The human race is choosing to heal. They are tired, exhausted, of the sadness. They are tired of the hole in their heart.

EBSS shares this wonderful channelled gem with us from his personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Universal Mother Mary & Zalishia of the Pleiades: Healing and Restoration

Universal Mother Mary: Greetings, I am Mary, Universal Mother, Mother of Love, Mother of One, Mother of All. And yes, I step forward this day, along with your entire circle… with Mi-ka-el and Gabrielle and St. Germaine, and Zentar and Zalishia, and legions beyond.

I come to embrace you, I come to congratulate you, I come with greetings and also to say, dearest heart, you are doing what I have asked and you are doing what you have asked so long ago. And yes, Sanat Kumara and Venus and so many stand with you in this transformation of this beautiful planet.

You have lived, my son, on many planets, many galaxies, each with their beauty and their qualities, but you have come to love this planet. You have come to love this beautiful planet of love the same way I do, to regard what I have birthed, how Gaia has morphed into the diversity and the splendour.

Yes, it is not that I simply birth or create and then forget, quite the contrary, so take what I say about Gaia and, dearest heart, know it is true of your sacred self. Yes, I birth and create, but then I admire, I hold tenderly, gracefully, and beloved one, dearest son of my heart, I heal.

Yes, I have known of your deepest desire for the completion of healing from this egregious accident – if there is such a thing – for the restoration of your strength and to simply, very simply, which is not simple at all, be free of pain.

So I come this day not only to comfort my son but to reassure him: I will attend to this and you shall be restored. You have been true, you have been ever true, and in spite of the challenges just in this life and certainly recently, do not think or feel that such constancy goes unnoticed or unrewarded.

Yes, there are many upon sweet Gaia who falsely… well, incorrectly… think that reward is something very amorphous or esoteric that occurs after death. That is not so. There are all kinds of rewards, each and every day, each and every infinite moment, but of course the human beings always have to be prepared to receive the rewards. And it is not that someone has to earn my love or my attention, quite the contrary. I am omnipotent.

But I want you to know in this day of renewal that I, as your Mother, not only do I love you, not only am I proud of you and grateful for you, but I attend to you – and I know, sweet angel, you have already said yes!

So go with my blessing and always, always, yes, of course in peace, but what I truly say is in joy. And are these little Hussian angels [kittens] – are they not simply the containers for joy! Farewell.

EBSS: Farewell. Thank you.

UMM: You are so welcome.


Zalishia: I am Zalishia.

EBSS: Greetings, Zalishia!

Z: Welcome, welcome, welcome! I am part of the line-up today! [Laughing]

EBSS: I was just about to ask if there was anybody else lining up!

Z: You would be surprised how many line up, sweet one, but we are your primary guardians and so we have particular favour in terms of speaking with you. So we bring you greetings of congratulations and joy, and renewal as well. You will be better! It is really quite that simple, isn’t it! So we will place that aside.

Where, beloved one, do you wish to begin this day?

EBSS: First of all, towards the end of Mary’s message, the thoughts come to me that I’m not alone in the kind of situation I’m in with physical pain and that other people may have emotional pain, or stress pain from not having money or their health or whatever it is, and that her message is something that should be made public.

Z: Yes, that would be a gift from you, from the Mother, to the many.

EBSS: Yes, I think that although She is addressing me personally at times, there are parts of the message which could be reassuring [for others].

Z: You are correct, for so many… so many suffer, so many upon your beautiful planet – this planet of such diversity and bounty – and yet, for such a rich planet and for such a rich general population, there is so much suffering.

Yes, we know – and you most certainly know – that it is the clearing of the old paradigms, of the patterns of abuse and control, and simple outright selfishness and cruelty. But so many suffer and we call it sadness, we call it pain, whether it is emotional or physical or spiritual, or literal like dis-ease, or financial wherewithal, or lack.

But what happens in the human condition with this suffering is that it wears the people down until they reach the point where they are actually not only choosing sadness, but that sadness becomes the human condition… that the natural joy of existence, of being alive, in or out of form, is denied.

And it is not denied in a conscious way. It is very, very subtle, very sneaky; it becomes unconscious or subconscious. But what happens is that that becomes the new normal, the default position. And so often, that is why the Mother speaks of people feeling that they have need to earn the reward because they feel forgotten… they feel that somehow they have been abandoned.

So yes, the Mother reminds you, and She reminds many: there is not a grain of sand that is forgotten. And you must think of this. In the Mother’s Infinite Omniverse – not just your universe, not just the multiverse, but the magnificent Omniverse – She attends to everything!

So yes, when there is pain such as you have had, it is most certainly brought to her attention. But what really brings it to her attention, to her readiness to interact with thee, is the willingness to let go – to let go of the sadness, to let go of the lack – and in that is the resurrection, is the rebirth. … The human race is choosing to heal. They are tired, exhausted, of the sadness. They are tired of the hole in their heart.

Now, two things happen, particularly for humans but generally for most species. When they get to this point of soul exhaustion, they either abandon their form and return to the lightness of being, or they wake up – not in petulance, not in anger, for that is part of sadness; they simply say “no more” and they veer off to a different path and, dare I say, a different dimension.

And that is what is occurring on your planet at this time, and that is what is occurring in the collective heart opening. So it is good news! And let’s face it, beloved, you wanted some good news!