So, everybody relax and go into your heart, go into your beautiful tri-flame of your Pink Diamond, and the Father’s Gold Diamond, and the Mother’s Blue Diamond, and really feel it. Feel the Father and the Mother’s Diamonds literally caress you, not today as if they’re out there, but enfolding you in your Pink Diamond self and relax into it. And let’s go on a little journey…

I want you to picture yourself on a perfect summer day when that golden sun is shining, as if it’s a platinum medallion hung in the sky just for you. And you’re out in nature…and maybe it’s a meadow filled with flowers, wildflowers, and golden hay, and beautiful granite rocks, and the birds, and the butterflies are abundant. And you can hear the sound of the birds alighting on the trees, and you can feel the warmth of that beautiful summer sun.

Off to the side there’s a perfect aspen forest and you can see the glittering, how that sunshine and the moisture in the air turns those leaves silver. And you also know the time will come when these leaves will turn to gold as well. This is a time you set aside for yourself, for your precious self, so you decide to find a rock, or set out a blanket to just sit, to just sit and be with your guides, with the Council of Love, with your beautiful universal higher self, and not just to strain and listen, but to simply be, to open, and receive, and listen, and just be.

And relax. And maybe even lie back on your sweet little blanket, or against the rock, enjoying the day. And you’re deep in your heart and you’re deep in the Oneness with Gaia, with the kingdoms, with the Oneness, with the All. There are no clouds in the sky, it’s just this big, perfect Mother Blue dome. And yet, as you’re sitting or lying there, all of a sudden there is a sun shower and the sun is shining brightly, and yet coming down out of this cloudless sky is this perfect golden rain, this gift from our beloved Archangel Gabrielle.

Each droplet is a universe, is a prism, is a sphere, a teardrop of gold, from the deepest bronzy gold, from that rosy gold, from the old gold, to the brightest platinum. And each raindrop, just like snowflakes, is unique, and incredible, and beautiful, and you simply put your head up, your hands up, letting it penetrate you, letting this joy essence of our beloved Gabrielle, the lily of love, the trumpet of truth, the strength of wisdom come into you. This golden rain doesn’t just drench your skin, it drenches your soul. And the energy of each droplet is coming inside of you, through your crown, through your third eye, fourth eye, but everywhere… it’s as if your skin, your very soul, just became a sieve, and it’s coming in. Let it in.

And you are a giant sponge and you are absorbing and enjoying and loving and welcoming Archangel Gabrielle’s gift of the golden rain, the gift of her joy. And this isn’t like her bubbles, this is deep and penetrating, a sense of solidity. This is that wellspring of joy… in your heart, in your head, in your tummy. It’s not about anything…it’s about reminding you, refilling you, rebirthing you into the truth of who you are… joyous angel in form. So, let it in.

And after a while that beautiful golden sun-shower stops and you can feel your skin drying, your heart drying, and that somehow the woes, and worries, and fears, and angst, and anxiety has all been washed away. It has seeped through you into Gaia where it will be transformed into lush, beautiful energy. Feel that quiet sense of peace, that deep wellspring of joy.

And you look down at the rock and there is this little indentation where it’s captured the golden rain. And just for good measure you take your hands and you scoop up that water, and you drink it, and you feel that restoration. You consciously accept it with the deepest gratitude, not only to our beloved Gabby, the Council of Love, and the entire Company of Heaven. You leave a little in the stone indentation for the hummingbirds and the crickets, the spiders and the beetles.
Then you get up and join this perfect sun-filled day and you walk back across your meadow filled with thanks, a sense of well-being, and back to your day knowing that you can come back here and bathe in Gabrielle’s golden rain at any time.


Greetings, I AM Galea, Communications Officer, sister of blue, of halion, yes, part of, servant to, employee of the month for Intergalactic Council, on board the Neptune, which is my home where I reside with my family and friends. Welcome, beloveds, for it has been a while and I am honored and thrilled to meet with you and to address you in this way, where all of you are star beings, hybrids, starseed, angelic-seeds… it is no different with us.

So often the conversation has been about the differences between us and sometimes even in hierarchical ways, and that is not the conversation that I wish to engage with you. On a personal note, I am a communications officer, and yes, I travel on the blue, I borrow from the gold, I languish in the halion, but from our perspective, what does that mean? You would not take a being, whether it is you or me, who is a communicator, innately and forever, and then assign them to a career, a job, that is not in alignment with that essence of who you are.

Now, why do I mention this? Yes, most certainly because of the Cities of Light, most certainly because of all the work that is currently being undertaken with the delegations, most certainly because right now you, on planet, are in this time of rebirth, reemergence. Yes, whether you call it resurrection or ascension, you are in the middle of it, sweet ones, and we are in it with you. But, in this rebirth comes redefinition. It is not about, necessarily, repeating again, and again, and again that which you do not wish to do, that which you do not wish to engage in. That is not the purpose of rebirth.

So, you are in the place… some of you are still in the womb, some of you are in the birthing chamber, some of you are just emerging… it is early times in this new decade. But be clear, this is gold and blue, magenta, amethyst opportunity to do, to be, to create, to engage with what is truly in your heart, in your essence, in your passion. And let me be very clear… there is a great deal of drama that is still engaged upon your planet during this clearing, this cleansing. But, let us be extraordinarily clear… drama is not passion! Passion is what ignites, fuels, clarity and purity, and what is meaningful individually and collectively.

So yes, it is so vitally important to be passionate about what you choose to do… on and off planet. And if you are not passionate about it, if it does not feel like love, then why on Gaia, or Neptune, or CeeCeeCee, or Andromeda, or any other planet would you do it? It may be interesting for a moment but basically it is futile because you cannot bring your life force, the totality of your energy, to anything… whether it is making the bed or creating a new planet… if you do not care about it.

That is why, in the delegations, we have segmented… and yes, I am working very closely with all of the delegations, that is part of my duties for the Council, the Intergalactic Council… but we are taking people in small groups because of their passions, their commitments, not their IQ’s but their passions. Because in that passion… not ninety percent of the time, one hundred and ten percent of the time… is the caring, the connection, the dedication to the forward thrust, to the outcome.

What I have come this day, primarily, other than to simply greet you, what I have come to talk about is as you are in this new realm of existence, a higher frequency, a higher dimension actually, there is more compatibility with us. So, we are intensifying the flow to you, to the planet, to all, of our Porlana C.

Yes, this is good news! This is our gift to you during your time of re-ignition, of the sharing of our energy, what we have referred to as life force. Life force does not simply mean the ability to be alive or to breathe. Life force to us is that joy, that passionate engagement because the balance of electrical energy upon your planet, as you are witnessing with all the electrical energy outbursts, is higher, that it’s increased significantly, about seventeen degrees.

So, what you are doing is you are able to engage and to hold our Porlana C more readily and to translate that into your sense, yes, of action, of divine authority, of decision making, and of joy. So, this has occurred earlier in your week and it will continue… no, it will continue uninterrupted until the next increase.

So, I come, my beloved friends, on behalf of many because things are unfolding very rapidly. You may not physically be seeing this, although many of you are. So, as you are emerging know that you are being assisted. Yes, of course, the divine realms are with you, but so are we. We are part of your midwife team and we will be seeing you, all of you, shortly.

Go with my love, my honoring, my blessings, and peace. Farewell.