It is not a matter, ever, of simply surviving. It is a matter of being and participating in the constancy of change.

This gorgeous channelled gem is shared by Kirsten from her personal reading with Linda Dillon.

GAIA Speaks to What Is Unfolding

Greetings, I am Gaia. Welcome, beloved one, planetary/universal sister of One and Mother to many. Welcome to this Council, to this circle of love above/upon/within my sacred self, for there is no delineation, there is no separation, for that is a human… a rather strange human creation and one that is emerging as the falsehood that it is, becoming apparent even to those who wish not to see or not to hear.

But that is not the reason why we come together this day for, yes, we could spend a great deal of time… hours upon hours, weeks and years, annuals… speaking about that!

Why we come together, sweet sister, is to talk about what is possible, what is occurring, what is unfolding, because in that are the next steps; in that is the fulfilment of the Dream – yes, of our Mother’s Dream, of your dream, and most certainly of my dream – for I have ever, essentially, quintessentially, only wanted one dream: I have only dreamed of serving the Mother, of creating, anchoring, and being that which gives her pleasure… joy.

The nature of the Mother is so wide, so broad, that there are times even in our realm that it seems to defy definition. It is one of the reasons why, in assuming this form, this beautiful planetary form, why we – for yes, there are many who assisted and continue to assist – but why we wished and have created not only such beauty but such diversity, such a range of potential to simply reflect, to be, yet one example glorifying the beauty of our Mother.

Many think of me as ‘hybrid’ – no, not the humans; that is why I bring it up – for in your consideration there is often a thought that someone who is star being or starseed or human – ancient or future – is a hybrid. But there are so many forms of hybrid, for I have had many forms. Our timeframe… what you think of as ‘time’ is very different than ours… and yet here we are, literally, in the same current, the same stream, the same ocean.

As we begin, bright angel of aqua and blue and streamers of gold and yellow and green, I wish to tell you that not only will I survive, I will thrive, for that is not only my dream – it is THE Dream. Yes, planets, stars, they come and go. There are cycles – cycles of life, cycles of existence – but energy is energy, as you well know. But that’s not what I am talking about. I am talking about this planet, MY being, thriving!

Humans – sometimes in ignorance, sometimes in wilful abuse and control – have sullied my surfaces, raped my kingdoms, killed many species, but there is always continual renewal. You have seen this, beloved one, in your sacred self, in the truth and beauty, the growth and renewal, of who you are.

Change is a welcome thing. It is part of my design and most certainly reflective of the Mother’s Design, for it is the change, it is the recognition, it is the essential quality that all things are always in the state of becoming… of shifting, of transmuting, transforming and becoming… and all beings have the choice whether to participate or not.

One of the qualities of humans is that they do not fully realise, not only for themselves – which is extraordinarily sad – they also do not realise that for every particle there are various forms, but that they are all forms of participation in the change. The humans have been the most reluctant and resistant, but also at the same time – like yourself – they have been the most productive, proactive, and determined in their participation.

So I begin by simply saying to you, even though it may look at moments or in different situations quite hideous, I will survive! And so do you. And it is not a matter, ever, of simply surviving. It is a matter of being and participating in the constancy of change. You have learned that. You have not learned that as some theorem or textbook information. You have learned that and integrated it within – within most aspects of your life.

Is there further yet to go? Of course, because it is a constant process!