Yeshua has once again requested I post this wonderful Easter morning. It’s amazing how the channels are timeless and how appropriate this powerful message from Jesus Sananda about the continuity of life and Love is right now. Enjoy! xxx Linda

Greetings, I am Jesus Sananda; I am Yeshua, brother of your heart and brother of your soul and brother of your journey. Welcome, my dear friends.

I come to speak to you this day of several things, but I wish to begin by welcoming you to this time of resurrection, for it is not simply my symbolic or actual resurrection that we celebrate at this time, it is the resurrection of Gaia, it is the resurrection of you, it is the resurrection of Nova Being and Nova Earth and Nova Reality. My brothers and sisters, I am pleased to come to you in this time of the pause between the death and resurrection, because this the place where the formulation of the new takes place, this is the place of the infusion, the fertilization, the fulfilment of the dream, that can explode forward into the physical reality.

There has been much said and much written about my resurrection, about my return from the dead and much written about this occurrence as a sign of my divinity. But have you ever wondered, or looked at it from a different perspective about why I would choose to do that? For it has been always known that there is a cycle of life, a cycle of rebirth, the continuity of spirit in new and various forms, in and out. So what did I wish to show you? I wished to show you my friends, not only my divinity but yours. I chose to come back, to appear; that you would know of my Love and continuation in your life, whether I was in or out of form. I also wished to remind you of your own sacred divinity and that you would follow in my footsteps and it would not matter whether you were Jew, Hittite, Syrian, Galilean, it would not matter if you were Roman or Greek. You would follow in my footsteps and you would know that you would be resurrected as well, that death is the illusion and the continuity, the everlasting life, of spirit is the truth of Love. This is especially important to understand upon this beautiful planet of Earth. The cycles of life, and particularly right now, are all around you. Gaia has taught you this – every year! There is a time of being in the pause, being fallow, allowing the creation of the new bud, the new shoot to take place, so that the blossoming can occur again, so that the journey, the miraculous, joyful journey, back to the Light can occur again and again and again and again.

This channel has thought yesterday that I would speak of my crucifixion and of my death, and of the importance of that. That is not what I wish to speak about; there is enough talk of death and destruction. I wish to talk to you about life, and about the embrace of your everlasting life. When I say to you, when the Mother says to you, when Yahweh says to you, when your guides say to you, when the Council says to you, ‘we know your essence, we love your essence and we have known and loved it forever’, we are talking of this brilliant light, this angel, this soul, that has been part of our family forever. That cannot be broken. It will not be broken; no spoke will bend, let alone break. You are together as one, and you are together as one in life and death. We have spoken to you of the partnership of our side and yours. Simply because I do not manifest in physical form in front of you lately does not mean that I am not standing right there with you. Michael walks the Earth in diligence, and the tide is turning in his initiative of peace even as we speak.

So my message to you this day is do not let your hope die, do not let your light die, hold it. And when it is a fallow time, when it is a time a time of regeneration, when you have need to go into your cocoon, do so and nurture the light that it will burn brightly yet again. Simply because you are not burning like a comet across the sky does not mean you cease to exist. Love all portions, all cycles, and all parts, of yourself knowing that your continuity in the cycle of existence of life – and life – forever hereafter is an expression of your divinity. .

When I have left this planet as Yeshua, most of you have cried tears of bitterness, and you have cursed your enemies in the dark, and you have experienced a sense of abandonment. That is why I did not wish to speak about my death this day, but rather my return, because it was the knowing that I continued on with you that was important. I gave you everything I had, no I don’t mean my life, I mean my Love, my understandings, my teachings, my time, my energy, my healing, I gave you everything I had. I gave you the 13 blessings and virtues along with Mary, long ago, so that you would have the tools to continue, so that you would not feel the need to struggle, that you would not curse the darkness. I gave this to you because I knew you would again carry on. And my beloved friends, that is what I am asking of you, to carry on, to carry on my most basic of teachings to love and cherish and honour and respect yourself as others. And in this way to create the peace that is the announcement of the new way.

If you do not cherish yourself, if you do not allow for yourself, if you do not allow for others, you do not love others. No, this does not mean allowing yourself to be abused, for part of honouring yourself is the clarity of what is acceptable and what is not. The time of crucifixion, of killing one another, for political or religious beliefs is over. So celebrate, celebrate the resurrection of Earth, of you, and my beloved friends, of me. I am with you. Farewell.

Channelled by Linda Dillon