You are not just bringing back [your intergalactic-angelic self] and anchoring her in form. You are anchoring your younger self, activating your DNA chain, to dance across the planet and far beyond.

At the behest of Universal Mother Mary, Elle shares this beautiful channelled gem from her reading with Linda Dillon.

Universal Mother Mary: Revel In The Joy Of Your Physicality

Greetings, I am Mary, Universal Mother, Mother of Love, Mother of Change, Mother of Constancy, Mother of Compassion, Mother of Fulfilment, and of course, sweet daughter of blue, magenta, tanzanite, Mother of thee, for I come to you this day as Mother, as one who attends to you as you have always attended to me, as family, as friends, as sisters, as brothers, as mothers, as allies.

The difficulty with the humans so often in their relationships to me and to my family as I walked the planet is they wish to limit it; they wish to limit it to this role or that explanation. Our relationship, beloved one, our bond, is much bigger, much grander, deeper, higher, more solid than simply one life or one role.

Yes, I am Eternal Mother, but sweet angel of light, beloved daughter of love, does that mean that I cannot be practical? Oh no, it most certainly does not!

It is time for you to tend and to attend to love, to nurture, to caress, to revel in the joy of your physicality. Yes, the aches, the pains, the agony have most certainly garnered your attention, but it is not that you have fallen behind. It is quite literally that you are preparing and anchoring not only for your next step, your next adventure, be it with me or Yeshua, or yes, your beloved.

There is much that lies ahead, and you know this and you have always known this, but your agreement… nay, your promise… not only to me but to your beloved sacred self is that you do this in form. And yes, you say, “Oh Mother, I have noticed the aches, the pains, the creakiness, the wobble,” and it is good that you are noting this because these are not welcome intruders!

And so, with kind gentleness and stalwart determination, you are saying “No!” – and sweetest angel, “no” is as powerful and as necessary; it is the balance of “yes”. So what you are doing is bringing your attention… and it has most certainly roamed… you are bringing your attention back to this beautiful aspect, this beautiful part of your sweet self, because you have agreed to this ascension in form, on planet.

You may ascend in any moment, in and out of form, but being the anchor of Nova Earth, being the physical presence to welcome Star Family and so many that do return to your dimensionality at this time, you don’t want to be… you choose not to be creaky at that time.

So it is not simply a matter of saying, “Oh, I wish for my thin, beautiful, voluptuous, 30-year-old self.” It is also embracing your current self – and this is practical – as you would embrace your 30-year-old self. Think of it in this way. You are calling that part of yourself that is more memory than actuality but still resting within – you are calling that, and reactivating it, and bringing her – you – back to the forefront.

So often, the humans tend to think not in terms of my Infinite Ocean of Time and then deciding which cove they wish to swim in. Too often, the humans think of it as the linear progression from birth to death, with creakiness and wobbles and aches and pains towards the end. That is not my design! I did not say, “Come and experience your vim and vigour and vitality, your beauty, your strength, and then stand with me and let me watch you degenerate. No, no, no!

So what you are doing in the present moment – and I mean that in my Infinite Ocean of Time, and yes, in the practical reality – is bringing your attention back because it is your desire. I only see you in divine perfection!

That does not mean that I am not aware of your pain, but you are bringing your attention back to physicality, to nurture, to love… to stretch! Think of it. You are stretching back across 30 years and grabbing that girl and bringing her forward, embracing her with good food, nutrition, movement, strength building – not as an arduous, unwelcome process, but in the joy and glee of recognising what is possible.

Yes, the chiropractic is good. Movement is absolutely necessary. You are not just bringing back [your intergalactic-angelic self] and anchoring her in form. You are anchoring your younger self, activating your DNA chain, to dance across the planet and far beyond. Of course you do not want to be creaky!

Apart from the egoic self wanting to be beautiful – which you already are – you want to be flexible; you want to be strong; you want the vim and vigour and vitality of your physical self to match, to be the mirror of your mental, emotional and spiritual acuity.

So I support you, and as Mother I am going to keep an eye on you! [Chuckles] And I am going to help, so let us proceed together in this undertaking.