When you see the genuine, deep, profound transformation, applaud it, laud it, transmit it across the airwaves. Celebrate it!

A fabulous channelled gem shared by Susan from her personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Archangel Michael ~ Pay Attention To The Transformation And Celebrate It!

Archangel Michael: Greetings, I am Michael, Archangel of Peace, Warrior of Love, Bringer of News. Welcome, beloved.

Susan: Welcome to you, Michael!

AAM: Sweet angel of light, sweet angel of blue, patience is and has been your standard, your strength, your bedrock – patience and hope and trust – and for this as always I commend you, I reinforce you. But, as my beloved sister Gabrielle will say, sometimes impatience is also a good thing!

S: I have enough of that, that’s true!

AAM: And it is good because what it means is you also see, feel, know, inhabit, embody, welcome the vision, the Plan. And in that impatience, balanced with patience, comes the spur to activity, to engagement with others – with us – but I mean with the humans as well.

And so it is this sense of balance, sweet one, and it is this teeter-totter/seesaw effect that you will go from impatience to stillpoint to patience to stillpoint – but it is not travelling to the end of the seesaw, ever. And I only say this, not because that is what you are doing – you are in the centre, and it is in the centre of all of this where you anchor and, beloved dear heart, where you belong!

If the centre point, if the lighthouse, if the cell tower, if the beacon of hope is not clearly anchored in the centre, beaming out, providing light and energy and the transmission of love and, yes, patience and impatience, then people do not know in the human realm which direction to move in, how to proceed, where to look. And you provide this, and you provide it in a way of balance, of equilibrium.

You provide it in a way that is not the blinding direct light of a halogen beam, or the dim light of a 20 watt bulb. You do this in the measure, not only… let us be very clear about this… not only in the measure of who you are, but in the measure of how someone else – yes, this collective you call the humans – how they need and require it.

So let us explain. Sometimes there is a being, a person, known or unknown, that needs the 125 megawatt bulb and that is exactly what they get from you. And sometimes the same individual, who is tired and weary and feeling exhausted, only wants a 70 watt bulb and that is what you give them. And it is simultaneous!

We want you to understand the magnitude of how you are working on the subtle levels. At the same time as you, as the lighthouse, and many are performing this function, someone else, elsewhere across the planet in India or China or Australia, needs the 1,000 watt bulb and that is what you give them… or the 10 watt bulb, or the flickering candlelight, and that is what you give them!

You are not only demonstrating, beaming, at the rate of who you are; you are transmitting to others at the level that is compatible, acceptable, able to integrate to other people. And that, sweet one, is an enormous gift.

And let us say something further. Sometimes… alright, let us concede – often! [laughing]… you may feel that a certain situation, environment, collective behaviour, or individual behaviour requires a 1,000 watt bulb. That is your own soul inclination; you would like to beam the light so brightly that it brings into clear focus rigidity, strong relief, to the attention of not only those involved but to everybody.

Now, there are times when that occurs, but by and large, sweet one, the sweetness of your nature – the bringer of peace; you, the peaceful warrior with me – brings to the people, to the environment, to the situation, to the behaviour what is not going to cause discomfort, what is not going to cause rebellion, what is not going to cause rejection.

So, sometimes… alright, often!… it is softer than you would think would be useful. But you aren’t doing – and we aren’t doing – what we think we want; we are giving what is needed to that individual. Now, does this sometimes create a longer, in your reference, timeline? The answer is “yes”.

But when you attack – because a brilliant light sometimes is viewed as an attack – so when you attack recalcitrants with the brightest light, for example, then what occurs? The person becomes more recalcitrant, more resistant. So we turn it down in ways that are soft and encouraging and non-threatening, but deeply deeply effective.

Now also at this time – we are just talking about what you and my blue warriors are doing – at the same time, do not think that there are not multiple approaches on multiple fronts because, at the same time, bright angel, they are without reserve being penetrated by the Mother’s Tsunami of Love. And that is transforming them right down to the cellular level in a very practical, not merely esoteric, but in a very practical way. And they are seeking kindness and gentleness, and they are exhausted of cruelty and abuse.

At the same time, they are being gifted and penetrated by the Star Beings and their energy of Porlana C. Never has this been stronger upon the planet. So there is a multifaceted approach to this transformation that is well well well underway. And yes, if you think, beloved one, that you are impatient, have a look at me! [Laughter]

But – now there are some that are receiving that 1,000 watt bulb because the time, yours and ours, for subtlety is over. And in many of these situations, what you will witness is that the individual, many individuals, are simply choosing to leave and that is fine. They are returning home to the light, to the love, to be reintegrated, reflect, work from this side because many… it is not because they are deficient or recalcitrant… they are simply tired.

So there are those that are returning, and there are those that – in the bright light being shone either on the individual or the situation or the behaviour, or all of the above – are truly before your eyes transforming. And this is what we are asking you – and all of you, by the way – to truly pay attention to.

Yes, you see the recalcitrants, but also see and witness… and credit… the transformation where it is obvious – not make-believe, because many are simply making up stories and it is make-believe transformation, and that is not of truth or peace or anything that is of love. But when you see the genuine, deep, profound transformation, applaud it, laud it, transmit it across the airwaves. Celebrate it!

We have talked to you many times about celebration but one soul, one being, not just those in the public eye – one being who rises above the pain and suffering – this is to be celebrated!

Too many upon your planet live in what we can call ‘squalor’ – and we do not simply mean dirty or poverty; we mean emotional, intellectual and, yes, physical squalor – and this is transforming. And it does transform with the collective and individual actions that are being taken quietly and publicly, it matters not.

In fact, very often the quiet actions, the quiet interactions, are by far the most effective. And it is not that they go unobserved or unnoted; it is just that they are not headline events – but on our side, they are headline events!

So do not forget, when you see these little shifts and these massive shifts, to celebrate!


Channeled by Linda Dillon