The biggest thing that the humans are learning right now is their own power to create – that their dreams can in fact take tangible solidity as soon as they think they can.

An inspiring channelled gem shared by Susan from her personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Archangel Michael on Our Power to Create and to Co-Create

Archangel Michael: Greetings, I am Michael, Archangel of Peace, Warrior of Love, Bringer of News. Welcome…

Susan: Welcome!

AAM: Welcome, dearest friend, sweet sister and ally, beloved one. Welcome! What can I say that our Mother has not clearly enunciated upon!

Things are unfolding and there is in most likelihood no topic, no understanding that we cannot talk about that in fact is not engaged in a very radical forward thrust. Yes, it is all quite literally good news!

Where do you wish to begin this day?

S: Well, thank you, and thank you for being here and bringing again light and fortitude.

AAM: And I hope joy?

S: And joy, yes, yes! I’m so grateful to be seeing some of this getting underway. As rough as it is, we needed to get it going.

AAM: If it had not been, shall we say, “rough water”, far too many were simply sitting on the fence. There has been, for a long time, clear delineation between those that are recalcitrant or reluctant. But this grey area… not in or out but almost ‘caught in the netherlands,’ in the revolving door, that proverbial fence, that grey area… and I do not mean Uriel’s grey. I mean grey as in wishy-washy. I mean as in grey water.

And that has been the focus actually – and the gift – in what has been, and what is transpiring is that those that have been in the… not just in the illusion area… but those that have been very actively engaged in delusion, in the deconstruction not merely of government… that is ridiculous… not merely of society – they have been involved in the deconstruction of the human psyche and soul.

S: Oh my heavens, yeah!

AAM: And dearest one, that is not allowable – not in any reality, on any planet, in any galaxy, in any universe. Often, in your discussions on Earth, you talk about the tipping point… but, you know, there is a tipping point for us as well.

Oh, it is not that we do not understand the fullness and the excitement when we tell you that you have reached the tipping point – and we are using that phraseology in your meaning, not just ours. But our tipping point is when the darkness becomes far too powerful and too strong – and it has to be within the purview and choice, the Dream, of the Mother. It has to be exposed and destroyed, and that point was reached some time ago.

Now the thing is that we do not come forth like the raging force of avenging angels. We do not come forth in what many have described as ‘Armageddon’. No. We have come forth, yes, in exposure, but also in sacred union partnership – that is why there are so many angels on Earth at this time – and it is a sacred partnership to, quite literally, not just stem the tide but turn the tide.

And that… it is not about to happen; it has happened! What you are seeing is what that looks like. So pay attention, bright one. The little signs and the big signs are all around you.

Hatred, greed, control does not get to win. Think of this. The Mother does not control, the Mother does not abuse, the Father does not abuse or control. It cannot win. It is only human ego out of control… that in fact this monstrous belief… but now it is exposed and the exposure is continuing.

S: How did it get that bad?

AAM: Yes, because of the denial factor that our Mother has spoken of. It had need to be. And we’re not just talking about the United States of America; we are talking about in oppressive regimes all over the globe, and one by one they are being exposed and the dominoes are falling, sweet one.

Now, does that create sometimes a momentary sense of displacement of humans who are not fully aware like you, saying, “What next? What’s going to happen?” But what it also does is it engages those humans; it starts them dreaming and thinking about what they want to have happen next, so in that they begin to participate and to re-engage with the creation of Nova Earth.

So it is good news! And this includes your bright angels as well… yes, your family, your children. So know this expansion that we talk about, this sense of redirection, this sense of “oh, my goodness, the game has changed” – you will see it not just in the daily news or archives; you will see it in those closest to you as well.

You saw some of this in Saint (?) [where] you saw what this despair, this sense of powerlessness, this sense of disengagement, what it looks like. So you saw the bottom of the spectrum. So perhaps one day I will encourage you to see when the recovery is complete and the choice of beauty, instead of powerless and despair, has been reignited.

S: I’d like to see that!

AAM: You will see it all around you – in your own family, in your own community, and on the global scale.

S: … We all wondered if we would see it in our lifetime. You know, maybe it is going to be speedy; it hasn’t felt that way. But, oh, I do pray to see that – and be part of it!

AAM: Oh, you will see it! Dearest heart, a prayer and entreaty – and I tease you in this – to be part of it… what do you think you’ve been doing?

S: Well, I know. I do get that but…

AAM: You have been an important part of it! And yes, you get to see the fruits – both the subtle and the actual fruits of your labour.

The biggest thing that the humans are learning right now is their own power to create – that their dreams can in fact take tangible solidity as soon as they think they can. It does not need to be lengthy and painful.

Have there been situations where we have slowed, for example, the re-evaluations so that funds did not fall into the wrong hands? Yes.

But what the human collective is learning – and this is the most significant breakthrough for the creation of Nova Earth – is their own power to create, and then the explosive power to co-create when they conjoin with others and when they conjoin with us.