Greetings beloved one, I am Mary, Universal Mother, Mother of joy, Mother of love, Mother of surrender, Mother of action, Mother of fulfillment.

I come to you in joy, in the fulfillment of my promise and your promise long ago, long before you ever inhabited this earthly form, this magnificent treasure, this vehicle that you’ve chosen for this journey upon this Earth, at my time and your time of Ascension.

I have beckoned, I have called to you as channels and you have kept your promise, each and every one of you, in your own way, in your own form, in your own unique splendor. Yes, each of you will have your own style, your own way of presenting, but sweet angels, my sons and daughters, my children, you are my channels.

And why, why have I beckon you and why do I beckon more, many, to come and to be my channels and to be the channels for this Council of Love? You are not only my sweet Annas, my repatterners, my regridders, my gatekeepers, my wayshowers; you are my guardians of the truth.

Let me repeat that: You are my guardians of the truth.

The first quality of love, of joy, of peace, is honesty and truth. If it is not of truth it is not of me, it is not of the Father/Mother/One, it is not of the All, it is not of Source.

I do not speak ever in judgment, but there is much misinformation, misunderstanding, upon this planet again today, well intentioned…and I do not simply speak of the old 3rd…I speak of those that come in reverence, in hope, in yearning, to be the channels of One. But the accuracy and the truth factor is not always fully present and so beloved ones, I am enlisting you. I have called you and I am enlisting you as my guardians of the truth.

And how do you go about this? When you are feeling that you are receiving information or you are reading information or you are hearing information or you are listening to information, go within, turn on your channel, call Gabrielle, call Michael, call Metatron, call me and simply say, “Mother, is this of truth? Is this of the entirety of what you wish us to know?”

I am not suggesting, dear hearts, that you become the policemen of the planet. There has been enough of that to last several more eons throughout several more galaxies. But I have need for my wayshowers and my guardians to know the accuracy and the unfoldment of the plan…of your plan and my plan.

I am asking you, I am requesting, I am pleading, only as a mother can, for you to do this on my behalf, with me in sacred union and partnership. For when you hold the truth, when you hold that light in your enormously expanded fields that I have expanded yet again during our time together, when you hold that truth it communicates…it communicates telepathically, energetically, actually, all over Gaia, inter-planetarily and to my omniverse. There cannot be the fulfillment of Ascension, there cannot be the fullness of anchoring of peace on Earth without truth, without joy.

Now, let me speak just for a moment about joy: Sweet angels, as I say, I and all of us come to you in joy, in awe, in excitement, in anticipation, in wonder, in amazement. Think of it in this way, particularly for those of you who have children, and you have all had children at different times, and they come as these wee infants and you are in joy and you are amazed and they are your bundle of love, quite literally, the miracle of life; the miracle of the masculine and feminine co-creating life, life force, love force, actuality.

And then life goes on and there is croup and measles, and sniffles and colds, and juvenile delinquency and impetuousness, and disobedience, and you think ‘what on earth am I doing and what on earth am I doing right or wrong?’ And then that moment, those moments, come when you glance at your beloved child and you see the wonder of what has been wrought and what you have brought to fruition and you see the soul, the brightness of who they are, and in that moment all the joy, all the love, all that sense of amazement returns. That is how we experience every single moment, in your time and ours, with you in joy and awe, never in judgment of the scenic detours that you have taken, never in a judgment of think that you could have done better. You are upon this planet in service to me. I am aware of the challenges and the triumphs and I am so proud of you; you are my joy, you are my love, and you are my channels, you are my guardians of the truth and this, my beloved ones, will only grow.

I am with you, I am within you, I am around you, I am above you, I am below you, and you, sweet angels, are with me now and forever. Go with my love, take my joy, call it your own and let us channel, communicate, chat as Mother and daughters and sons, as family, as one. Go in peace. Farewell.