As we’re stepping aside, let’s take a few deep breaths of that really rich, beautiful, beautiful magenta. It’s the color of a really nice good red wine, it’s that perfect balance of that blue and red…blue for our throats, red for our root, our centers of change anchored on planet, in form.

So, just take a few, really deep and taste it…open your mouth and taste it whether it’s a grape or something…smell it and taste the magenta. Magenta is a really quiet color, it doesn’t have the exuberance, shall we say, of orange or yellow. It’s silent, and it’s rich, and it’s deep. But magenta isn’t inactive…the Buddha picks up his little sack and says come walk with me; Jesus says come walk with me; Lord Maitreya – come walk with me…there’s a theme here…

Greetings, I AM Yeshua, I AM Jesus Sananda, I AM Jesus, I AM Yeshi, I am friend, I am brother, I am ally. Welcome my beloveds, sweet angels of light, of every ray, every star system, every level of existence, every dimension, every timeline. And I welcome you to NOW, to our Mother’s new time, quite delineated in her infinite ocean of time. And yes I come, sweet angels of light, not to say, “What have you done for me lately?”, for that is how I love to tease my sister and channel, because she’s always thinking, like many of you, that she never does enough.

And so, this is a way for her to reflect and think about how she participates. And so, it is a question for you simply to see to give yourself the joy and gratitude, the kudos, the praise, the honor of how you participate.

I have asked you, I have asked you two thousand years ago and well before that, I have asked you twenty years ago, a decade ago, last year, and today to simply come walk with me. Let us take a stroll into the new times upon Nova Earth, you, as Nova Being, in the truth, and the might, the splendor, and the grace, and yes, the compassion of who you really are.

Sometimes each of you, in the excitement to go forward, have these momentary lapses and you say, “Why do I feel…like my cousin John…why am I a voice crying in the wilderness? Is anybody out there? Is anybody listening? Why can I not walk into a post office, or a grocery store, or walk down the street and speak truly about who I am, about who I speak to about what is in my heart, and what is truly transpiring upon this planet, such magnificence? And here I am being very discerning about how I speak, and how I approach, and how I share.”

I want to tell you I understand. In my life as Yeshua, prominent Jewish/Hebrew family, well respected, and I, I was a renegade. I wasn’t really, you know, but I was often viewed as an outsider because I thought outside the boundaries of current faith, political structure, societal structure. But that could not hinder me because I knew my role was to come to remind the human race of the simplicity of love…to love yourself, and to love each other…very simple.

So I say to you, “We are at the starting gate. Are you loving yourself as deeply and profoundly, as fully, as wholly as I love you? Have you accepted the splendor, the magnificence, the totality of who you are? And beloved friends, that includes your wildest dreams, and your complaints, your sorrows, your joys, your victories, and what you have judged as defeats.” It includes all of you and from that you expand into the love of others.

And as you do that what happens is that our love…you are our vessels…our love flows through you out into the planet. But you say, “You can send direct!” Yes, of course we can, and we do, but we are also in sacred union with you. We conjoin continually, irreversibly, with you.

It is not sufficient for us to send you love, to do for you…although we gladly do…but the key, beloveds, is this acceptance, love, clearing…yes, expansion…yes…of your sacred self. And in that you do it for your beloved self and you do it for the entire planet. Do not think that beginning to nurture yourself, to care for yourself, to embrace yourself and to say yes, I will allow the assistance, is not of love because it is…it is an action of love. These are the action and decisions that have need to be taken.

Why do you think that I so often wandered into the gardens or the desert? It was because I needed to be with myself, to remind myself, and yes, to speak to the unseen…but I could do that constantly. There are times to be alone and there are times to move among the people. But it is not an either/or, it is the balance, and that is truly self-care, self-nurturing, self-love.

So, this is what I say to thee as always…if you feel, if you know that you are not fully engaged in the complete ability of love of self, let me help you, let me be your mirror as we walk, creating Nova Earth and bringing forth the magnificent Cities of Light.

We are together and I love you. Go in peace and go in joy. Farewell.