575469_311126035624982_179181975486056_759054_1209372089_nEvery year I sit in quiet anticipation of Valentine’s Day – one of my favorite days of the year – and the COL’s all-time bestest day ever. It’s the special day I think of as the Council’s birthday – as Archangel Gabrielle has said to me, the only day when Love is truly celebrated on Earth. Once again, my Gabby nudged me to look at my archives and post this Valentine’s message which is an excerpt from a Heavenly Blessing podcast.

The message of Love never changes. From the Divine Mother to Yeshua to St. Germaine, Archangel Michael, the message of Love doesn’t change. Has it expanded? Yes! I love that it is our beloved Jesus Sananda, Yeshi, who steps forward to bring us his message for this special day. I always feel because Yeshua has walked the Earth he understands all the many levels and ways in which Love is expressed and experienced here.

Our Love and the Love is growing and morphing – we are expressing and experiencing it in all kinds of way – with each other, the collective, the kingdoms and most certainly with Gaia. Love is omnipresent and infinite. Can you feel it?

My St. Valentine’s wish for you to feel the Love, and how it is growing and expressing in your life every day. We are united in heart.
Today we stand up and declare our Love not only for our unseen friends and our beloved Gaia – we express it for each other – this day of Love and celebration. Happy Valentine’s Day Gaia. From my heart to yours, all my love, xxxx Linda