… prayer, meditation, ritual, are necessary… but so is action…

What I was guided to do today is to begin sending LaHoChi energy to the people in despondency and despair, but also what we’re really sending is the infusion of hope, and well-being, and the knowingness, the connection to the knowingness.

So, go down into your heart and anchor there in your beautiful, magnificent tri-flame, in your Pink Diamond self, in your divine authority, in your divine knowing. and feel the embrace of the Mother’s Blue Diamond, and the embrace of the Father’s Gold Diamond. And because this is 13th Octave LaHoChi let’s go together to the 13th Octave with three clicks… let’s go and stay there while we do this transmission…click… click… click…

13th Octave LaHoChi Prayer
Divine Source, Mother/Father/God, we call forth ourselves into the light,
We call forward a clearing, we call forward the illuminant, radiant form of our souls
Through the light of Christ and the Holy Spirit
To guide, direct and take us into the spiritual heart of God.
And to bring forth joy, peace, and love
Within ourselves individually and collectively.
We call forth the cooperative spirit of unity
The light, love, and wisdom of LaHoChi,
The LaHoChi Master, the Council of Love, the angels and archangels
Of pure consciousness, and all beings of the light of the Highest
To assist us individually and collectively.
We call forth the healing and that which is our next step
In spiritual growth for our highest good.
We give thanks to the Holy Spirit
For our transmutation and transformation
Through the divine light.
We give thanks for perfect alignment
Within our spirit, soul, and personality.
We, this sacred circle, come together in one unifying energy
As one heart, one mind, one will, and one light.
Amen. Amen. And amen.

Now, staying in our hearts, let’s dive deep into the blue, into the blue of the Mother, the blue of Gaia, the blue of Mi-ka-el, and even the blue of Gabrielle… breathe that Blue Diamond.

And, let’s go down to the beach today, let’s go down to the ocean, whether it’s the Chesapeake Bay, or the Atlantic Ocean, or the Pacific, the Indian Ocean, the Caribbean. From that beautiful turquoise to the deepest navy blue to the Indian… even the Sea of Galilee is calling us and the Mediterranean.

So, choose your sea or ocean and walk down to the water’s edge and walk right in… don’t even hesitate… dive, or splash, or wade into the ocean that speaks to your very heart. And feel yourself caressed, and nurtured, and loved, not only by Gaia, not only by the Mother’s infinite ocean of time, but by the Mother herself. Pay attention to the quality of the water that you feel caressing your skin, touching, feeling the crevasses, your hair, your underarms, your tummy, your crotch, your knees… feel the water.

And in the currents of your ocean feel the Mother’s Tsunami of Love. Today this is coming to us not as a massive wave that we ride but as a current that is so strong and pervasive that it comes directly into us… not just around us but into us, through us, filling us, reminding us we are the Mother and the Mother is us… spiritually, genetically, every way in which you can imagine. We have volunteered and we have assumed this sacred energy of Mother/Father/One into our very core.

So, you’re in the water and I want you to go on your back in this delicious saltwater. Turn over and float, feel your hair like mermaids, seaweed, sway in the water. Your crown is wide open… all your chakras are. Feel this energy fill you. Let it grow; let it expand as you move out into the ocean, into the waves, so that sense of separation is completely gone. And if you feel like it, roll over and dive deep or stay on your back and dive into the bluebird sky; fly as high, as wide, as you want… because you can, because you choose to, because this is part of the realm of our choices.

Let this water, this air, this blue air, invigorate you and fill you with such hopefulness, such knowing of what lies ahead that you feel and you are communicating it out through your very pores, through your field, through your massive interdimensional, multidimensional self. Send it out! Send out the good news of hope across the planet in waves of blue. Help the Mother with her Tsunami… the gentleness that creates resilience and excitement, not fear. And feel the sense of genuine power that you have, that you can do this and that you are doing this. And then relax and float.

And then when you’re ready simply swim, or wade, or jump, or ride the waves back to the shore of your ocean. Don’t turn and walk away, sit down by the water’s edge, whether it’s sand or a boulder or a rocky ledge, sit down and give the deepest gratitude and thanks for the gift of your essential self, and for your ability, for our ability, to co-create this change.

Greetings, I AM Mary, Universal Mother, Mother of Change, Mother of Hope, Mother of Constancy, Mother of One. And yes, I remind you, yet again, sweet angels of light, Mother of you! That is never going to change. And it matters not where you go, or how far you travel, what you do, or what you don’t do, I am with you, I am with you in the deepest honoring, admiration, and love.

Do you think as Mother that I only show up when you are doing something, taking the actions that are so admirable? No. Whether you are resting, whether you are sleeping, whether you are grieving, whether you are despondent, I am with you.

Many of you have felt and are feeling that things are not happening rapidly enough. Well, all of you have always been very impatient and this is part of the reason why you are on planet, in form, at this time of such transition and change and rebirth. And so, I say to you, yes, as mid-wife and as Mother, it is time to exit the birth canal and to emerge, yes, as New You, as Nova Being, into the wonder, not only of a planet, Gaia, that is finally, in many ways, ejecting, birthing, it is time for you within your time and within mine to step forth and take action… concerted, laser-focus, determined, clear, purposeful action.

So, while I do not discourage thee to go to the store and smile at everybody… yes, this is good action… but is it in alignment with the full power, the full capacity, of who you are as ascending, ascended 7th dimensional, 10th dimensional, 11th dimensional, 1st dimensional angels? No.

Stop hesitating regardless of ray, regardless of talent. You have brought to this place, within the multi-galaxies, phenomenal capacity whether you are portal, or way-shower, or pillar, you have brought all you need to complete.

You have completed, shall we say, one section, not only of your journey but of the collective journey. You are in new time and in this, not only do I walk with you, not only do I plead with you… I accompany you; I encourage you; I support you. Let me do so as you do your part… yes, prayer, meditation, ritual, are necessary… but so is action.

So, this is my call to action. Each and every day, in all realms, all behaviors, all industries, in everything you do, you do it in my name as I do it in yours. You are born creator from Creator Source. Let us proceed as family. Let us assist, not only the humans, the animals, the elements, let us assist our beloved Gaia in being allowed to demonstrate and fulfill the totality of who she is. Interdimensional star-port… that is her purpose.

Let us play, let us rollick in the waves; let us climb the highest mountains; let us go together into the cities and heal the hearts… that is the worst virus. It is the human belief in brokenness, in incompletion. So yes, the healing begins, but dearest heart so does the fulfillment.

Go with my love. Farewell.