The human conversation that you as lightworker/loveholder has is a Saedor conversation.

A delightful chat about Saedor – the language of Love – lovingly shared by Elle from her reading with Linda Dillon.

Belle’Anna ~ Saedor, Heart-Speaking, and Communicating with Star Family

Greetings, I AM Belle’Anna, guardian and friend, protector of your sacred being. Beautiful angel, magnificent woman …

Elle: Oh beloved, hello!

B: You shine brightly, and your light and your love sends beacons of light and love across the planet. It is curious, sweet one, that you say you are not doing much because that is [laughing] an understatement of the grandest magnitude! You have chosen – particularly during this time of shift and of becoming – to be doing most of your work not completely undercover but, might we say, not obviously.

Now think of this. You have just mentioned to the channel how you have loved this graphic representation of the planet with all the stars and points of light, so think of it in this way. When we look down – although we are not really ‘up’ [laughing] – but if we were to look down, we see these points of light… and the points of light are the points of love.

They are not necessarily… in fact, seldom is it completely aligned that people who seem to be doing very grand or obvious things… no, it is not to decry them or dismiss them… but the biggest points of light are those that are quietly, assiduously, consciously, choosing to simply BE the vessels of transmission, of transmutation, of change, of activation – incorporating the gifts of the Mother, the Blessings and Virtues, operating the Universal Laws of Love – and simply and profoundly sharing that, most often, not through conversation in what you think of as words, but energetically.

Because so often, first comes the energetic conversation, then comes what you think of as the human conversation – and the human conversation that you as lightworker/loveholder has is a Saedor conversation. It is important that the recognition of the subtle and actual conversations simply be not only noted and refined but become the norm.

Think of it in this way. If you wander into your little downtown and go into the cafe and there is someone there with a countenance that is open, smiling, engaging and loving, you may only say “good morning” or “good day” but the energetic exchange is massive!

Whereas, if you come across somebody that is shrivelled, protected, crabby… in the lower frequency, shall we say… well, two things are going to happen. First of all, there is this feeling of not only do you not want to talk to this person but the exchange is not necessarily welcomed. So there is an impediment that is introduced before a word is ever spoken.

Now, sometimes, out of your wellspring of compassion, you will see truly what is going on with that person and you may well still smile and engage with them and say, “Good day,” and it might change their entire day, but it is more work. Or, you may perceive that this person is processing, or in a wellspring of hurt, and they don’t want to be engaged with. It does not mean you don’t beam to them and that they do not benefit by your presence.

But there is this whole conversation – that is the point of this conversation with thee this morning: there is this whole conversation that takes place before a word is ever uttered! And this is the way that communication with your Star Family always takes place. There is this energetic engagement and a discernment – not a judgment – but a discernment whether this is the best, most appropriate time to engage, and on what level. And all that information is already extended and processed before a word is spoken. Humans have often forgotten this.

E: That feels so right. I feel I’ve spent my life having these internal conversations and that somehow the person got the message.

B: Correct! Of course they did because it was heart-speaking and heart-listening! Notice in your animal kingdoms – whether it is a wild tiger, an elephant, or a dog – note how they always stop… and if it is the same species, that is great, but if it is not… still, in the animal kingdom there is that moment of quiet assessment before any further engagement takes place.

Yes, the humans have a great deal to learn from both the Animal Kingdom and their Star Family!