you feel… you move from calm to peace. So, first the Blue Diamond… anchor in your heart… Blue Diamond… pink, soft pink.

The other thing that I have seen, and yes, we are certainly, and we have been told that it’s in the air… the panic’s in the air, the feelings of displacement is in the air, so it’s difficult right now to say, “Well, I just won’t feel it!” Because that’s just denial, you will feel it at times.

The other thing I’ve noticed in my personal rule of three… when I do a reading and I get 1, 2, 3, and this I’ve probably had 6 or 7… is that I’m seeing a different shield that people are being given, and it’s beautiful. And it’s like a diamond shape on a deck of cards, only the shield is like a beautiful crystal shield, it’s totally clear, it’s crystal, and it’s strong. And what I’m seeing, with variations depending on who it is, is that I’m seeing at each point of the diamond the sentries… well for me it’s Mi-Ka-El, Raphael, Uriel, Jophiel, and inside with me is Gabrielle. But they’re standing there, and they are like sentries… they are in full protection mode, their wings are wide out.

So, start looking for your new shield that’s in that diamond shape and be using it… it’s beautiful crystal, it’s gorgeous! And make sure around your room, around your chair, that you’re using, that you’re calling in, not only the archangels, but the masters, and your favorites, your guides, your guardians, because that’s going to help as well.

Let’s do that breathing together, of the Blue Diamond and then into the soft pink… So, put your hands together and take yourself to the 13th Octave… take us all to the 13th Octave…click… click… click… And breathe the blue, that sparkly Blue Diamond that is literally the essence of the Mother. And then, into the pink, that soft rose petal pink, like the blush on a baby’s cheeks, or the hint of pink in a sunrise…


Greetings, I AM Michael, Archangel of Peace, Warrior of Love, Bringer of News. Welcome, welcome my beloveds. You are also the Warriors of Peace, the Carriers of Love, the Communicators of One, the anchors of the new, the respecters of the old, judicious, discerning, and anchored in your heart.

Feel when you sense this level of distraction that you literally bring yourself down into your hearts, away from the ego, away from the mental body which wishes to gather more attention, more power, more distraction. But that is not what I come to speak of primarily this day.

But I also encourage you to call on us… not merely my Legion of Blue, but the Mother’s Legions of Light. And yes, as the channel has said, those Legions of Light include, not merely your star brothers and sisters, my star brothers and sisters, the seraphs, the cherubs, it includes literal planets, galaxies, planetary systems that come to assist you at this time of need.
You are in the time of transition; you are in the time of becoming; you are in the time, beloveds, of being reborn. Like the phoenix rising from the ashes, the phoenix does not declare itself and say, “No, no, let me stay here a little while longer. Let me chew on this dry ashes and false hopes.” No! There is a resurrection, a reclamation, recalibration. You are being reconstructed from the inside out, from the ground up, from the top down… and when I say “you”, of course I mean you my beloved brothers and sisters, but I also mean each and every being upon this planet.

This is the journey of love. The warrior of love does not sit in judgment, does not know the meaning of punishment or revenge… it does not belong to us, it never has. It is so critically important, beloveds, that you check check that you are not falling into any form of judgment of what is transpiring. First of all, because what is transpiring in this unfoldment of our beloved Mother’s Plan is far bigger, far larger, more powerful than you can imagine. There are pieces that you are being shown, and that is for your highest good. It is to expand your awareness, to expand your heart, not to narrow it, but it is far grander. It is difficult to imagine what you do not conceive of.

Yes, the Mother has been encouraging you. I am encouraging you to dream your fondest dream, to follow your heart’s desires, to claim your Divine Authority, and to be in a position to step forward, to lead as a shepherd does, to gather, to nurture, to comfort, and to show the way out of the darkness into the light. There is no room and there is no desire within the Divine Plan for retribution.

There is plenty of spaciousness for celebration, for reward, for the feeling of knowing that what you came for has, and is, being accomplished. Never has it been more important for you to remain the observer… not ignoring your beautiful intellect, your wisdom, ancient and divine, but in that wisdom to know the truth is all that matters. Do not allow your sweet self to be distracted by the chaos, by the drama, by what the Mother has called, yes, the melee. Ignore it and stay within your heart, stay within your divinity.

You are the bedrock. You are the foundation upon which Nova Earth is being built… not will be built… is being built. And you see it in each other! Cherish that. Build upon that. Embrace that and then stand back and be the observer. And then, when you are moved to participate, do so in ways that are kind and loving and considerate and compassionate.

When I have been sent, long ago, to retrieve, to bring home, many of the fallen angels, do you really think I went to them and created greater chaos? Or, sat in judgment chastise them? Blamed them for the dislocation of family? No. What was supposed to be a mission of mercy was truly a mission of family reunion, of reintegration, of joy… to embrace those that wished to come back to the light but had lost their way and weren’t sure how to or if they would be welcomed.

It was with such profound joy and deep honoring that I was tasked with this, that I could embrace my brothers and sisters and say, “Let us begin again!” And we did, and we are, and we have. And that is what you are doing… you are bringing the peace, you are bringing the love, and you are anchoring the divinity.

I am with you as you are with us. Call on us as the Mother has called on you. Go with my love. Go [with] my honoring. You are cherished. Farewell.